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Certification of flight simulator training devices according to EASA requirements
Dittel, Daniel ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Sklenář, Filip (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compile a flight simulator certification procedure according to EASA requirements. The thesis contains a basic division of simulators according to the requirements for simulation fidelity and deals with the certification process of a specific Boeing 737 MAX simulator, where the aim is to certify the simulator to the FNPT II/MCC level. The thesis analyzes the certification from a general point of view, as well as from the point of view of the requirements for the visual system and the sound system and also contains the requirements for the extension from the FNPT II level to the FNPT II/MCC level. The thesis also contains an overview of regulations according to which the certification of flight simulators is done. The thesis also contains a chapter where the possibilities of using the Boeing 737 MAX simulator of the FNPT II/MCC level are described.
Brand Development of the selected Company
Horák, Jan ; Fait, Petr (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This master’s thesis analyses a brand of selected company Engineering Test Institute, public enterprise (SZU), which offers services of testing, inspection and certification. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on literature research of marketing and branding theories. The key part is the analytical part, which contains a detailed analysis of the current state of the brand "Engineering Testing Institute". The thesis also contains a questionnaire survey focused on both the internal environment of the company and its customers. The research is followed by a final part with possible suggestions on how to further develop the brand.
Řízení a management kvality ve vybrané organizaci
This Diploma thesis called "Quality management in selected company" explores the current state of the quality management system in a selected organization. It was Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn, spol. s. r. o. The company produces inhalers, insulin pens and other plastic products for medical industry. The term quality is currently being used more and more frequently. In order, for a company to be successful and to compete on the market, it is necessary to pay great attention to quality. The first part of this thesis is a review of literature. It is devoted to the definition of basic concepts of quality management. In the next part there is a description of the selected company and its established quality management system. Finally, after the detection of the current conditions and identifying deficiencies of the quality management system are at this Diploma thesis suggested recommendations that could lead to improvement of the current situation at the company.
Nondestructive testing in current industrial practice
Jakubcová, Eliška ; Klakurková, Lenka (referee) ; Juliš, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on personnel certification of non-destructive testing according to valid standards. The theoretical part compares the Czech certification system for non-destructive testing with systems in other countries and evaluates their differences. Problems that occur during certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9712 are also discussed. In the practical part of the thesis the evaluation of the test sample is documented by means of radiographic test, magnetic particle test and leak test. At the end of the thesis the results are evaluated and discussed and also described in the form of measuring protocols.
Promblems of cosmetic products for children on the Czech market.
LISÁ, Diana
The thesis deals with problems of cosmetic products for children available on the Czech market.The thesis aims to analyse whether cosmetic products for children contain substances that can harm health by its adverse effects. These research questions were chosen. 1. Is the health of children being endangered by cosmetics? 2. Is there a difference from the point of view of health threats caused by undesirable substances both of common and natural cosmetic? The thesis is divided into the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical part examines the historical development of cosmetics and focuses on skin diseases that can be often caused by cosmetic products. It also defines concepts and legislation in terms of cosmetics and differences between common and natural cosmetics available. The practical part is devoted to the composition of the products and to the content of the harmful substances destined for complexion of children. By means of quantitative examination through questionnaires given to parents of children, data on the issue of children's cosmetics were obtained. The output assessment resulting from the research proves the low awareness of respondents in terms of certified natural cosmetics, little interest in the composition of children's cosmetics and insufficient education as for harmful substances contained in cosmetic products for children. The survey also revealed that 45% of parents have registered adverse effects of cosmetics on children's| complexion.
Quality Management in the Selected Company
This diploma thesis "Quality Management in the Selected Company" is focused on the quality management system in an international company, which is located in České Budějovice. The aim of this thesis is to suggest changes and recommendations for achieving higher level in current applied quality management system. Based on results from analysis of the chosen QMS areas, the respective suggestions were proposed. Based on the information from theoretical review, internal document analysis, interviews with the high management representatives and data analysis, various changes were suggested. All with one goal: establishing, keeping and continuously improving the quality management system which helps to ensure a prosperous and effectively working organisation with a stable position in the market where the organisation is present.
Quality management system focused on information system in the selected enterprise
This thesis is focused on the quality management system. The object of the thesis is to analyse the current situation of the quality management system. Based on the results, we suggest measures to increase security and data protection in the selected enterprise. The selected enterprise is GEFOS, a.s., which provides comprehensive services in geodesy, photogrammetry, geoinformation systems and land register. The thesis can be divided into the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part is focused on definition of key concepts in the fields of quality management and information system. The practical part consists of four other separate parts, namely the characteristic of the selected company, an analysis of the current situation of the quality management system, and finally suggestions for improvement of security and data protection. The suggestions are focused on requirements provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information for the practical part was obtained by document analysis and a semi-structured interview with the company management.
Řízení kvality ve vybrané organizaci
The purpose of this thesis is recommendations which are proposed to improve the current situation after analysis and identification of deficiencies the quality management system in the selected company. The terms quality and quality management system in the general sense are described in the theoretical part of this thesis. The information about quality management is based on the Czech and the English literature. The selected company and its system of quality management are presented in the practical part of this diploma thesis. All information for analysis is taken from the internal documents and from the consultations with a quality manager. This thesis illustrates some processes the quality management system which are applied in the company, namely the people, the infrastructure, the documented information, the process of purchase, the control of nonconforming outputs, the monitoring and measurement, the internal audit and the improvement. The changes suggested to improve individual processes of quality management are introduced after the evaluation of this analysis.
Řízení a management kvality ve vybrané organizaci
This diploma thesis called Quality Management In The Selected Company is focused on quality management system, its oganisation, management and development. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyse chosen areas of implemented quality management system in the selected company, to identify bottlenecks and to suggest changes and to propose recommendations for achieving better results in this area. The analysed company is called EBAS spol. s r.o. which focuses on metal and wood production. The theoretical review is dedicated to the issue of quality management, starting with term and concept of quality and quality management, followed by identification of advantages and importance of quality management system. Certain attention is paid to quality management processes, and last but not least, costs of quality and documentation in quality management system. The practical part of the diploma thesis begins with the company in general, especially with company history, its activities, portfolio and organization structure, followed by the analysis of selected areas of current quality mangement system applied in the company. The analysis includes the analysis of processes of the quality management system, documentation of QMS, quality goals and politics, supplier rating system and at last but not least, customer satisfaction monitoring system. Based on this analysis there are several reccomendations proposed, which should lead not only to increased quality management system efficiency, but also to increased efficiency of company in general.
Quality management system in selected company
The goal of this diploma thesis was describe and analyze the quality management system in selected service company and suggest proposals for improvement. For drawing up of this diploma thesis was chosen company GEFOS inženýring, s.r.o. This diploma thesis was divided into two main parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part focuses on quality management, its history, principles and concepts. Important part was made of explainations of the terms as quality, quality management and quality management system. It was put emphasis on ISO standards. This acquired knowledge was used in the second part of diploma thesis, in practical part. First step of the second part was a description of the chosen company. The author answer questions like: What is its purpose? How was the development of this company? How does its organizational structure look like? What is the financial situation? The main part contains characterization of quality management system of the company GEFOS inženýring. First of all were described the beginnings, then current situation of the quality management system, processes and all informations and activities, which were contained in quality manual of the company. This part also contained costs of implementation and sustaining of the quality management system of the company. At the end were suggested the proposal for the improvement not only of the quality management system, but also of the all company.

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