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Killed them all, of course: representation of the Robert Durst Case in documentary, movie and media
Stránská, Karolína ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
In my thesis Killed them all, of course: representation of the Robert Durst Case in documentary, movie and media I aimed to create a case study that follows the case of Robert Durst and its representation mainly in documentary series and lifemovie directed by Andrew Jarecki. It compares individual takes on the case and furthermore analyses the critics of decisions made by documentary makers based on the principles of documentary ethics. It focuses on moral dilemma that can documentary maker encounter. The thesis follows the investigation of the murders of Susan Berman, Morris Black, Durst's neighbor, and the disappearance of Kathleen Durst, whose body has never been found. Thesis also ponders over how effectively represent the truth in a documentary and what are the faults of Andrew Jarecki regarding his work both in documentary and in movie.
Issues of legislative tests in the assessment of exhaust pollutants
Filák, Martin ; Bazala, Jiří (referee) ; Beran, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with issues of legislative tests in the assessment of exhaust pollutants. It is mainly focused on the issues of the emission standards, the regulations and the principles of limiting the emissions. This thesis also includes an overview of the Dieselgate case and its impact on the society.
Exploring case forms of Czech nouns and their ranking in semantic (collocational) classes
Schöne, Karin ; Kučera, Karel (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee) ; Šindelářová, Jaromíra (referee)
This dissertation aims to identify and analyse the frequency distribution of mor- phological forms of nouns in contemporary Czech. The work is based on an error analysis of texts of non-native speakers revealing and describing frequent types of errors in noun inflection. Against the background of recent research in the field of second language acquisition on the one hand and the principles of communicative approaches to language teaching on the other hand nine textbooks of Czech as a foreign language are analysed for approaches to the introduction and presentation of grammatical cases, their functions and typical constructions. It is concluded that it is necessary to exemplify case functions by prototypical constructions and sufficient sample nouns for which these functions are typical. With regard to the often observed emphasis on the noun as a part of the inflectional paradigm and thus on the nominative singular as its basic form, it is eligible for textbooks and language classes to shift the focus from the dominant paradigmatic to the syntag- matic aspect of nouns and their word forms. One of the initial questions of these theses therefore is which forms of a noun are essential to the adequate (didactical- ly oriented) presentation of the noun and its use. A pilot study conducted on the data of...
Films based on the world well-known criminal cases: from reality, paper and TV news to feature films and film reviews.
Hrbek, Jan ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Šobr, Michal (referee)
The thesis focuses on two criminal cases and their film renditions. It introduces the reader to the cases of Frank Lucas and George Jung on the basis of period testimonies, informations from media and the biographies of the two felons. The thesis sheds light on real parallels in their personal lives as well as their professional lives and explains the differences in their operations, including the time after their release. The thesis intentionally focuses not only on the activities that got them to court but their personal lives as well. Those are especially important to the part of the text that focuses on the film renditions of their lives. The movies, American Gangster and Blow are being dissected based on the dramaturgical decisions, the narrative and the praise they have been given by journalists and general public.
English counterparts of the Czech instrumental case
Sláma, Jakub ; Dušková, Libuše (advisor) ; Čermák, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract The present thesis deals with English translation counterparts of Czech non-prepositional instrumental case forms of nouns. The theoretical part briefly describes the Czech case system and the status of the instrumental case, both non-prepositional and prepositional, within this system, and also discusses certain (especially morphological) aspects of the instrumental case. Subsequently, syntactic functions and semantic roles of non-prepositional instrumental case forms are characterized, which serves as a basis for attempting to describe the possible English counterparts of non-prepositional instrumental case forms, especially with respect to the semantics. The methodological section of the thesis includes arguments for a primarily semantic approach (rather than an all-syntactic one). The analysis is based on a sample of 110 non-prepositional instrumental case forms and their English counterparts, i.e. 10 examples for each of the delineated semantic specifications (viz. agent, direction or path, manner, accompanying circumstances, the phasal instrumental case, instrument, material, means, actional means, viewpoint, cause) excerpted from the parallel corpus InterCorp v8. The analysis aims to identify the primary realization form for each semantic specification and to describe semantic and...
