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The course of a general meetings of a joint-stock company
Sáblíková, Martina ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Štenglová, Ivanka (referee)
- The course of general meetings of a joint-stock company The topic of this thesis is the course of general meetings of a joint-stock company. A joint stock-company is a limited company (a stock corporation), that means a company when membership in this company is connected with the obligation of investment contribution, either monetary or non-monetary, and that upon its formation, or when increasing its registered capital. The supreme body of a joint-stock company is the general meeting. The general meeting is a compulsory formed body regardless of the internal system of joint-stock companies, no matter if it is a monistic or dualistic board structure joint-stock company. With regard to the fact that it is compulsory, it is evident that the general meeting plays an important role in the functioning of the company itself. Within this thesis attention is also devoted to situations which are closely related to the course of general meetings. These are situations that precede general meetings, e.g. convening, and also situations after their closing. Within this thesis is also partly compared current legislation relating to joint stock companies, Act No. 90/2012 Sb., law on business corporations and cooperatives, with the previous related legislation, that means Act No. 513/1991 Sb., the Commercial...
The course of the general meeting of a joint-stock company
Novotný, Radek ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
The course of the general meeting of a joint-stock company The aim of this thesis is to describe the procedure of the convening and the course of the general meeting of a joint-stock company according to the new Law No. 90/2012 Coll., on commercial companies and cooperatives. The regulation of the convening and the course of the general meeting is highly important, because the general meeting is the supreme body of joint stock company, which is exclusively authorized to decide on the fundamental corporate issues. Structure of this thesis is divided into 5 chapters. The first chapter is general, introductory and it describes the definition, the regulation and the organization of the joint stock company. The second chapter is devoted to the question of the proper convention of the general meeting, which is the basic assumption to the valid course of the general meeting. In the first part of this chapter are defined reasons for convention of the general meeting and bodies of the company entitled to this step. The second part of this chapter is devoted to the methods of publication and the content of the invitation to the general meeting. The third chapter identifies issues related to participation in the general meeting. It describes forms of the participation in the general meeting and related issues, the...

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