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Archiving Social Research Data from the Viewpoint of Czech Social Science Data Archive
Vávra, Martin
Czech Social Science Data Archive is now an established research infrastructure within the Czech Republic and also it is a part of the European research infrastructure through CESSDA organization. The presentation will address the opportunities and constraints associated with data archiving and sharing in the social sciences. Emphasis will be placed on used standards (for metadata, keywords) and tools (on-line database solution) and on how these standards and tools help to develop a pan-European system of data services in the social sciences.
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Research and Development in the Field of Research Data and Dissertations: The D4Humanities Project at the University of Lille (France)
Schöpfel, Joachim ; Prost, Hélène ; Malleret, Cécile
The paper presents the research project D4Humanities conducted by the GERIICO laboratory at the University of Lille in the fi eld of research data management (RDM). In particular, we will describe the development of a local workfl ow for the submission of research data related to PhD dissertations and the connection to the national RDM infrastructure Huma-Num (deposit, preservation and dissemination of research data via the NAKALA service), along with our RDM training program for PhD students.
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Attitudes of Charles University academic staff to data sharing
Jarolímková, Adéla ; Drobíková, Barbora ; Souček, Martin
Data management and sharing are an integral part of contemporary research work. At Charles University, we carried out a survey of selected aspects of current data management practices and researchers’ attitudes to data management and sharing. In our paper we present a part of its 'results focused on academic staff and comparison of their answers with the answers of doctoral students, interdisciplinary comparisons, selected comments and recommendations based on survey results.
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Tool for Family Multimedia Data Management
Černoch, Štěpán ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with a suggestion of a user interface and an implementation of a prototype of a web application, which is aimed to ease sharing multimedia data among the users. In the text are described some of the types of the user interface, ways of web interface formation and an analysis of existing solutions which deals with the same or similar topic. The formation of interface is designated to be used easily and intuitively. The result of the bachelor's thesis is the application which is implemented in PHP programming language using framework Nette, framework Bootstrap and jQuery. Testing and evaluation of the  results is done in the end of the thesis.
Projects for internet data sharing like Rapidshare with focus on specific project and it's analysis
Hřebabecký, Jan ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Dvořák, Martin (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to analyse and coherently describe a branch that haven't been sufficiently described in professional literature yet. To reach this goal thesis uses author's experience with specific share server development and operation and puts it as an example on which it explains all the important attributes and dependencies. Diploma thesis is aimed to an issue of internet file sharing. In it's first part it describes file sharing in general including history of internet file sharing. Two case studies of the most popular but different share servers follow. The thesis aims on business, technical, social and legal aspects of file sharing using share servers. In it's practical part the thesis aims on the specific share server project and especially cares of process, business, technical and user aspects. Within the process part running processes and their meaning for the whole share server project are analysed. The business part describes the dependencies of profit and costs components on individual variable attributes of share server system a it's environment. The technical part focuses on hardware, software and network devices from which share server is composed. In the part which focuses on the user interface and usability author critically evaluates the actual state of share server's website and describes possible improvements especially in the area of usability. In the last part of the thesis author evaluates the current state of share servers branch and estimates it's future development.

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