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Construction of the stand for the filaments on spools
Bezděk, Petr ; Dočkal, Kryštof (referee) ; Škaroupka, David (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to develop a stand for filament spools with minimal unwinding resistance, which eliminates stitching of filament and calculates the amount of unwound material. The stand is designed for a spool filament in the weight range of 250 g to 2.5 kg. Furthermore, the goal is to make the stand universal and usable for various 3D printers. The problem is solved by selecting the most appropriate concept for the problem based on the applicable concept analysis. The work contains an overview of the essential facts concerning stands, unwinding and 3D printing. Subsequently, the key issues are analysed on the basis of balancing the benefits of the possible variants of the concept. The chosen concept is solved in structural parts, which ultimately form a functional unit and a completed product. The result is a complete stand design in the form of written work, production documentation and manufactured product. The stand function has been verified by testing. The work is beneficial in terms of expanding awareness of rack issues, identifying 3D printing problems associated with the spool stand, designing and finished products for use in printing. The design is entirely designed to produce only one piece.
Development of laboratory samples for wireless transmission of electric power based on the magnetic induction
Kopečný, David ; Štěpánek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Krbal, Michal (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to collect the information about wireless transmission by using magnetic induction and about the current solutions of wireless applications in practice. The thesis includes theoretical basis and information about the current state of wireless power applications. This thesis is also focused on physical principle and draft of possible technical solution. On top of that, it also contains the information from some legislative and hygienic regulations. The second aim is draft of laboratory equipment on the base of gained information and its implementation for purpose of teaching and measuring. For this part was chosen topology of circuit and the specifications of resonance circuits. It resulted in producing a preparation, which consists of the exciter, primary circuit, secondary circuit and a module for measuring. The third aim is to take a measurement on this product and evaluation of characteristic from point of view of efficiency. Measured data were integrated into characteristics. The efficiency of transfer was measured depending on distance and used load. At the same time was also observed work frequency of product. Furthemore, another laboratory product was measured, in which was reached the efficiency more than 51%. The thesis is divided into four main chapters, which can be thematically named as follows: the information, the theory, the draft and the measurement. The first two chapters deal with the theory and characterization of technologies of already applied systems mainly from transport. The following two chapters contain the description of proposal of the product and the very measuring of the efficiency.
Small Coil Winding Machine
Ihnát, Kryštof ; Friedl, Martin (referee) ; Szabó, Zoltán (advisor)
This work is about designing a small coil winding machine for the school workshop. The first part consists of market research, a comparison of winders, and an explanation as to how they work. It is followed by short chapter about the inspiration for the design and construction. It also includes the parts that were used as well as peripheries. These include the most important component; stepper motors. In the next part, the prototype and subsequent revisions are described, as well as the most important parts of the code and construction of the coil winder itself and it's parts. In the end, there is chapter about it's operation.
Planar Structures for High Frequency Band
Pulec, Jiří ; Pietriková, Alena (referee) ; Maschke, Jan (referee) ; Szendiuch, Ivan (advisor)
The present paper deals with the problematics of the design and technology of planar microelectronic structures for the hign frequency band. These structures were realised on the Department of Microelectronics and their properties were measured on the Department of Radioelectronics. The part of this work is also simulation of some microelectronic structures, where for these simulations the design and simulation tool Ansoft Designer and the FEM tool ANSYS was used. The attention is paid to the discrete devices (coils and capacitors) as well as to the more complex structures (frequency filters). The paper yields the new findings in the field of the design and technology of the discrete components as well as of the more complex systems, these findings can be used as the basis for another research of practical applications.
Current transducer's characteristics
Čížek, Ondřej ; Bulín, Tomáš (referee) ; Huzlík, Rostislav (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis are described all used current transducers, the way of their function and at each of them are described their properties. After that is described program LabVIEW and measurement, which happened by using it with specialization on frequency characteristics and their evaluation.
Probe for RFID cards tests at 13.56 MHz
Zigo, Viktor ; Vychodil, Josef (referee) ; Derbek, Vojtěch (advisor)
This thesis deals with RFID technology and the tag design for RFID device testing on the frequency of 13, 56 MHz. Everything regarding testing of such devices is described in ISO 18047-3 Standard. The target of this thesis is to design and construct the impedance matching (probe) between a proof coil and SW radio USRP N200 and the principles of this probe design are explained.
Insulation system of synchronous and induction motors for 18kV
Šporcr, Viktor ; Vetiška, Vojtěch (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is divided into two separate sections. First part is concentrated on insulation system of high voltage machines impregnated by vacuum pressure impregnation. This part of semester thesis concisely describes the composition of individual components used for construction insulation systems of air and water cooled rotation machines. Second practical part contains evaluation of dielectric resistance of coil set with insulation system designed for voltage level 18 kV. This part contains a short description of used insulations. Further includes a report of dielectric tests of used coil set. This set of coils was tested on following tests. Heating measurement semi conductive tape with infrared camera at impulse voltage. The coils was exposed to impulse voltage for one 100 hours and sinus voltage for one 1000 hours. Before and between, aging was measured value of charge partial discharges and dissipation factor.
Metal detector for industrial use
Stehno, Rostislav ; Friedl, Martin (referee) ; Szabó, Zoltán (advisor)
The goal of this project is explore and study the ways of metal detecting and create a metal detector for industrial use. During a project development, the device size and user easy interface were the basic requirement. As a visual device was chosen LCD touch display, which is very important as a user-friendly interface. For math calculations and right function of device will be implemented microcontroller from Atmel corporation. As a data storage will be used a flash memory with 16MB of size. When the device were inventing, a lot of methods were studied and the impulse detect method were chosen which is the most perspective way of metal detecting. Device will communicate with PC trough a USB port. The device will have a battery which allows device to run for a few hours. The prototype of PCB were developed. Few mistakes has been discovered, while the device were constructed, but they were solved successfully.
System of controlled generators of rectangular pulses
Holeksa, David ; Mišurec, Jiří (referee) ; Hanák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design system of controlled generators of rectangular pulses, which are burdened with toroidal coils. The objective is realization of the equipment to be controlled by a microcontroller, which will bring rectangular pulses to each coil according to pre-specified parameters. The resultant generator is capable of generating current pulses having an amplitude of 0.1 to 1 A and a pulse time of 1-10 ms.
Velocity pickup
Konečný, Jan ; Pikula, Stanislav (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a proposal of a sensor for measuring relative oscillation of two interacting surfaces. The thesis describes two possible solutions with their advantages and disadvantages, and a patent research. The main part of this bachelor thesis concentrates on inductive position sensor – its attributes and practical proposal.

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