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Veřejně dostupné mapové zdroje a jejich využití pro výuku na základních školách v prostředí ArcGIS
BĚLE, Šimon
The diploma thesis deals with online map sources and the ability of using them in the Geography education on the 2nd grade of primary schools. The main goal is to create two map applications in the ArcGIS and worksheets and the possibility of applying them into the Geaography education in primary schools. The theoretical parts deals mainly with the issue of teaching Geography in primary schools and making of didactic tools, with focus on digital ones. In the practical part the author focuses on map applications, creating worksheets and their integration into the educational process. The practical part includes also a brief analysis of free accesible map sources and their usage in the educational process. At the end, there is an evaluation of the ability of using the ArcGIS applications in the education.
Spatial analysis for optimization of student assignments in cartography
Fenclová, Karolína ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Burian, Jaroslav (referee)
Spatial analysis for optimization of student assignments in cartography Abstract The aim of the diploma thesis is to perform a multi-criteria analysis of large spatial data, which will result in the identification of a predetermined number of the variants of the territory, which are optimal for creating the student assignments. The main part of the thesis is to design and to calculate the spatial evaluation criteria. In the theoretical part, a theory of multi-criteria analysis and examples of its use in general in geoinformatics and assessment of landscape potential are presented. The practical part is devoted to the design of own methodology for assessment of the territory from the point of view of suitability for processing of student tasks, including its application over the territory of the Czechia in order to obtain information about the territory. Multi-criteria analysis was divided into two steps: pre-selection of the territory based on Boolean evaluation and subsequent sorting of the variants from the most suitable to the least appropriate using the TOPSIS method. The scales of the individual criteria were determined by the scoring method. The main result of the thesis is a new set of the variants of the territory, which are comparable with their processing demands. Keywords Spatial analysis,...
Information system for easy access of the First Military Survey
Pacina, J. ; Chodějovská, Eva ; Popelka, J.
The First Military Survey is a unique collection of maps and descriptive information covering the whole former Austrian monarchy dating back to 1760s-1780s. The First Military Survey contains of both cartographic and textual material. The description of landscape according to the individual sections of the 1:28 800 map was carried out simultaneously with the map. The texts in every section are strictly structured into description of municipalities, “Extract” where the entire region is summarized by subjects and index of places. The aim of this project is to turn this comprehensive cartographic work into a digital library offering the user all the information contained in the original work in a comfort internet environment. The old maps are carefully georeferenced into a seamless map and the descriptive information is processed into a database. The resulting information system will be available in Czech and German as all the texts are being carefully translated.
Story Maps - Dynamic Visualization Tool For Spatial Security Threats
Trojan, J. ; Nováková, Eva
The paper is aimed at presenting possibilities of cloud forms of a simple visualization of security threats on example of Story Maps by ESRI platform. The discussion of state-ofthe-art is bounded by specific forms of selected security risks in the environmental sciences, which were prepared in a GIS Laboratory at the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. The paper also refers to discussion of big data obtained in the context of the so-called citizen science, which are subject to project of an international consortium under the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST CA15212).
Changes of regional pattern of European Union in maps
Vávra, Martin ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Štych, Přemysl (referee)
One of purposes of this bachelor thesis is to create vizualization of statistical data that can be obtained from Eurostat. Author focuses on modern trends in geoinformatics and uploads all the graphs and maps, that were created during the work on this thesis, on the web page "". The web page is accessible for the broad public so that everyone could interactively study the outcomes of this thesis. Second part of the thesis is focused on development of regional disparities within analyzed states. Author analyses economical and demographical data for which is being counted variance and standard deviation. The author thanks to statistical and spatial outcomes explains the biggest changes and points out the trends in regional development. Powered by TCPDF (
Cartographic and geoinformatic evaluation of current bathymetric maps.
