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Transition from Working Life to Retirement
The bachelor thesis was focused on the transition from active life to retirement. The topic of this work was very topical. It deals with adults in active working life who were preparing for the next stage of life, considering retirement options, or partially or fully continuing their employment. The thesis was divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts, describes the period of active aging and preparation for old age. Attention was paid to the pension system. Furthermore, the transition from working life to retirement pension was described, which describes retirement pension, its conditions of entitlement, necessary steps to obtain it and timing of departure. The aim of the thesis was to describe how people in pre-retirement age live their current life period, how they prepare for the post-employment and retirement periods, and what factors influence their decisions on termination of employment and retirement. To carry out the research part of the thesis was used qualitative type of research and semi-structured interview technique. The research sample was made up of people who are of pre-retirement age and are considering terminating or continuing their employment. The results were processed by the open coding method. The research was to determine whether people are thinking about preparing for old age and retirement life, what they are aware of the conditions for retirement, what decisions they make and what they expect from life after leaving employment. Work can serve as material for people approaching retirement age. It can help to specify indicators of transition from active life to retirement.
Active Seniors look at the problem of death
This Thesis deals with views of active seniors on the issue of death. The Thesis looks into problems of old age, which is a natural part of human life. In this context, the Thesis also concerns the third age and the active old age. In the Thesis, there are characterized some leisure activities for seniors to fulfil their free time in meaningful ways. Plenty of free time is a typical characteristic of a person who has left the labour market and become a pensioner. The Thesis also describes the phenomenon of death and dying. For some people nowadays, this issue is often a very uncomfortable topic. They would like to eliminate death from the whole human society because death is connected with terrible pain and suffering. In this part of the Thesis, there are introduced two real human stories. Two members of my own family who have their own experience associated with death tell us their stories to express their views on the issues of death and dying.
Statistika & My (č. 7-8/2017): měsíčník Českého statistického úřadu
Český statistický úřad
Měsíčník informující o aktuálním dění v Českém statistickém úřadě. Přináší analýzy, komentáře, výsledky statistických šetření realizovaných a organizovaných ČSÚ, statistické údaje o ČR, jejich obyvatelích včetně mezinárodního srovnání. Uveřejňuje informace o ediční činnosti úřadu, odborných úspěších pracovníků, již uskutečněných a plánovaných tiskových konferencích, seminářích, akcích a dalších aktivitách.
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Selected Social Security Data - 2014
Český statistický úřad
Základní informace o počtu osob nemocensky pojištěných, dávkách nemocenského a důchodového pojištění, počtu důchodců a vyplácených důchodů, průměrné měsíční výši důchodu, výdajích na důchodové pojištění, dávkách státní sociální podpory v ČR a jednotlivých krajích. Dále jsou uvedeny také údaje charakterizující síť státních, obecních, církevních a ostatních zařízení sociální péče.
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Selected data on social security - 2016
Český statistický úřad
Základní informace o počtu osob nemocensky pojištěných, dávkách nemocenského a důchodového pojištění, počtu důchodců a vyplácených důchodů, průměrné měsíční výši důchodu, výdajích na důchodové pojištění, dávkách státní sociální podpory a pěstounské péče, dávkách pomoci v hmotné nouzi, dávkách pro osoby se zdravotním postižením a příspěvkem na péči, sociálních službách v ČR a jednotlivých krajích.
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Random rates of return in financial and insurance mathematics
Pejic, Mladen ; Zichová, Jitka (advisor) ; Mazurová, Lucie (referee)
Title: Random rates of return in financial and insurance mathematics Author: Mladen Pejic Department: Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Supervisor: RNDr. Jitka Zichová, Dr., Department of Probability and Mathema- tical Statistics Abstract in English language: The thesis is focused on the study of stochastic life annuities. It represents a combination of basic probability with financial mathe- matics and life insurance. The first part is focused on financial mathematics. Special attention is paid to the calculation of present and future values of annui- ties with stochastic interest rates. In the second part, we demonstrate the use of random interest rates in calculations of present values of annuities related to life insurance. In the third part, we focus on the application of log - normal distribu- tion, which is mostly used in real life problems. In the last part, a numerical study is presented. We asses the effect of the log - normal distribution parameters on the present value of the annuities and we examine the accuracy of the estimates made by the method of moments. ii
Inclusion of people over 50 in the Czech Republic
Vorel, Tomáš ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
World population is ageing and in Europe the situation is especially alarming. In the next two decades the ratio of people over 65 years of age is expected to double. This threatens long-term sustainability of welfare systems. The debate about future developments has been going on since the turn of the century. Based on this debate the European Union defined improving the inclusion of people over 50 as the main solution to this problem. The means to achieving this goal have been identified at the level of the labour market, disease prevention and lifelong learning. The specific instruments are: 1) increasing the participation of older workers in the labour market by increasing retirement age, introducing penalties for early retirement, promoting retraining of older and increasing retraining efficiency, 2) restructuring of pension systems and provision of social services and 3) strengthening participation of older people in society, applying the principles of active aging at all levels of social life and increasing the quality and variety of lifelong learning opportunities. This paper analyses the situation of persons over 50 years of age in the Czech Republic in terms of their position in the labour market, participation in social life and quality of life in the context of the strategic concept of...

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