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Basic Statistical Data about the Activities of Cultural Facilities in the Czech Republic : Galleries, museums, monuments and historical monuments 2019. 1. díl, Muzea, galerie a památkové objekty
Lindnerová, Vladimíra ; Šílová, Hana ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistik kultury
Předmětem zjišťování je činnost muzeí, galerií, památníků a památkových objektů. Nejvýznamnější šetřené ukazatele se vztahují k rozsahu sbírek, návštěvnosti, pořádání výstav, expozic, vzdělávacích programů, odborných konferencí a seminářů a v neposlední řadě k zaměstnanosti a hospodářským výsledkům činnosti.
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Survey of the constructions hidden under the floor of the Church of St. Jakub in Telč
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga
The aim of the non-destructive survey was to determine the presence of building construction hidden under the contemporary floor, in particular assumed underground crypt.
Survey of the constructions hidden under the floor of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Jindřichův Hradec
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Kozlovcev, Petr
The aim of the non-destructive survey was to determine the presence of building constructures hidden under the contemporary floor. The measurement was performed in the chancel area where a tomb was assumed.
The Future of Cultural and Historical Heritage: Application of Big Data in the Digital Humanities
Hryshyna, Kateryna ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Gvoždiak, Vít (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of preserving cultural heritage in the context of digital humanities. The topic of this work will be the presentation of modern tools and technologies aimed at preserving cultural memory in Europe. The aim of this work will be to map the benefits and potential risks of digital infrastructures CESSDA, ARIADNE PLUS and DARIAH-EU for the preservation of cultural heritage. The work will be divided into three parts - the theoretical part will briefly introduce the topic of digital humanities and their studies, the concept of big data and the transformation of digital archives in the context of digital humanities. The analytical part will focus on mapping the current situation of cultural heritage preservation in Europe. The last practical part will offer an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of digital infrastructures ARIADNE PLUS, CESSDA and DARIAH-EU both for the preservation of cultural heritage and for research in the social sciences and humanities.
Fulfilment of the public interest in monument preservation in the Czech republic
Krejzek, Igor ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Jelínková, Marie (referee)
My thesis is concerned with current problems involving fulfilment of the public interest in monument preservation in the Czech Republic. Firstly, the term "public interest" and its conceptual relationship in terms of the monument preservation is explored in the theoretical part of the thesis. Secondly, the current systems of monument preservation in the Czech Republic including the genesis of decision-making processes of municipal authorities under the current law are briefly described. This is followed by an explanation of the connection between the generally proclaimed, yet critically unexplored postulate of "two-track monument preservation". Despite clearly defined policies and competencies, the existing monument preservation decision-making systems and processes seems to be characterized by considerable confusion, and thus seem to bring about some process-based ambiguities and conflicts. The thesis not only aims to identify and analyse these ambiguities and conflicts but also strives to provide a conclusion that proposes some meaningful solutions. The benefits of the thesis for the Public and Social Policy field purposes lies in the identification and uncovering yet unexplored contextual pertinence in decision making activities within qualification works in monument preservation, as well as...
The significance of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové and the proposal of the educational program
Šorm, Ladislav ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
The diploma thesis contains a brief overview of the historical development of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové. In a rough outline discusses the historical, religious and cultural wealth created by several generations of our ancestors over the course of seven centuries. The diploma thesis contains a proposal of an educational program in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The program is designed primarily for secondary school students. Considering the uniqueness of the place and its rich potential is there mentioned not only the uniqueness the history and architecture, but also the work of some important personalities of local social and religious life. An integral part of the educational program is the brief history of the church, its development and hierarchy. The contribution of Christianity to the education of the nation is not forgotten either. In this context the program leads to a closer knowledge of the cathedral and the life around it, and helps students overcome prejudices against Christianity ant the Church. It reveals the cathedral as a cultural and social connection. The main aim of this thesis is to enhance the importance of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové as a historical, religious and cultural heritage of the nation. The educational program is designed to...
Polná ideal, the castle and under the castle
Kapraľová, Kristína ; Sedlák, Jan (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the work is regeneration and reclamation of the main formal places and points in the Polna town, on the level of the town (part of the town), the castle complex and the main court. Using the town acupuncture method and focusing on the main and the most important parts, I created the system of segments (plateaus), which like the separate elements create the appearance of the town as a whole. In my diploma thesis I focused on segment of castle complex. Using the gradual regeneration of the main formally important places and points, I created its overall “ideal” condition. The result of my work is the design of alternative use of castle complex and castle court elements.
Developing urban geotourism in Brno (Czech Republic)
Kubalíková, Lucie ; Kirchner, Karel ; Bajer, A. ; Balková, M. ; Kuda, František
The term “urban geotourism” is defined as tourism based on the places within the city boundary (both in the form of built heritage - monuments, buildings, statues - and rock outcrops) that is related to geological concepts and features. As a first step for the development of urban geotourism it is necessary to identify and inventory the geotourist resources, which should take into account both natural (geological, geomorphological, hydrological or palaeontological, and ecological aspects related to geodiversity), and cultural aspects related to geodiversity (e.g. monuments, building stone, geo-toponyms, anthropogenic landforms). Based on the classification of geotourist sites, selected examples from Brno (Czech Republic) are given, supplemented by geotourist and geo-educational activities. In the conclusion, the advantages of urban geotourism are summarized and its importance for the protection of abiotic nature and sustainable management of valuable sites is suggested.\n\n
Optical evaluation of corrosion products using colorimetric spectroscopy
Majtás, Dušan ; Fialová, P.
Aim of this work is to test possibility to utilize colorimetric spectroscopy for monitoring the corrosion of lead and tin-lead alloys. And furthermore method suitability for preliminary corrosion evaluation of cultural heritage objects. According to literature colorimetry is used to monitor patinas of bronze objects, thus the method might be also suitable for lead based alloys. Samples used were made from commercially produced lead plate. These were exposed in the climatic chamber to different relative humidity (60, 80, 90 %). After the exposure the corrosion products with different color formed on sample surface. These corrosion products were evaluated by different methods: optical microscopy, colorimetric spectroscopy, and X-ray chemical analysis. Collected colorimetric data display difference between treatments suitable for patina evolution monitoring. The paper presents obtained results and comparison of applied methods.
Number of visitors of historical monuments in regions of the Czech Republic in 2016-2019
Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistik kultury
V rámci statistiky kultury se zjišťují údaje o návštěvnosti památkových objektů, mezi které se řadí hrady, zámky, kláštery, zříceniny, mlýny apod. zpřístupněné za vstupné.
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