The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of a patient with diagnosis of Vertebrogenic algic syndrome of lumbar spine with defect statics and dynamics of the spine
Brožová, Eva ; Satrapová, Lenka (advisor) ; Biskup, Šimon (referee)
Title of thesis: The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of a patient with diagnosis of Vertebrogenic algic syndrome of lumbar spine with defect statics and dynamics of the spine Aim: The aim of thesis is summary of theoretical findings, then study methodology purposes physiotherapy care, proposal of therapy and monitoring of therapy in patients with diagnosis of Vertebrogenic algic syndrome of lumbar spine with defect statics and dynamics of the spine. Methods: This bachelor's thesis was compiled on the base of internship on the Faculty's hospital Královské Vinohrady during the time period from 23. 1. 2017 - 17. 2. 2017. This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is concerned with theoretical findings related to this diagnosis. The second, special part encompasses case report of a patient with diagnosis Vertebrogenic algic syndrome of lumbar spine with defect statics and dynamics of the spine. Results: In the first part it was managed to create theoretical knowledge of the issue. Success of therapy from the second part was confirmed by the output kinesiology analysis. The positive effects of therapeutic units are already visible subjective sensations and the pain reduction of patients. On the examinations results, we can see the improvement from input kinesiology analysis. Key...
Communication Activities of Company Berliner Stadtreinigung in Years 2010-2011. Case Study with Regard to Perception of Brand Pražské služby
Kotvová, Lenka ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The thesis deals with the case study of Berlin's public cleansing company Berliner Stadtreinigung which communication campaign has changed the modern history of German marketing communication. The first chapter describes characteristic features of this long-term campaign as well as its historical development and integration into the complete advertising, medial and creative strategies. To verify the declared effectiveness of the campaign the author carries out an own survey presented in the second chapter, It examines the knowledge and perception of both BSR's brand and communication activities. The secondary goal of the survey is a situational comparison with the Czech market, resp. the company Pražské služby. Its selected communication activities are introduced and evaluated it the third chapter, too. Finally, the thesis comes up with recommendations how to improve the existing communication of Pražské služby in order to maximize its effectiveness.
Forms of Expressing Dativ in Czech and Japanese
Jandejsková, Viola ; Švarcová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
This thesis disserts on problem of translation of dative relations in Karel Čapek's "Tales from two pockets" into Japanese. Goal of the thesis is to identify and describe means of expression of dative in Japanese translation and figure out if there are any differences in interpretaion and expressing dative in Czech and Japanese and what they are. Using method of excerption of example sentences and comparation of original with translated version, I organised the example sentences into six categories according to linguistic means of expressing equivalent of Czech dative used in Japanese translation. In these six categories, there are included both grammatical and semanthic expressions and idioms and phrases. The result is the detection of the main difference in degree of necessity to express a dative subject explicitly. There is a strong tendency of Japanese to implicit expression of dativ subject by means of special expressions of personal orientation, semanthics of predicate or context.
Comparing Czech and Russian Verb Government
Malířová, Eva Kateřina ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Liptáková, Zuzana (referee)
Verbal government of Russian and Czech verbs. Determination of basic conception of rection, bilinguism, interference, transfer, homonymy. The acquirement of foreign language difficulties. Preventing interference. The influence of transfer. Left-valency and right-valency actant. Competition of binding. Russian - Czech dictionary. Error analysis. Contrastive analysis.
Gearbox for portable power generator
Kolka, Roman ; Hubáček,, Tomáš (referee) ; Bradáč, František (advisor)
The submitted project deals with a complete design of a gearbox of a portable ground power generator designed for preflight preparation of helicopters. The gearbox has been designed to meet given specifications, which are based on required electrical parameters of the entire power unit and with regards to parameters of driving turbine engine. The introductory section deals with a kinematical design of transmission gears with regards to required parameters and design constraints. The kinematical design determines whole concept and resulting form of the gearbox. Next part deals with optimization of gearing, the design of wheel bearing, and design of oil system. The implementation part of the project consists in the engineering design of the gearbox, which was made in 3D environment Pro/Engineer. The design is reviewed and first operational results of manufactured and tested gearbox are discussed in the concluding section of this work.

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