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The impact of invasive plants on bird communities
Neubergová, Kristýna ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Hanzelka, Jan (referee)
Invasive plants are among the major factors participating on the threat to biodiverzity. Birds are one of the Gross of organism endangered by this factor. However, birds provide a variety of ecological services and are often used as indicators of the state of enviroment in broker scale of landscape. Several researches assessing impal of invasive plants on ecosystem biodiverzity have been done, but none of them targeted bird communities specifically. Objective of this paper will be to anter free question regarding: (i) comparison of impacts of invasive woody plants and plants; (ii) comparison of impacts by type of enviroment in which the inavasive plant expanded (forest, grasses, island, wetlands); (iii) geographical area sof invasion. (i) The results indicie that from the perspective of bird communities, the negative impact of woody plants and plants was basically identical (76% for woody plants, 74% for plants). (ii) Comparison of impacts by type of enviroment in which the invasive plant expanded proved that the most severe negative impal of invasive plants was in islands biomes (100%), wetlands (91%), grassy biomes (87%). The lest severe impal was in forest biomes (63%). The results for island biomes was quite expected, as this biome is the most susceptible to disbalance of ecosystem. (iii)...
The Field Trip on the Banks of the River Vrchlice Focused on Woody Plants with the Pupils of Secondary School
Nováková, Jana ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
I chose the topic for my diploma thesis " The Excursion for the Elementary School Pupils along the Riverside of the Vrchlice River Aiming at Woody Plants". I took that topic intentionally just for several reasons. I wanted to bring a scenic valley of the Vrchlice river to pupilsˇ attention, to make the identification of woody plants more attractive in the natural scientific excursion, and to consolidate pupils' relation to nature and neighbouring environment. The first theoretical part deals with the general description of this valley and at the same time with the characteristic of animals and plants. Selected sorts of woody plants are described in the most detailed way as they became initial ones for working out worksheets and for the natural scientific excursion. The next part of the diploma thesis concerns inquiry research the goal of which was to find out the interest of teachers from nearby basic schools in worksheets dealing with the woody plants issues of the river Vrchlice. Worksheets dealing with selected wooden plants were elaborated on the basis of the research assessment. Those worksheets were verifield in the follow-up excursion. The closing part evaluates whether all the set targets were accomplished. Keywords Woody plants, educational excursion, worksheets, plants, pupils
The Park of Sychrov Castle and Its Use in Education of Natural History and Biology
Čejková, Andrea ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with utilization of the castle park of Sychrov in education of Natural Science and Biology. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The main aim of the theoretical part is to elaborate the characteristics of the castle park from the viewpoint of outplanting history and its development through the ages. In the first chapter, basic information about the Castle of Sychrov is listed. The second chapter focuses on the castle park, description of its history and on the composition of a plantation. Practical part deals with selected types of woody species with emphasis on their didactical use and on their use in the walking tour project. Furthermore, the working list for elementary school pupils has been developed. These materials are suitable for the excursions which would be held directly in the castle park. For revision of the gained knowledge, the worksheet for follow-up classwork has been developed.
Regulation of floral initiation in woody perennials
Čermák, Vladimír ; Mašková, Petra (advisor) ; Čermák, Vojtěch (referee)
Floral initiation is an important process for temperate woody perennials that affects the subsequent development of the flower. Although this process is well known in annual plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana, not much research has been done in woody plants. This review summarizes the knowledge about mechanisms of flowering induction in woody perennials, compared to the findings in model plants, especially A. thaliana, including factors involved in the regulation of the flowering process. In particular, FT-like genes and TFL1-like genes, which play an important role in the regulation of flowering induction, are discussed in detail. In temperate woody plants the dormancy period follows the floral induction before the floral development. Periodic regulation of this stage is controlled endogenously and, in addition to other factors, it is affected by expression of DAM genes. The genetic mechanisms regulating endodormancy release in woody perennials are similar to vernalization in herbs. Better understanding of processes such as the floral induction and endodormancy release can help us to develop cultivars with a modified flowering time.
