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New South District and its Connection to Svratka
Nedbalová, Monika ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
Brno has been considering moving the Main railway station for several decades. Countless urban plans have been done through several competitions, the new South District, which will be located north direction of today's Dolní nádraží station in the future. The architectural study, which was the subject of this diploma thesis, designs multifunctional object called Platform. The building could become part of the emerging South District. The base for the architectural study of the Platform was urban concept of South District designed by me as a pre-diploma thesis. The significance of the South District is comparable to the new Main Railway Station in Vienna surrounded by new district. Those opportunities were the foundation for designing compact urban structure with great variability of public spaces and buildings themselves. The new building is located on the Route of experiences, which is an alternative lane to the main boulevard from the Main Station to the centre of Brno. That starts at the railway station, leads through South District and its main square, the waterfront, through the islands of Svratka, to the park next to the river. Lane continues to the rediscovered railway viaduct and further to today's Main railway station. The viaduct was an inspiration for the architectural design, in the sense of material and shape. The mass of the building itself is divided horizontally into two parts. The lower, heavy masonry brick part of the market is visually separated from the upper objects that seem to levitate above the market. These three upper masses grow from the green roof of the market. Their function is already evident due to their facades. Upper part belongs to the two apartment buildings with a regular grid of south-west orientated windows and one coworking facility located in the northern corner of the Platform. The location of the building is significant. The views from the Platform are amazing - one side there is the Svratka River with island
Residential complex Nový Žižkov - construction technological project
Gabriel, Jan ; Kopecký, Lukáš (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the elaboration of a construction technological project for the construction of a residential complex Nový Žižkov in Poděbrady, where I will focus on the technological stage of the gross building of the main building SO-01 apartment building – section BI+BII (56 dwelling units). The supporting system of the building is composed of a combination of monolithic reinforced concrete structures and ceramic blocks. The foundation of a residential building is designed as a reinforced concrete basin with reinforcing ribs. The diploma thesis contains a text and attachment part.
The Restoration of the Country Court of Zlín
Zhakupbekova, Rakhil ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The base of bachelor thesis is the architectural study which was done in summer semester of the third year of the bachelor´s studies. The topic of this study wasthe restoration of the former zlín country court. The complex is multifunctional, individual services include a cafeteria, a library and bookshop, art gallery and exhibition space. Reconstruction does not alter the historic character of the chateau, therefore i want to use here just mild colours and simple materials like brick, glass and metal. From the new constructions is the most striking additions from the southern side.
Netrefová, Klára ; Ponešová, Barbora (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The proposal deals with the concept of post-digital manufactory. The predominantly unusual combination of two ascetic materials. Bricks and concrete is dominant. The building has the ambition to become a catalyst for events with the public space of the city of Brno.
Polyfunctional house at Brno Veveri - Urbanistic-architectonic study
Mezei, Peter ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Following the surrounding local urban structure I have designed the block structure of buildings. One of the blocks were chosen for polyfunctional building that include mix of urban dwellings – shopping floor in ground floor and offices in the second floor. These functions are supplemented by three floors of rent apartments, senior living and apartments in public ownership. The central part of building is courtyard surrounded by porch, terraces and balconies.
Nursery School
Došlík, Ondřej ; Myslín,, Jiří (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
Subject of my diploma thesis is design of new kindergarten for approximately 75 children in village Velký Týnec near Olomouc. Design is made in level of detailed design. The purpose od desing is hand in hand with the concept of preschool education - it is based on the fact that a younger age child has acquired the basics of key competences and thus has the prerequisites for his / her lifelong learning that would allow his / her easier and more reliable application in society. The architectural concept is based on a mutual dialogue between investor (supervisor) and designer (student) and takes into account the territorial, property, historical and other relationships in the given locality. Proposed building is an arched, non-duplex, two-storey building. The facades of the building are designed as ventilated, with wooden tiles, the roof is single-faced with a sloping attic. Entrance to object is from north side. First floor is divided into three parts - central part with entrance atrium and two side wings with nursery schools. Second floor consists of the third department of kindergarten, headmaster office and the quarantine room. The static desigh of object is made up of ceramic blocks on the first floor, and on second floor, the system is combined with cross-sections which are led by columns. The ceilings are designed from pre-stressed spiroll panels. Park landscaping was designed on the surrounding site.
To Dvur Kralove by train - Transfer Terminal in Dvur Kralove nad Labem
Hudečková, Kristína ; Růžička, Tomáš (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
The terminal represents joining two things – an internal and an external – a city and a surroundings. The intetion of my bachelor thesis is to connect fluently a main hiking trail from a center of city with a bus service and train transport. To make this connection as natural as possible, the proposal of terminal is based on a mass concentration in a point of joint and gradual diffusion towards the the city and the surroundings. The terminal is designed as a longitudinal structure with a one communication in the middle of the layout. The space of terminal is defined by twenty steel frames arranged one behind the other in the direction of the axis of connection between train track and hiking trail from the center of the city. The steel frame becomes the dominant element of the terminal. Different closing of sections between particular frames creates spaces of different characters and a different rate of permeability.
Mudéjar architecture in Granada
Vopálková, Martina ; Štěpánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Opatrný, Josef (referee)
This thesis called "Mudéjar Architecture in Granada" presents the most genuine artistic expresion of the Christian Midle Aged Spain. It deals with areas of the mudéjar architecture and it puts the main accent on mudéjar architecture in the south spanish town in Andalusia named Granada. I chose this subject matter because I am interested in spanish culure and history of spanish art. I availed of my annual research fellowship at the University of Granada and my annual staying in that mysterious town full of life, different cultures, history and art. I tried to deal with this Midle Age period explaining it on the background of historical events. I started with year 711 when the Arabs crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered to Spain. They started to ocupate the spanish territory. The proces of Reconquist culminated in 1492 when the town of Granada was captured by the Catolics Kings. The term Mudejar was first coined in 1859 by José Amador de los Ríos in his discursus called "El estilo mudéjar en arquitectura" given at the academy of Madrid named Real Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando de Madrid. The content of this subject matter is to present mudéjar architecture, it's origin, various theories and interpretations, different manafestations in areas of mudéjar art and it's formal and...
Survey and assessment of masonry building castle
Kopecký, Martin ; Kocáb, Dalibor (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the diagnostics of masonry structures. In the theoretical part of this thesis it is described the system of assessment of existing structures and then the assessment of existing masonry structures. The next chapter states the methods of survey of masonry structures, including evaluation. The practical part of the thesis deals with the survey of the building of a small castle. This survey includes a brief history of the castle building, the preliminary inspection of the building and the research of the supporting structure. The result of the survey is to determine the material characteristics of masonry.
Assessment of historical building before modernization
Marušák, Lubomír ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This study deals with the evaluation of historic structures, especially historic masonry buildings. It provides information about the current topic of modernization and renovation of historic listed buildings. In the theoretical part are explained specifics of historic buildings in regard to new buildings, materials, which were used previously, types of constructions and all above are described principles of rating existing buildings according to applicable standarts and description of the most common and the most appropriate diagnostic methods. In the practical part are mentioned theoretical knowledge practiced for example the evaluation of historic building of a former court in Zlín. The examination also includes a preliminary probe on selected parts of the structure. The output of my thesis is a documentation of status and failures of court building, preliminary rating of building and a detailed design of diagnostic survey.

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