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ARCLib – LTP řešení pro knihovny
Pavlásková, Eliška ; Vašek, Zdeněk
V prezentaci bude představen projekt ARCLib, jehož cílem je vytvoření komplexního open source Long Term Preservation řešení pro knihovny. ARCLib umožní zajištění dlouhodobé ochrany digitálních dat dle zásad OAIS modelu a bude volně dostupnou variantou ke komerčním softwarovým řešením. Řešení je určeno i pro další paměťové instituce – muzea, galerie a archivy. Jedním z výstupů projektu jsou i dvě komplexní metodiky – Metodika logické ochrany digitálních dat a Metodika bitové ochrany.
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RIJKS Museum
Dijkshoorn, Chris
Lightning talks
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Blend and deblend Linked open data in a Consortium
Pallarès, Jordi
Working in a Consortium give us the perspective to see the benefits of blending ideas to create a applications from a central data/point. In some cases we found the Institution want to deblend or „not blend“ with the consortium and prefer or they see more benefits to made his own aplication. We explain our experience in the Consortium blending and not blending desicions and explain two projects in linked open data to show examples of this two ways. One project We blend all the authorities and in other we not blend in the case of Thesaurus of the University of Barcelona using Skos format.
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In Out, In Out, And Shake It All About: A Moving Story of Data
Stevenson, Jane
The Archives Hub blends data. We bring together descriptions of archives, archival resources and repositories in a way that enables us to present an effective and valuable service through our website. We spent two years creating an entirely new system that was built upon the principle of bringing in data from different sources and providing that data for different purposes. I would like to give some insights from our experience of doing this, and consider whether we have created something innovative and with inherent potential for future development. I will talk about the architecture that we wanted to create, the workflow that we believed to be essential to our aims, and the challenges that we faced in being able to create a blend of data that could be successfully deblended in different ways. It required a great deal of thought and planning in terms of what we wanted to achieve, how we should process the data to fulfil those aims, and how we would work with data contributors, who were essential to our success. Over a year after going live with the new service, have we achieved our aim of more consistent, standardised data, and have we provided the realistic potential for the data to be re-used? I will give examples of where I think we have fulfilled our aims and where we still have issues. I will argue that the ability to blend/deblend relies upon systems and technology, but it also relies upon people and their habits, expectations, understanding and ambitions.
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ABC: Amsterdam Blended Collections: The Local Amsterdam Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data Network
Koster, Lukas
The presentation will discuss the organisational and technical issues of the project on two levels: 1) the central platform (blend/aggregate or de-blend/distribute) and 2) the various local situations of participating institutions, leading to different blending/de-blending approaches, focusing on the Library of the University of Amsterdam Special Collections (using Catmandu as ETL tool for MARC to RDF).
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DeepGreen: Blending Data to Transform the German Scientific Publication Landscape to More Open Access
Dierkes, Thomas ; Goltz-Fellgiebel, Julia A.
In this talk, the technical difficulties and the corresponding solutions of the tasks at hand, to automatically blend in legal information with given metadata, are illustrated. Preliminary results with pilot publishing houses are presented and possible shortcomings of the project are discussed. Finally, the outlook of establishing a central, nation-wide service for a liable, automatic transformation of any OA-entitled publication will be given.
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19th International Conference on Grey Literature
Vyčítalová, Hana ; Černohlávková, Petra
Náplní služební cesty byla účast na Mezinárodní konferenci o šedé literatuře (International Conference on Grey Literature, která je největší světovou konferencí ohledně problematiky šedé literatury, a zároveň účast na výroční schůzi členů Greynet, tj. i zástupců NTK. Letošní ročník byl výrazně věnován problematice vědecký dat a data setů, kterými se v brzké době bude zabývat i NTK. Na konferenci byla ve formě posteru prezentována i činnost NTK – provoz Institucionálního digitálního repozitáře a Národního úložiště šedé literatury.
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