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The use of articles in Italian and English - a contrastive analysis
This diploma thesis aims to analyze the function of articles in English and Italian. In both languages, articles are used in order to determine the name; however, in some instances, such function works in both languages differently. With the help of examples from books and from the InterCorp corpus, this thesis shows the similarities and differences regarding this matter. The description of both languages is based on the point of view of a native speaker of Czech. Having a broad variety of endings and declinations, Czech is a language that does not use the category of article. Thus, it uses other means to cover the same function, which in this case helps to see the differences in different language systems. The thesis is divided into ten chapters; each of them deals with a different aspect that is related to the article use. To show the level of similarity in each of these cases, the theory is supported by various examples in both languages. The first chapter deals with the development of articles from the Indoeuropean base. Next chapter introduces the current forms of articles in modern English and Italian, taking into account pronunciation. Chapter 3 focuses on the classification of substantives and also deals with the concept of countability. Chapter 4 introduces articles as a part of NP, taking into account different parts of speech that from the syntactic point of view can appear in the same position as article. Chapters 5 and 6 are focused on the general functions of articles, while the following two chapters analyse respectively the use of articles with common and proper names. Chapters 9 and 10 deal with the impact of word order on the use of articles and with the correlation of articles and demonstrative pronouns. In the final part are exposed the general conclusions that resulted from the analysis of all the aspects listed above.
The evolution of verb paaradigms: the present indicative from Latin to present-day Italian
This diploma thesis focuses on the evolution of the present indicative of Italian language, the thesis presents the evolution starting from Latin and finishing with a description of linguistic situation of Italian of the 19th century. The thesis incorporates two parts that are both connected - the theoretical and the analytical ones. In the first part, the basic notions such as morfology, paradigm, grammatical categories are presented and defined. Next chapters are dedicated to the situation in Latin, Old Italian and Italian of the 19th century. The second part deals with research of applied forms of selected Italian verbs. Two language corporas - OVI and DiaCORIS - are used for this part. OVI represents the period of Old Italian, while DiaCORIS describes the period of the Italian of the 19th century. The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the main tendencies reguarding the evolution of present indicative and through language corpora to provide some examples of selected verbs.
Searching Semantically Annotated Texts
Grešová, Katarína ; Smrž, Pavel (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of semantic searching over indexes of big text data. The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a search engine with web user interface enabling dynamical configuration of access to indexes and editing annotations in the text. The thesis analyzes the current search engine solution and its shortcomings, which results in a specification of requirements for a search engine that is suitable for common use and fulfils the potential of all search engine related tools. The thesis also describes the design, implementation and testing of the resulting system, which also includes an extension in a form of global constraints, which increases the accuracy of the requested search result description.
Extending System for Acquiring, Processing, and Analysing Large Web Text Collections
Matějka, Jiří ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to extend the existing system for collecting, downloading, processing and analyzing web pages. This work deals with the automation of all processes, brings new tools into the existing system and offers new versions of some tools involved in the processing system and also offers new procedures and ideas.
Italian similes of the type "Adj-comme-N" compared to their Czech equivalents
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to compare Italian similes of the structure "ADJ-come-N" with the Czech language. Therefore it is necessary to describe the basics of phraseology and idiomatic meaning, before we continue with the translation. The main focus in the first part is the theoretical definition of comparisons in general. The second part, theoretically analyzes specifically defined structure of similes. For further practical analysis, an inquiry was created in the questionnaire form of the ItWaC corpus, on the basis of which examples were extracted and 266 comparisons were selected for further study. Consequently, their translations are the most extensively studied part in this work. The proposed translations are based on the Dictionary of Czech Phraseology and Idiom (Part Simale), on the parallel linguistic corpus InterCorp and on the specialized dictionary Dizionario dei modi di dire della lingua italiana. The main aim of the thesis is to outline the possibilities for translation into the Czech language and their evaluation in terms of equivalence and structure of the sentence (where eventually changes are compared to the given construction) and to find out their rate of frequency from the corpus SYN.
Prepositions Expressing Cause, Concession, Purpose and Condition in the Present-Day French
The bachelor thesis is concerned with the prepositions expressing cause, concession, purpose and condition in the present-day French. This thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part defines the prepositions from the positional, functional and lexical point of view. Syntactic and semantic functions of the prepositions are also here described. The aim of this part is to characterize causal, concessive, proposal and conditional relations and to introduce the prepositions expressing these semantic relations. The practical part is dedicated to the contrastive corpus analysis of the French prepositions and the searching of their Czech equivalents.
French Verb-Noun constructions involving a light verb and a concrete noun
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find a representative sample of selected verb-noun constructions involving a concrete noun and to evaluate the syntactical differences and similarities that relate these constuctions to light verb constructions. The thesis consists of the necessary theoretical knowledge of light verb constructions and of a personal research. The theoretical knowledge includes tests for identification of the verb-noun constructions, the main characteristics of ligh verbs and predicative nouns and we also introduce the main differences between verb-noun constructions and fixed expressions. The practical research of verb-noun constructions with a concrete noun has been done with the aid of a French language corpora FrWac. The nouns we received by the corpora research had been further analysed by several tests serving to identify a verb-noun constructions.
Number inflection of Italian nouns in -cia/-gia - a corpus based study
The presented bachelor thesis occupies with ortographical fluctuation in case of plural formation of Italian nouns in -cia/-gia. The main aim of the thesis is primarily to gain knowledge about current tendencies in this field and about occurrence frequency of each pural ending.The initial part is focused on description of the issue and a sum of several recommendatios that are presented in specialized literature, mainly of italian linguists. The next part includes theory about corpus linguistics, its history, about corpus itself, its creation and using. The last part is applied to corpus study in which all of the found results from corpus available online are recorded. These results are evaluated and compared with orthographical reccomendations in the end of the thesis.
The Aspect in Czech and the Possibilities of Its Expression in German Language
This bachelor thesis deals with a research of morpho-syntactic category named verbal aspect. In contrast with Czech verb, German verb desiderates this category, so perfective and imperfective aspects must be expressed in different ways. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on identification of these ways while using specialised literature. The practical part of the thesis verifies if a category of verbal aspect does not really exist and is impossible to be expressed or if this category is not only grammaticalised. This verification is based on analysis of facts in parallel corpus Intercorp from Czech language to German language. The analysis of the corpus named DereKo only verifies chosen ways of expression of verbal aspect in German language.
Anglicisms in the Contemporary German and its Role in the Teaching German as a Foreign Language
The diploma thesis deals with anglicisms in the contemporary German. The theoretical part concerns the linguistic aspects of the anglicisms in the phonetic, grammatical and lexicological field. The empirical part contains the corpus of anglicisms, which is created by the means of excerption of the internet magazine for young people YAEZ. It is followed by the corpus analysis of the chosen anglicisms. These results are incorporated into the didactic material at the end of the thesis. The aim of the thesis is to carry out the corpus-based analysis of the anglicisms and to discover the possible use of the anglicisms in the teaching German as a foreign language. The author applies the methods of corpus linguistic corpus DeReKo und its program COSMAS II in order to verify the lexical and grammatical features of the chosen words.

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