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Influence of raw materials on qualitative indicators of various types of craft beer
Abstract The Bachelor's Thesis considers basic ingredients necessary for producing beer. In the first part, raw materials like hop, brewer's yeast, water, malt and its substitutes are dealt with. Regarding hop, the seed cone along with its chemical composition is discussed. Significant varieties grown in the Czech Republic are mentioned as well as selected foreign varieties of hop. Not least, packaging and storage of hop is described. Similarly with malt, where types of malt are listed and evaluation of quality given. The thesis contains also types of water suitable for producing beer. An indispensable ingredient for production of beer is brewer's yeast differentiated as top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeast. As an aside, the chemical composition and propagation of yeast is mentioned. In the last part, sorts of craft beer are discussed focusing on qualitative indicators of certain sorts of beer.
Historical brewery - potential for regional development
Mosler, Štěpán ; Boháč, Ivo (referee) ; Králová, Eva (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
Nowadays there are hundreds of breweries scattered throughout Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, waiting for their new future. They are either abandoned or in private property. In the worst case they have been deteriorating with no hope of recovery. There are not many left. It is very difficult to find a new function and especially enlightened investor. Important thing is how we will treat with these structures in the future. Will we use this unique potential, or leave this place for a new function? Which way we can choose? What is the potential of these buildings and what they need? This thesis attempts to briefly describe and demonstrate the value of brewery architecture which due to dramatic changes in society became endangered. And to offer possible solutions for the preservation this unique buildings their charm and atmosphere for the next generations.
Determination of sensory active compounds in hops using GC-MS
Zlochová, Tereza ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
Determination of sensory active compounds in hops using GC-MS Abstract The goal of this thesis was to determine sensory active compounds from a sample of hops by gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric detection. Hop oils were selected for this determination which, despite its low representation in hops, contain up to several hundred components. Hop oils were exctracted using a new method based on fluidized-bed extraction. An integral part of this work was identifying the yield of the method that has become an instrument to defining the content of hop oils in different hop varieties. A comparsion of the obtained extracts with the literature was made and a search was done for the link between chemical structure of the hop oils and their representation in the hops sample with regard to its age. Keywords: exctraction, hops, hop oil, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry
Výroba speciálních piv a jejich vlastnosti
Šňupíková, Nikol
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create literary research focused on the production of special beer types, including special types of malt, which is the basic ingredient for making special beer. Part of the thesis describes the main ingredients that are necessary for the production like water, hops, barley and brewer's yeast. Part of the thesis covers possibilities of use of malt substitutes or hop products. Next part of the thesis is aimed at attributes of special malt production including other ingredients that are used for the same purpose. Part of the literary research is dedicated to particular steps that are part of the process of beer making. The closing part presents description of the special beer types brewed in Moravian breweries.
Výroba piva s CHZO "České pivo" a piva vyráběného v EU
Dolníčková, Tamara
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to describe issues regarding the process of beer production in the Czech Republic - starting with the characteristics of individual raw materials that are needed for brewing (barley and malt associated therewith, hops, water and yeast), then further characterize the all operations that take place in the brewery (mashing, wort boiling, fermentation, filtration and pasteurization of beer), describe and define the protected geographical indication "Czech beer", to name and describe varieties of barley, which is preferred for Czech beer and explain how our beer differs from beers produced in the European Union, or which specific species are preferred in the country and in foreign countries.
Determination of biologically active compounds in hops by LC/HR-MS method
Jandovská, Vladimíra ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Spáčil, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis describes development and optimalization of method for identification of polyphenols compounds present in hops (Humulus lupulus L.) that have potential antimicrobial activity. Within extraction of compounds from hop, minced hop cones were applied in a growth medium, where compounds diffused into the medium and created an inhibition zone after inoculated with Streptococcus aureus. The method combining extraction with acetone a salting out using QuEChERS principles was optimized for extraction of compounds from solid growth medium. The analysis was carried out using LC/HR-MS with a quadrupole-orbitrap hybrid mass analyzer. The MS method was developed as a screening method with a subsequent fragmentation of compound of interest on the base of inclusion mass list. The compounds extracted from inhibition zone were identified either by searching against a database or their structures have been elucidated on the basis of their fragmentation spectra.
Pharmacologically active compounds in hops
Pýchová, Kateřina ; Cvrčková, Fatima (advisor) ; Mašková, Petra (referee)
The hop plant (Humulus lupulus) is used not only in brewing but also in phytopharmacology and phytotherapy. Among the isolated or chemically produced substances used for healing are xanthohumol, 8-prenylnaringenine and α and β-bitter acids. Nowadays, a lot of attention is paid to their effect on humans - especially to their anticancer activity. But there is a lack of information about the importance of these substances for the hop plant itself. Most of the plant secondary metabolites originally serve for protection of the plant against pathogens and herbivores. The selected metabolites are not an exception. The purpose of this work was to summarize the published data about the biological importance of selected hop secondary metabolites and the effects they have on other organisms than plants, with an emphasis on humans.
Analysis of polyphenolic compounds in selected brewery matrices by HPLC-HRMS method
Zušťáková, Veronika ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Mikyška, Alexandr (referee)
The thesis has focused on the separation of proanthocyanidins (Pas) in beer, raw beer material and beer intermediates (wort, hopped wort, green beer) by using high performance liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometric detection. A chromatographic column XSELECT HSS T3 was used for separation of individual proanthocyanidins. Mobile phase was formed by a mixture of 0,1% formic acid in water (A) and 0,1% formic acid in acetonitril (B), separation was conducted in gradient mode. Calibration range for catechin and procyanidin B1 a B2 was linear in the range from 10 µg.l-1 to 200 µg.l-1 and for epicatechin from 5 µg.l-1 to 200 µg.l-1 . Limit of quantitation (LOQ) was set to the lowest point of calibration curve, hence for catechin, procyanidin B1 and B2 was LOQ = 10 µg.l-1 and for epicatechin was LOQ = µg.l-1 . Yield of method of the observed Pas was very good, where yield oscillated around 100%. The method also had excellent repeatability, where the relative standard deviation (RSD) was lower then 20%. After optimization of this method it was used for observation of profile changes during brewery process in catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin B1, B2 and B3. It was discovered, that catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin B1 and B2 originate mainly from hops and procyaniding B3 is...
Hops harvest phenomena in socialist Czechoslovakia
Verner, Jiří ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce hops harvest phenomena as a special kind of agriculture aid in socialist Czechoslovakia. The aid consisted of secondary school students in the 1960s. The thesis describes organization of hops harvest, process of harvesting work and after-work activities of temporary staff. This thesis contains occurrences of August 1968 in Czechoslovakia. The harvesting work was complicated by raid of Soviet Army in this year.
Economics of Microbrewery
Šplíchalová, Jitka ; Maier, Tomáš (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to evaluate economy of chosen Microbrewery XY, Ltd. in observed period 2012 till 2015. Economy of microbrewery is evaluated on the bases of methods of financial analysis and costs calculation per unit of production. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part deals with history of breweries, categorization of microbrewery and its characteristics. Also in this work is described process of beer production and ingredients necessary for its production. This part includes methods and formulas used for financial analysis and costing. Practical part deals with characteristics of microbrewery production. Simple Linear Regression model verifies the seasonality in beer consumption. To accomplish the main aim are used methods of financial analysis and costing. Financial analysis consists horizontal and vertitical analysis, differential and ratio indicators, creditworthy and bankruptcy models evaluating whole financial situation of the microbrewery. In chapter Evaluation of the results and Conclusion are summarized results, an overall evaluation of microbreweries economy and are proposed recommendations for improving its economy.

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