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Bydlení na minimálním prostoru
Snohová, Pavlína
The topic of bachelor thesis is the minimum living space. The thesis deals with issue of living on a small area with regard to the current demands for housing. It consists of theoretical and practical part. The introductory part of the thesis describes in general the concept of housing, history, housing requirements and describes equipment suitable for a small apartment. The practical part is focused on Freedomek, which offer one of variants of living on the minimum space and subsequently the own design of interior of the smallest size Freedomek.
The impact of Urbanization on the socioeconomic development of Ghana
Aikins, Michael Boako
At independence Ghana had about 70% of it populace leaving in the rural areas but now the country is over 50% urbanized. People are changing from agricultural occupation to business, trade, services and other professions in search for a quality life style. Major cities in Ghana such as Accra, Kumasi and now the oil city Takoradi are now facing urban management challenges since the cities are becoming more and more dirty and unkempt. Drawing on data from the Living Standard Survey Reports for Round 5-6 that spans from 2008 to 2014 for Ghana, this study examines the effects of urbanization on socio-economic development in Ghana. The study demonstrates some association of urbanization with developmental outcomes in education, health, employment and housing. It examines urbanization by using patterns of internal migration, noting that people move from relatively poor areas to richer ones in Ghana. While it is difficult to establish causality, the evidence suggests that while urbanization happens mostly by internal migration, such moves may allow poor people to access better opportunities in richer regions in Ghana. This study then looks more carefully at the association between internal migration and some socio-economic indicators of education, health, employment and housing at the state level and to some degree at the household level. A key finding of this research is the association of urbanization of educational attainment for female and a positive life expectancy in general. In addition, urbanization has not had entirely positive relationship on employment and housing in the big cities in Ghana.
Rekonstrukce bytu v panelovém domě pro mladý pár
Kubátová, Michaela
The thesis deals with the reconstruction of an apartment in a block of flats. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the historical development of prefabricated houses and analyzes the concept of flat including the determination of speci-fic housing needs. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the actual process of reconstruction and consists of an analysis of the current state of the apartment, the definition of building modifications, including new interior equipment and, last but not least, the design and creation of an atypical furniture element prototype. At the end of the thesis the reconstructed flat is compared against visualizations and evaluation of the work result is made.
Návrh studentského bydlení
Křížová, Lucie
This thesis deals with the current state of college dorms in Czech Republic and foreign countries. It defines the history of student accommodation and shows the modern accommodation possibilities. It specifies the trends in current accommodation, it specifies the requirements of the students, it evaluates the existing state and shows it's possible issues. It specifies the ergonomics and requirements for the living space. It deals with the problematics of housing and the complex solution for residential cell at Taufer's dorm in Brno. The final design is supported by 2D technical drawings and 3D visualisations.
Návrh riešenia mezonetových bytov
Domanická, Romana
The final thesis aims to create an interior of a maisonette apartment, which is located in the former steam power station, later calibration facility. The building is located in the center of Žilina and is currently used only as a gallery. The thesis is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with standards, history, design, psychology and colors. The practical part focuses on the building itself, its history and the current design. It also focuses on the design of the coffee table, its structure and materials. There are drawings included in the second part, that contains design process itself. The final draft is supported by 2D drawings and 3D visualizations.
Ľudová architektúra ako inšpirácia pri navrhovaní interiéru
Kočická, Barbora
The subject of this thesis is design of private interior, that follows traditional village house. First part of this thesis is mainly about history, content and formal signs, materials and furniture of traditional folk buildings within region. Also, it lists normative, legislative, functional and hygienic requirements of contemporary living space. This information is used for practical part, that consist of design of interior of family house in the region of Moravian Slovakia. This part does not consist only of sketches, visualisations and technical documentation, but also design of sideboard, that works as a furniture solitaire.
Inequality and housing poverty in Bolivia since Morales government
Morales, Ivan
This thesis analyzes the proposals of the Bolivian government in force from 2006 to the present to combat issues of poverty and inequality. Describing the programs elaborated by the MAS government, which consist of three economic bonds, the Juancito Pinto bond (education), the Juana Azurduy bond (health) and Renta Dignidad (senior citizens). As well as analyzing the government's response to the housing situation. Describing the government agency AEVIVIENDA, its programs, and finally making an analysis of the situation in terms of quantitative and qualitative housing in relation to these programs. Demonstrating if indeed poverty and inequality has been improved during the period of Evo Morales government.
Home 60+
Oravcová, Martina ; Gregor, Karol (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Home should be a place where I live, where I feel safe, where I have privacy, where I can always return and like to return. It is my refuge from which I go out into the world every day. At home, I will find comfort, warmth, love, respect, understanding ... Having a home has been one of the basic needs of every human being since the beginning of humanity. It is possible to lead a full life only if it is fulfilled not only but also of this need. The analytical part of the work deals with the possibilities, needs and requirements of people for housing from the age of 60 and their application in architecture. The design of a residential building not only for seniors in the facility is part of the practical part. Combining several generations and functions in one place supports the creation of interpersonal relationships and the integration of seniors into society. In the building, there is a facility for the elderly connected with daycare for seniors, a dining room and a pensioners' club in connection with general rental flats for young families. The project is proposed for the municipality of Važec, located in the district of Liptovský Mikuláš in Slovakia.

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