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Ortoepic rules and development of pre-school phonemic awareness in comparison with professional singers
Šírová, Michaela ; Kmentová, Milena (advisor) ; Tichá, Alena (referee)
This work is focused on the problems of ortoepic rules and on awareness and voice differentiation of preschool children compared to professional singers. It is divided into two main parts, the first is based on the theories of older and contemporary authors, and the second part is practical research. The theoretical part deals with the development of phonemic hearing and orthoepic rules of preschool children and professionals, and there are also described the basics of singing techniques and stage articulation used by professional singers. The practical part describes action research, which will allow teachers to better understand the given issues. It focuses on preschool children and also adults who are professionally engaged in opera singing. The aim of this work is to create and practice a set of exercises to help to cultivate articulation in both monitored groups. At preschool children the exercises shall also significantly contribute to stimulation of phonemic awareness at the turn of the pre-school and school age. KEYWORDS phonemic awareness, ortoepic rules, preschool children, professional singers
Use of artetherapy in pre-school children
This bachelor thesis deals with usage the art therapy at preschool children. Thesis is divided to theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part contains three main chapters introducing field realized in practical part. Practical part refers about art therapy with preschool children with special educational needs. In the beginning of practical part are defined thesis´s goals. Further, environment where the group took place was introduced. Information about meeting frequency, group division and structure of meeting and ethic´s aspects is defined. Attending children of art therapy group and individual meetings are briefly introduced. At the end of the theses it contains outcomes of used art therapy of preschool children, comparison of improvement in children´s art skills and description of difficulty the author has encountered.
Molčíková, Kateřina ; BEČKA, Marek (advisor) ; LJUBKOVÁ, Marta (referee)
This thesis focuses on the youngest children aged 3 to 7 years for its ability to receive and reflect the theater's work in the kindergarten environment and in the company of their peers. Based on annual project Phenomenon theatrical audience of preschool age, which took place in five nursery schools of the Central Region. This project registers, analyses and reflects. On the basis of experience investigating whether there are any barriers theatrical production for children of preschool age and presented in non-theatrical environment of their own kindergarten. Based on the dramatic principles used in the six selected productions and the conclusions drawn from the responses of children's audience is examining whether and how the artists in the creation of limited maturity performances of viewers in this age group and pre-school environment. The work has demonstrated that playing theater in kindergartens has meaning and that the preparation of performance is neither appropriate nor desirable to compromise on demands that we ourselves as the creators intended performance or mixed adult audience.
Influence scenic reading on preschool children
The theme of the thesis is the influence of stage reading on preschool children. The theoretical part presents the project "Listování", the beginning and the activities of the project, and its importance for pre-reading and reading. Qualitative research methods are used in the practical part. The author of the thesis conducts interviews with children in preschools. The aim of the thesis is to find out what effect does "Listování" have on young children and how it influences their relationship to books and reading.
The graphomotory and drawing of preschool age children with Developmental Language Disorder
This bachelor thesis is focused on the area of graphomotorics and drawing with pre-school children diagnosed with developmental dysphasia. The thesis aims to the level of these areas at several children with this diagnose. The author inquires whether the drawing and graphomotoric skills at the research sample are impacted by the developmental dysphasia. Next, the thesis deals with possible changes of these levels during the inquiry.
Quality of Theatre for Children
Urbanová, Kateřina ; RICHTER, Luděk (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
This thesis deals with theatre for children; it is focused on assessment and recognition of quality of theatrical production for preschool children, taking into account meeting their specific needs. The aim of the thesis is to set ranking criteria for evaluation of theatrical production for children and to use these criteria to assess if the selected productions meet them, do not meet them or exceed them; and to use the ranking criteria to specify a quality theatrical production for children; and to assess how the conclusions might be implemented in preschool practice. Theoretical part of the thesis deals with mental needs of children, especially with those that may be fulfilled by theatre. Also specifics of a preschool child as a theatre spectator are described. Moreover the terms concerning the theatre for children, its specifics, functions and assumptions to be fulfilledby the theatre are defined. Composition of theatrical production for children is then analyzed in detail. The practical part of the thesis starts with description of the ranking criteria of a theatrical production for children. Then a case study including observations of children during the theatrical productions is described and reflected and the theatrical productions are evaluated using the ranking criteria In the case study five theatrical productions presented in one preschool were recorded, described and evaluated. Three out of five productions were ranked as appropriate and of a quality matching specific mental needs of preschool children.
Relationship between forced vital capacity and hand grip strength in children
Novák, Ondřej ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Petr, Miroslav (referee)
Title: Relationship between forced vital capacity and hand grip strength in children Objectives: One of goals of this thesis is to find out how strong is the connection between the strength of a children's handgrip and the FVC. Another aim is to ascertain what is the age limit to use a handgrip examination to estimate the children's FVC. The last goal is to determine whether a body height, weight and age of a child are crucial to evaluate the handgrip and the FVC. Methods: First part of this thesis is a research and tries to summarize basic information about an issue of dynamometry, spirometry and to characterize each of age brackets which are the main aim of this thesis. Second part of this work is a survey for which data from sport festivals for children and youth were assembled. This data were statistically processed to calculate correlation and to make graphs showing linear regression between observed variables (handgrip and FVC), finally the results were interpreted. Results: Between the handgrip and the FVC was proven a strong correlation (girls , boys ). It is possible to evaluate FVC with younger school age children from the value of handgrip's strenght. Values of strenght of a handgrip are strongly influenced by body length, weight and age of a child. Keywords: strenght of a handgrip, FVC,...
Projects to support children's reading in kindergarten and the possibilities of cooperation between entities
Ryklová, Simona ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Wildová, Radka (referee)
The goal of my thesis is to describe which campaigns and projects support reader and which are suitable for work with children in the kindergarten's heterogeneous classes. As part of the thesis, project is created base of the studied literature which should support reading literacy in a kindergarten's heterogeneous class and cooperate on its implementation with other subjects. I define the terms closely related to the given topic in the theoretical part, namely literacy and numeracy, reading literacy (in relation to RVP PV). Focus is on the role of kindergarten and the necessity of developing a child in reading literacy with the emphasis on the heterogeneous classes. I also emphasize the role of the family in reading literacy. Finally, I describe specific campaigns and projects in the Czech Republic that support readership and reading literacy. I devote myself to the implementation of the project itself in the maternal Schools with heterogeneous classes in the practical part. In more detail, I focus on the Celé Česko čte dětem, Noc s Andersenem and Listování. While the Celé Česko čte dětem a whole range of uses, Listování and Noc s Andersenem serves as a mere addition to the development of reading literacy. I value positively the cooperation with the city's library and parents.

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