Didactic utilization of selected woody plants around natural monument Čertova kazatelna
Závorková, Lucie ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Jančaříková, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the didactic use of woody plants in teaching at the secondary level of elementary schools and in the corresponding years of grammar schools. The purpose is to appropriately use trees and other woody plants that are close to schools and are available for teaching. The theoretical part deals with basic curricular documents, methods of teaching possibly used in science or biology that have been briefly characterized, and the representation of the topic of woody plants and their method of processing in commonly available textbooks. The following chapter provides a description of the woody plants used in the process of making of the practical materials. The research of the thesis includes a questionnaire survey done among teachers of science or biology at chosen elementary and grammar schools in Pilsen and surrounding towns. The research investigated the teaching methods and the actual use of woody plants in lessons and was evaluated afterwards. Based on the survey, a motivational teaching material was created and it was verified in practice with pupils of a specific grammar school. KEYWORDS curriculum documents, biology textbooks, teaching methods, woody plants, questionnaire research, dendrological walk
Zhodnocení dřevin ve vybraných částech Riegrových sadů, Praha
Hampl, Jan
The thesis aims to evaluate woods in Rieger´s Orchards. Dendrologic research was carried out in 21 selected parts of the park, during which 410 trees and 103 areas covered by bushes were evaluated. Based on this field research, the current condition of the woody plants was evaluated. Appropriate silvicultural measures were recommended to improve the condition as well as planting of the woods as a whole. Trunk diameters were measured in 3 species, each sample containing 100 individual trees, at heights 10, 20, 30 and 130 cm. Subsequent statistical processing identified the recalculation coefficients between the trunk base and breast height diameters.
Vývoj právní úpravy v oblasti ochrany dřevin rostoucích mimo les
Koblížková, Hana
This bachelor thesis is focused on evolution of legislation concerning woody plants growing outside forests. It analyses changes of 1992 Nature and Landscape Protection Act in its part of general woody plants protection as well as following delegated legislation from 1992 to present times. It also concerns impact of above mentioned legislation on the owner of the woody plant and the public authority from the administrative difficulty and effectiveness point of view. It describes differences in the authorisation procedures of woody plants felling in the cases where there is special interest (e.g. woody plants nearby transmission lines, watercourses), and in the cases of woody plants at real estate under Heritage Preservation Act. This bachelor thesis also mentions issues emanating from conflict of protective provisions in 1992 Nature and landscape protection act and ownership protection in Civil Code. It suggests amendments to current legislation rising from experiences of nature protection authority practice.
Analýza činnosti jednotek požární ochrany v oblasti zásahů na dřevinách
Šedivý, Josef
The aim of the Bachelor´s thesis is to assess the operation of Fire Rescue Service Units of the Czech Republic and Voluntary Fire Units of municipalities when interventing on woody plants. This thesis summarizes information from various sources while comparing options, abilities and equipment of fire fighters relating to woody plants interventions. Subsequently, a way-out in form of proposed steps was found to the identified shortcomings. These steps shall contribute to the quality of provided services by fire fighters. The aim is to propose comprehensive steps, with the effectiveness to the entities apart from Fire Rescue Service Units of the Czech Republic and other Fire Units. The analysis conducted in this thesis should show gaps and shortcomings of fire fighters when interventing on woody plants, which can be perceived negatively by the public. The result is a proposal of steps to improve the work of fire fighters when interventing on woody plants.
Landscape factors and their influence on succession and distribution of woody species
Jablonská, Viola ; Vojta, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Tesnerová, Cecílie (referee)
The succession of temperate zone vegetation is a multi-layered process of exchange of plant dominants in which trees play a crucial role. To understand the processes that take place in the context of succession at the level of microhabitats, it is necessary to focus on the wider landscape context. This literature review seeks to answer questions of how factors such as the relief, topography, landscape structure and connectivity of habitat isolation, distance from the source or method of seed dispersal affect the occurrence, distribution and succession of species. The environmental aspects of the landscape are also taken into account and the disturbances that are part of the natural dynamics of ecosystems are briefly discussed. A specific factor is the method of using landscape, known under the term land use. Our handling of space, soil and other natural resources in the country leaves an indelible imprint, which is also reflected in changes in the structures of vegetation.

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