Kučera, Michal ; Jaroš, Jakub (advisor) ; Žáková, Zuzana (referee)
Cartographic and geoinformatic evaluation of current bathymetric maps Abstract This thesis is focusing on methods used in the process of creating bathymetric maps of lakes. In the first part of the thesis are described methods used for shoreline mapping and possibilities of depth measurements. In the theoretical part are also described interpolation methods which could be applied on point datasets. At first is given general description of these methods and after that follows also the detailed description of these methods in ArcGIS. Next part of the thesis describes cartographic methods used in bathymetry and in this part are also evaluated current bathymetric maps. The main discussion in this part is regarding cartographic and geoinformatic methods used in the process of creation these maps. In the last part is suggested a new attitude in this process and there are also created bathymetric maps using new combination of cartographic methods. These maps are enclosed at the end of the thesis. Key words: bathymetry, map, gis, cartography, interpolation
Cartographic representation of hydrographic features in the state map series
Poláková, Tereza ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Šára, Pavel (referee)
Cartographic representation of hydrographic features in the state map series Abstract The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create a proposal to completion digital topographic database ZABAGED for hydrographic features. The first part is devoted to introduction to map keys of large scale Czech topographic maps since 1950s and also with the content of database ZABAGED. The emphasis is also put on historical context of new mapping and formation of digital database. The second part deals with a representation of hydrographic features and their guidance in digital topographic databases in four foreign countries. The practical part is devoted to designing a completion of attributes and features to ZABAGED. In view of the new attributes a cartographic representation of selected hydrographic features for the large scale maps is designed. All proposals were created considering the regulation of European Commission INSPIRE Data Specification on Hydrography. Keywords: hydrographic features, cartography, topographic databases, comparative study
Courier Service in Dvůr Králové n. L. in the Early Modern Period
Iša, František ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kostlán, Antonín (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the issue of oral and written communication through the groups of couriers, who mediated between smaller royal dowry town Dvůr Králové nad Labem and its own villages as well as another distant locations situated in another dominion. Diploma thesis applies to region called Podkrkonoší in the advanced Early Modern Period, describes and analyses some of the preserved archival primary sources of knowledge dedicated to the courier services in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. It mentions the enviroment in which the gateke- epers and other couriers fulfilled their services. This thesis attempts to define the relationship between the distance and courier's income in Dvůr Králové nad Labem's domain and outside of it. In the context of diverse contents of oral and written messages the thesis mentions sever- al other topics, for example the actual filling work of corvée (or statute labour), showing by gatekeepers the way to hussar-soldier at surveying, transport of beggars and vagabonds and even the beginning of postal services in this area. Working method is based on detailed archival probe into rarely preserved municipal bookkeeping, especially into records of gate- keeper's courier services and records of other settled couriers both from the year 1740 and 1768. Results are presented...
Jedlička, Josef ; Jaroš, Jakub (advisor) ; Lébr, Lukáš (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE Přírodovědecká fakulta katedra aplikované geoinformatiky a kartografie Studijní program: Geografie Studijní obor: Geografie a kartografie KARTOGRAFICKÉ ZPRACOVÁNÍ DAT V ÚZEMNĚ ANALYTICKÝCH PODKLADECH CARTOGRAPHIC PROCESSING OF THE DATA CONTAINED IN THE PLANNING ANALYTICAL MATERIALS Bakalářská práce Josef Jedlička Vedoucí bakalářské práce: Mgr. Jakub Jaroš Praha 2013 Cartographic processing of the data contained in the planning analytical materials Abstract The aim of this thesis is to point out the lack of cartographic expertise in text sections of planning analytical materials. Maps, which are placed into these materials, are assessed according to a technical and esthetical qualification. First part of this thesis contains interpretations of different methods of cartographic assessment. In this part we choose most acceptable method for this theme. In the next part of this thesis we use verbal assessment to assess cartographic works in planning analytical materials. Last part presents new maps, where has been applied the correct cartographic techniques and which can replace the old ones in those documents. These maps can also be used as patterns for cartographic application in planning analytical materials. The discussion deals with different views of municipalities to using...
Algorithm for automated building simplification using aggregation
Svobodová, Jana ; Bayer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Lysák, Jakub (referee)
Algorithm for automated building simplification using aggregation Abstract Diploma thesis deals with automated cartographic generalization. The main aim is to propose a new generalization algorithm for building aggregation. The first part brings summary of existing algorithms for building aggre- gation. Then the new algorithm is presented: at first, auxiliary data structu- res and algorithms are presented, then cartographic and geometric require- ments are defined. New algorithm is based on the principle of straight skeleton construction. Outer vertices are removed from constructed straight skeletons and those structures are aggregated. The aggregated polygon is reconstructed from ag- gregated structures. The second part is focused on implementation and results evaluation. The algorithm is implemented using open-source libraries CGAL, Boost and Shapelib. The results and confrontation with SW ArcGIS are discus- sed in conclusion of the thesis. 1

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