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Pre-schoolers ideas of conception and birth
This bachelor thesis focuses on preschool children in the field of sexual education and conception and birth. The theoretical part focuses on sex educationand allthat sex educationiscloselyrelated, such as principles, goals, limits, family status and the status of kindergarten in sex education. It also focuses on pre-school, emotional development, socialization, identity development, sexual development and sexuality. It also deals with the topic of sexuality in today's children's literature. At the end of the theoretical part is mentioned RVP PV in context with sexual education. In the practical part, the thesis deals with qualitative research. The research is carried out using structured interviews with three children and their parents. The aim of this work is to introduce the preschool age children to conception and birth. Important role plays experience with the birth of a younger sibling.
Influence of Vehicle Conception on Vehicle Dynamics
Hamada, Filip ; Belák, Michal (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
Diploma thesis speaks about the influence of vehicle conception on vehicle dynamics, which means how a vehicle behaves in certain typical situations with respect to its driving axle. The first part of this diploma thesis describes the historical background of vehicles, as well as their conceptions and evolutions, with special focus on the conceptions used in the practical element of this work. The second part of this thesis covers the theoretical knowledge of vehicle dynamics and is arranged in a systematic order corresponding to the third section of this work. The third and final chapter then investigates various vehicle conceptions and their dynamics, by running several tests and measurements, in order to make a comparison. This comparison is the main purpose of this work, and from this we can then elucidate which conception, in a certain aspect, is practically more appropriate.
Conceptual models aimed at the final stage of life
The bachelor thesis "Conceptual Models Aimed at the Final Phase of Life" is elaborated on a theoretical basis. The bachelor thesis has an informational character, which logically and intelligibly informs about conceptual models that are aimed at the final phase of life. In this bachelor thesis, we are not only concerned with these conceptual models, but we have also aimed on their development since the beginning of nursing. It was necessary to visit several different libraries and to study or borrow a large number of specialized books from Czech and foreign authors, so that we can get enough information to write this bachelor thesis. The information was also obtained by using Internet search in the EBSCO, SCOPUS and Pub Med databases. Firstly, this bachelor thesis describes the development of nursing, as well as the final phase of life, which is associated with dying and death. Subsequently this bachelor thesis presents conceptual models and their development. Finally, this bachelor thesis deals with conceptual models that are aimed at the final stage of life. From these models, we chose three models, such as Hildegard E. Peplau, Trajectory model, and last but not least the Theory of the End of Life. This bachelor thesis should serve the nurses to improve their work with patients at the final phase of their life. This work can help nurses in their thinking and to learn to treat these patients and to help understand their needs and satisfy them. These conceptual models can serve not only nurses, but also educators as a basis for teaching nursing subjects or as a contribution to professional seminars or conferences that deal with this issue.
Sport and politics
Šmejkalová, Kateřina ; Müller, Karel (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
The objective of this thesis is delineating the overview about the system of support the sport in the Czech Republic, specifically the financing of sport from public budgets. The thesis deals with settings of grand programs, who mades and authorizes programs, who determines about the financial amount which are invested to individual programs. This thesis shows how backward control of paid grants is made or creation of sports conpcets. The output of the practical part are answers these questions at Kladno city and The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic. The theoretical part emphasizes on irreplaceability of movement and sport for the society and also is generally devoted to the formation of public policy and theirs actors and emplacement sport support in the Czech legal order.
Youth Training in Dukla Praha Football Club
ŠVEC, Martin
The main research objective of this thesis is to determine how the intentions of educational activities carried out by the football club correspond with observable reality. The theoretical section of the thesis deals with the educational environment in the context of a football club. Further analysis of the club documents and interviews with coaches to determine their educational aims. The empirical part of the research presents the results of observation as well as a comparison of these results with educational aims proclaimed by the club. We have found that the aims fully correspond with observed reality. The club prefers personal development of players and their enjoyment of the game to match results. The educational strategy in Dukla Praha draws on the assumption that education of a strong personality is crucial for education of an excellent athlete.
The generations of Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic and their integration into society
Křížalová, Iva ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Váňová, Miroslava (referee)
The aim of this work is to clarify the integration of Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic as well as the associated reasons for their arrival in the country. The data obtained from a questionnaire survey, given to random group of respondents that minority, I compiled using graphs. Carried out a questionnaire survey, I found that the rate of integration is very small, especially among older generations. The contribution of this work is a proposal to raise awareness of this minority through outreach workers. This work is solved in the context of better relations, and increases the interest of minority integration between Vietnamese and Czech companies.
Prenatal dreams tchämong in Korea
Mudruňková, Kateřina ; Zemánek, Marek (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to present tchämong, a specific Korean dream of conception, that if properly interpretated can provide some information pertaining to the conception and other qualities of the unborn child to the dreamer. This thesis contextualizes tchämong into a broader category of dreams of conception, and then focuses on its specific features in Korea's culture. The fundamental aim of this paper is to exemplify the claim that tchämong is embedded in the system of traditional beliefs, practices and myths, which act as a main factor in continuing this tradition into modern times. The primary focus is given to tchämong within the framework of pregnancy practices and beliefs and close relation between tchämong and myths, which is expressed especially in its symbolism.
Influence of culture on the conception of mental illness.
Janíková, Martina ; Hnilica, Karel (advisor) ; Zoufalá, Marcela (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe sociocultural aspects of mental illness. The thesis concerns with sociocultural influences on formation and conceptualization of illness explanatory models that shape unstructured fyziological phenomenon into structured experience. Specific cultural content of biological categories is the foundation of health care systems, lay conceptions and prejudices and determines social status of the mentally ill. Also attitudes of society towards its deviant members reflect her essential characteristics. Therefore, this thesis outlines historical and cross-cultural transformations of mental illness within the broad social context. Describes health care system as a specific layer of social and symbolic reality and points out the influence of dominant psychiatric discourse on the conception of illness. Attention was also paied to media selective portrayals of mental illness that were proved to strenghten negative stereotypes. Mental illnesses, how was shown, differs cross-culturally. Though basic psychiatric syndromes occur in every society, culture promotes and shapes particular symptoms, so that progress and prognosis can be very different. We can, therefore, conclude that every illness is in a way culture-related.
Living in a small town Urban architectural study of developing of housing in the city Uhersky Ostroh
Šumbera, Roman ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Living in a small town, Urban architectural study of developing of housing in the city Uhersky Ostroh. Following student's previous school works dealing generally with problematics of development of city Uherský Ostroh, in diploma thesis will be student focused closely and specifically on housing issues. Analyze potencial opportunities of housing development in the city urbaned structures like not used residental and industrial objects or undeveloped plots inside the city, but with potencial to be suitable for housing function with respect to the ideas of compact city, local values and traditions, but also limited developement potential.

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