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Dendrologické hodnocení lesů v oblasti sopky Kanlaon, Filipíny
Rusková, Klára
The theme of this bachelor thesis is dendrological evaluation of tropical rainforest in Mt. Kanlaon Nature park on Negros Island in Philippines. It is based on my research and cooperation with local dendrological organization. This paper is about character of a tropical rainforest, tropical climate zone description and differences between primary and secondary forest structure in Mt. Kanlaon area. The main topic is determination and description of individual woody species and their atributes. All data and information about specific tree species I could not learn myself while exploring and measuring, are aquired from local organization and other botanical or dendrological sources. Part of this study is a compact disc with photos of trees I took during my research.
Studie možnosti obnovy malé vodní nádrže v k.ú. Pavlov
Bartošová, Jitka
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of recovery of a small water basin in Pavlov register. The base of this thesis is based on literature research associated with this theme, assessment of natural conditions and copious terrain exploration. Current flow and flow within ten years period are also determined. Plan of a small lateral water basin is then created based on these facts. The thesis also deals with the connection to the territorial system of ecological stability and the possibilities of how to fund this project as well as the alternative draft of pools and wetland.
Zdravotní stav dřevin a návrhy na opatření v městském parku zámku v Moravském Krumlově
Sochor, Zbyněk
In my bachelor thesis I deal with interdisciplinary interconnection of arboriculture and crisis situation resolved by the Firefighters brigade of the Czech republic. I evaluated the health status of trees in the park, their operational safety and the possibility of occurrence of extraordinary events. I used the availability of firefighting equipment in the event of crisis rescue. I chose this topic due to patriotism to my hometown and my interest in history. During my study, I dealt with broader historical and cultural connections. I would like to take an active part in preserving this historical monument for my children and the next generations.
Změny druhového složení rozptýlené zeleně podél železničních tratí
Navrátilová, Lucie
The thesis deals with the issue of dispersed greenery, its division and function in the landscape. By the research method has been characterized 6 selected localities. The coefficient of ecological stability and its changes since 1990 has been calculated for selected localities and then compared by the comparative method. The main aim was to map the state and changes of dispersed greenery (mainly woody plants) along the railway tracks. The condition of greenery along railway tracks and its unkeep was evaluated and compared, which is primarily aimed at keeping the greenery in a condition ensuring safety and continuity of the rail traffic. An integral part of the thesis is a proposal of measures for greenery along the tracks.
Termíny fenologických fází volně rostoucích druhů a řízených ekosystémů
Macková, Jana
This bachelor thesis is focused on phenological phases (so-called phenophases) terms of wildly growing species and controlled ecosystems. The entire thesis is elaborated as literature review based on available Czech, Slovak and international scientific literature. The first part is describing the fundaments of the phenological observations and the temporal shift in the onsets of phenophases in the Czech Republic. The second part is focused mainly on phenological shifts at the European level with respect to climate change characterized by increasing temperature trends. In the case of agricultural (so-called controlled) ecosystems, the work is focused on (in our conditions) the most commonly cultivated crops, i.e. winter wheat and spring barley. The wildly growing species in this work were selected to represent deciduous trees that are the most common in European temperate forests, i.e. common oak, European beech, European white birch and European alder.
Druhy rodu Sorbus s ovocinárskym významom
Pečivová, Katarína
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to elaborate a research on Sorbus L. genus, focused on species and interspecies important in pomiculture. Specifically, to characterize selected species on the basis of botanical and pomological aspects, environmental demands, ecology and growing demands. Further, to describe the processing of fruits and other parts of the plant, important for food processing, health service and industry, thanks to the contents of specific substances. Part of the thesis is also focused on myths and folk superstitions, that the Sorbus L. genus can protect people from all evil. The importance of the thesis lies in returning of this almost forgotten genus to people´s awareness as well as reporting on particular species and interspecies important in pomiculture.
Dřeviny využitelné pro tvarované živé ploty
Kubátová, Lucie
This bachelor thesis is about woody plants which can be used for shaped hedges. In the beginning of this thesis is summary of hedge usage history, then the hedges are split into several categories as a free-growing and shaped, low, medium and high hedges and coniferous, evergreen and deciduous hedges. Following is description of planting, cutting and treatment after planting and treatment in the coming years. Second part of this bachelor thesis contains description of woody species that are used for planting shaped hedges. The following is a proposal of an assortment of woody species that could be used in a shaped hedge. There are also tables with trees that are offered by selected ornamental nurseries in ČR for planting a shaped hedges. At the end, there is a pictures attachment and a discussion that evaluates the topic of shaped hedges. Keywords: shaped hedges, woody, planting, care.
The History and Utilization of Wooden Species of City Parks in Jesenik in Biology Education
Zemanová, Alexandra ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis are parks of Jeseník, their history and their wooden species. In part about parks are named woody plants, which are observable here. The advantages and indispensability of wood species are highlighted in chapters Plant blindness and Wood species and their use,, which is knowledge that scholars should remember. Within the thesis we check the issues of biology classes, RVP a ŠVP and botanical excursions. Section about education is related to local schools. In the end of thesis is draft of basic excursion's circuit in Smetana's park in the footsteps of woody plants and history. The goal of the work is to create understandable guide for students and teachers of biology in Jeseník. KEYWORDS park, wooden species, Jeseník, history, education
The impact of invasive plants on bird communities
Neubergová, Kristýna ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Hanzelka, Jan (referee)
Invasive plants are among the major factors participating on the threat to biodiverzity. Birds are one of the Gross of organism endangered by this factor. However, birds provide a variety of ecological services and are often used as indicators of the state of enviroment in broker scale of landscape. Several researches assessing impal of invasive plants on ecosystem biodiverzity have been done, but none of them targeted bird communities specifically. Objective of this paper will be to anter free question regarding: (i) comparison of impacts of invasive woody plants and plants; (ii) comparison of impacts by type of enviroment in which the inavasive plant expanded (forest, grasses, island, wetlands); (iii) geographical area sof invasion. (i) The results indicie that from the perspective of bird communities, the negative impact of woody plants and plants was basically identical (76% for woody plants, 74% for plants). (ii) Comparison of impacts by type of enviroment in which the invasive plant expanded proved that the most severe negative impal of invasive plants was in islands biomes (100%), wetlands (91%), grassy biomes (87%). The lest severe impal was in forest biomes (63%). The results for island biomes was quite expected, as this biome is the most susceptible to disbalance of ecosystem. (iii)...
The Field Trip on the Banks of the River Vrchlice Focused on Woody Plants with the Pupils of Secondary School
Nováková, Jana ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
I chose the topic for my diploma thesis " The Excursion for the Elementary School Pupils along the Riverside of the Vrchlice River Aiming at Woody Plants". I took that topic intentionally just for several reasons. I wanted to bring a scenic valley of the Vrchlice river to pupilsˇ attention, to make the identification of woody plants more attractive in the natural scientific excursion, and to consolidate pupils' relation to nature and neighbouring environment. The first theoretical part deals with the general description of this valley and at the same time with the characteristic of animals and plants. Selected sorts of woody plants are described in the most detailed way as they became initial ones for working out worksheets and for the natural scientific excursion. The next part of the diploma thesis concerns inquiry research the goal of which was to find out the interest of teachers from nearby basic schools in worksheets dealing with the woody plants issues of the river Vrchlice. Worksheets dealing with selected wooden plants were elaborated on the basis of the research assessment. Those worksheets were verifield in the follow-up excursion. The closing part evaluates whether all the set targets were accomplished. Keywords Woody plants, educational excursion, worksheets, plants, pupils

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