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Analýza druhů biopotravin ve specializovaných prodejnách "Zdravé výživy" v Olomouckém kraji
Illíková, Markéta
The bachelor thesis analyses the types of organic food available in specialised food chain Healthy Eating in the Olomouc region. The theoretical part discusses the concept of organic food and ecological farming. The analysis of the Czech organic food market is carried out. Including a comparison of the prices of organic and conventional foods. The practical part stuies the sales of organic food in specialised health food stores in the Olomouc region with the help of quantitative data gathered through two questionnaires. The aim of the first questionnaire, addressed to the owners / managers of specialised organic food stores is to find out what types of food are represented in the stores, what types of organic food are the most popular and what tactics they use to facilitate the sales of organic food. The aim of the second questionnaire, targeting the consumers of organic food is to determine the frequency of organic food purchases, the reasons driving the decision to buy organic food and the types of organic food which are most often purchased.
Zásady ekologického zemědělství
Toporská, Martina
This bachelor thesis deals with the principles of organic farming. Organic farming is part of farming which do not involve the use of chemical inputs that adversely affect the environment, livestock health and human health. This production system is characterized by specific legislation and its own control mechanisms. It is an ever-evolving sector that has strong specifications in the field of livestock breeding and plant growing. The product of organic farming is bioproduct that can be further processed into biofood.
Ekologické zemědělství na Prostějovsku a v Olomouckém kraji
Petrželová, Sofie
This diploma thesis deals with organic agriculture in Olomouc region, mainly region of Prostějov. It is focused on animal production. It also evaluates the number of organic farms, their size and management. Speaking about animal farms, the thesis concentrates mainly on their structure, production and sale of products. It underlines the differences between conventional and organic agriculture in Olomouc region and Prostějov region. In the end of the thesis there is a survey that mainly deals with organic agriculture and bioproducts. There was found, that most respondents know something about these concepts. Further more the survey deals with the frequency of purchase and prices of bioproducts. The prices do not suit to the respondents that's why they buy bioproducts only occasionally, the smaller amount of them once a month. The survey was focused on the inhabitants of Olomouc region.
Možnosti veřejného stravování v biokvalitě v regionu Brno-město
Mlčoušková, Olivie
The thesis is focused on the option catering in bioquality in the region Brno-city. In the first part of thesis are defined the basic concepts of organic farming, organic foods and their certification, market and consumption of organic food and other terms of organic farming. It is followed by information about the market and the consumption organic food. In the second part of thesis are identified options of catering in bioquality in the Czech republic, which are identified from publicly available portals. Another chapter is devoted to the rules and obligations in the catering in bioquality. The thesis is focused on the region Brno-city, it was chooses organic restaurant Rebio. At the conclusion of the thesis was done a questionnaire survey by the customers of organic restaurant Rebio, the survey is about knowledge of organic food, the consumption of organic food, and how often people going to the Rebio restaurant.
Ekologické zemědělství na Svitavsku a jeho význam v regionu
Kotoučková, Michaela
In this diploma thesis a summary of ecological agriculture in Svitavy Region is processed. The first part consists of literary research about description of organic agriculture, its goals, principles, history and legislation and development of this agriculture in the region. In the second part the collected data will be compared with data from other areas in Pardubice Region. Introduction of selected organic farms, producers and sellers of organic food in the region follows. In the final part two surveys are executed. The first questionnaire about knowledge of ecological agriculture and its products is focused on local residents. The second questionnaire is focused on ecological entrepreneurs. In conclusion measures which could lead to improvement of public awareness and to overall development of organic agriculture in Svitavy Region will be suggested.
Různé aspekty ekologického zemědělství na Horňácku
Balada, Josef
Aim of this thesis is to determine the main factors that influence the development of organic farming in the Czech Republic and the Horňácko in South Moravia. Thesis deals with the characteristics of organic farming, establishes the differences between conventional and organic farming in the Czech Republic and describes main models that crucially influence the development of contemporary organic farming. Thesis also focuses on the description of development of organic agriculture in Horňácko and identifies factors that significantly influence this development. Important part of the thesis is characteristic of company Ekofarma Balada s.r.o. and the future development for this organic farming farm depending on the options from the valid legislation and from grant programs.
Stravování v biokvalitě v regionu Brno-město - problematika dodávky surovin
Mlčoušková, Olivie
The diploma thesis deals with public bio-quality eating in the Brno-City region and with the issue of raw materials supply. In the first part of the thesis the organic agriculture is defined, in comparison with conventional and integrated agriculture. Also the definition of terms like organic products, organic food and other organic products, including their certification. The next part deals with the market, as well as with the consumption of organic food with an overview of organic food suppliers and the definition of public eating facilities. The last issue of this section is the purchasing behaviour that greatly affects this industry. The second part of the thesis is related to the restaurant Rebio, which is the only certified restaurant in this region. The survey is divided into three parts. In particular it is a supplier survey, than an interview with a chef about the supplier-customer environment of the restaurant, and at last but not at least, a questionnaire survey at the their customers, which related to restaurant turnout, organic farming and purchasing behavior.
Analýza stavu ekologického zemědělství a bioprodukce ve vybraném regionu Jihomoravského kraje - okres ZNOJMO
Soukupová, Tereza
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of organic agriculture and organic food production. The aim was to analysis of the current state of organic agriculture in the South-Moravian Region with a survey of the district of Znojmo. The literature review sets out the principles of organic agriculture and organic food production, current legislation and the system of registration and control. The thesis contains a description of the state of organic agriculture in the Czech Republic and the world. The practical part evaluates the current state of organic agriculture in the South-Moravian Region and in the Znojmo district, including the comparison of the state in the individual districts. The next part is focused on mapping the offer of organic products for direct consumption in the district of Znojmo. It includes a questionnaire survey on awareness of local supply of organic production and on organic farming in general.
Aktuální stav ekologického zemědělství a bioprodukce ve vybraném regionu Zlínského kraje - okres ZLÍN
Schichová, Petra
The thesis deals with the actual condition of organic farming and bioproduction in Zlín region and it analyzes the situation in more detail in the district of Zlín. The first part of the thesis characterizes the importance of organic farming and its principles are approached, followed by a brief description of organic food. After defining the concept of organic farming, the thesis focuses on history, current status and valid legislation. Zlín region is introduced and described here, its specifics and conditions for agricultural production. The next part analyzes the overall state of organic farming and bioproduction in Zlín region and it compares the situation in individual districts. Part of the work is mapping the local offer of organic food, including comparison of prices with common sales chains and questionnaire survey, which is aimed at comparing the status of organic farmers of various sizesin the Zlín region.
Analýza trhu a dostupnost biopotravin ve vybrané lokalitě Zlínského kraje
Münsterová, Adéla
The bachelor thesis on topic Market Analysis and Accessibility of Organic Foods in selected locality of the Zlín Region described the issue of organic food production and the market situation. The literature review describes the basic principles of organic farming. There is defined the concept of organic food, the issue of their production, certification, quality and market situation. Examples of comparative studies between bio food and conventional foods are also mentioned. The main aim of the work was to find the availability of organic food in the Zlín region and to map the offered assortment in the Zlín town locality.

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