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Firemní využití Cloud computingu
Kudláčková, Iveta
Iveta Kudláčková, Corporate utilization cloud computing. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. Bachelor thesis will deal with the Corparate utilization cloud computing. The aim of this work is to analyze the current market situation and propose appropriate solution for the company FIX s. r. o.
Možnosti zabezpečení proti sociálnímu inženýrství v oblasti elektronického bankovnictví
Kubričan, Ondrej
Bachelor thesis deals with social engineering methods in relation to electronic banking. It points to the security features and defense mechanisms of Internet banking and analyzes them in selected banks of the Czech Republic. After the analysis suggests increasing the security of online banking
Otevřená modulární řídicí jednotka pro spalovací motor
Andrejčík, Daniel
Goal of this thesis is creation of Cheap, open and modular engine control unit for internal combustion engine driven by gaseous fuels. For this purpouse was implemented fuel mixing based on fuzzy logic, and proposed platform is optimized for low cost usage.
Návrh interiéru čokoládovny
Mošaťová, Patrícia
Purpose of the Bachelor thesis was interior proposal of chocolate shop or chocolaterie. Chocolaterie is place for selling and consuming of cakes and lots of different chocolate products and organization of workshops. This area is connected with relax and culinary experience for customers. In the first part, the author focused on chocolate from beginning until today. Author approached also development of chocolaterie and patisserie. In the second part, author deals with general requirements of chocolaterie. The last part is dedicated to the proposal of chocolaterie and entire design.
Rozbor systému bezpečnosti práce v lesní těžbě a návrh opatření pro zvýšení její účinnosti v podmínkách LH ČR
Mánek, Jakub
The propose of this diploma thesis is to analyse the system of working safety in lumber industry, based on Czech and European legislation and other laws and regulations. It is also important to study the technical literature in comparison with the statistics made by state and trade union organisations. The diploma thesis is mainly focused on the working safety in logging. The conclusion is also based on the data gather by means of a questionnaire, which was fulfilled by a sample of workers in logging field, and their level of working safety is then compared to the one of Lesy České republiky, s. p., the forest enterprise of Židlochovice, Vojenské lesy a statky, s. p., a division of Plumlov and a private enterpriser. Besides, my own investigation into not obeying the regulation of working safety by a self-employer was done. By means of all the gathered data a suggestion was made to boost the effectiveness of working safety and health protection which could result in minimising of the number of work injuries and accidents.
Kvalita života v Havlíčkově Brodě
Štěpánková, Markéta
Main goal in this bachelor thesis is assessment of Quality of life of inhabitants in Havlíčkův Brod based on their satisfaction within various areas. The theoretical part includes knowledge from literature relevant to this topic and there are basic terms that goes with QOL as well. The practical part introduces Havlíčkův Brod and simultaneously examines its civic amenities as a main index of safisfaction of local residents. These inhabitans then became respondents to final survey. From results is evident that town has no problems with sports activites, healthcare, education or services. Vice versa problematic areas are safety, business environment including employment, and transport. The final part contains recommendations suggested for city council leading to increase safisfaction and improve the quality of life here.
Dopady vývoje bezpečnostní situace na turistický ruch v Izraeli
Kašubová, Alexandra
The impact of security situation in the region is the frequent factor which influences the development of tourism in the country. If a country experiences frequent conflicts and threats harming the security of the country, such phenomenon can cause a decrease in interest of tourists to visit the destination. Since its establishmentIsrael is a country facing a number of wars and unrests, which are caused by the incessant Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The goal of this thesis is to characterize the impacts of the security situation on tourism in Israel between the years 1967 - 2010.
From the world cup to the olympic games in Brazil: security and safety lessons learned
Bonk, Marián
In todays world, which is full of conflict, security is an phenomena which directly deals with issues such as conflicts, wars or simple public security on daily basis. It is then clear that in some cases the security itself will be perceived with even greater seriousness. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the security measures and frameworks implemented for two sport mega-events which both took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These two events are the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Another step is comparison of gathered results which means comparison of specific attitudes, approaches, frameworks and ways in which the security was ensure. The last step is an interpretation of results via Final comparison and Conclusion which is going to indicate, whether there were any similarities or changes in designed frameworks and what frameworks exactly were designed according to which parameters.
Změna bezpečnostní úrovně v povodí řeky Mekong
Fryčová, Klára
FRYČOVÁ, Klára. Security standard transformation in Mekong delta region. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2016 The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze threats and risks of hydropower projects in Mekong delta region and to propose changes in policies that would lead to security stabilization and preservation of regional development. In this thesis I will focus mainly on Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR with ephasis on social, ekonomic and environmental security.
Bezpečnost práce ve strojírenském podniku
Svobodová, Hana
Abstract The Bachelor s Project is Focused on WHS (Workplace Health and Safety). Health and Safety Abreviations are Defined Here Too. Theoretical Part is Split into Chapters Where are Mentioned Fundamental Importance of OHS Risk Management System (Employer s and Employee s Obligates) and Legislative Requirements. Touched Technical Factory are Introduced Hereafter. Practical Part Interests on Work Categorization Risk Specification at Workplace Using Simple Point Method (Impact and Probability) and on Economy Demandingness of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

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