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Analysis of the security situation in the European Union for the past 15 years
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the changes in security for the EU over the p?ast 15 years from the perspective of de facto deeds, various strata of the population, and experts. The thesis also considers the influence of other states on EU citizens and evaluation of changes in political argumentation. The method of text analysis was used to achieve this goal; looking at the literature of renowned experts, the analysis of European legislation, and the annual reports of EUROPOL. This thesis contributes to the body of knowledge that examines how the attacks of September 11, 2001, have changed the current state of security measures in the EU. The work provides a chronological view of the period under review. The work also views the time since 2001 as a struggle with the external enemy. Through this evaluation, it is revealed that the enemy is not just external but also internal, as seen in the British attack on London in 2005. After 2010, criminals have increased threats to information and technology. At this time the EU is beginning to face its democratic principles and despite simpler ways to repress crime, these are unacceptable because of the EU's strict human rights principles. The principles (human rights) are emphasized in every document; however, criminals do not respect these principles. The evaluation suggests that the terrorist attacks happening today are occuring more frequently on local citizens. The lone wolf, an Islamic state-motivated individual who uses a simple but effective means, such as car bombings, are happening more often. There is a migration crisis that is exploited by populist groups for their own benefit. The misinformation is used to influence EU public opinion. The EU is facing the simultaneous challenges of combating hybrid threats, threat of misinformation, and terrorism. The EU must convince its own citizens that it is not enemy #1; however, that is very difficult as every mistake is exaggerated and emphasized by the enemy.
Připravenost škol z pohledu objektové bezpečnosti
This bachelor's thesis, titled "Preparedness of schools from the perspective of object security", deals with a current security situation of primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic, focusing on the preparedness of schools, and the approaches they have taken, from the perspective of object security. Moreover, this analysis reflects past experiences with attacks and refers to historical precedents. Finally, it discusses the current security status of primary and secondary schools. The aim of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the current state of security at primary and secondary schools, considering past incidents described in the thesis. The theoretical part contains characteristic examples of appropriate security measures in schools - methods of securing schools, definitions of basic security terms, specific threats to schools and possibilities for dealing with them. Furthermore, the analysis of historical examples and specific school attacks by armed attackers are discussed. The practical part focuses on the actual security preparedness of schools and their pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff in terms of protection of pupils from potentials dangers. All information used in the thesis comes directly from primary and secondary school teachers by means of semi-structured interviews.
Cryptographic currency Bitcoin
ALEŠ, Petr
The bachelor thesis deals with cryptographic currency Bitcoin. It describes the origin, development and current state of the currency. It also outlines the basic principles on which the currency works from a technical standpoint and examines the main advantages and disadvantages of the system compared to the classical currencies. The practical part discusses the issue of security and anonymity in the system. The questionnaire identifies the current state of Bitcon awareness and what features are considered to be the greatest disadvantages from a user perspective. This is followed by an analysis of potential system security intrusions, along with an analysis of several actually performed successful attacks.
Reassembling Airport Security: An Actor-Network Theory Account of Security Production
Komasová, Sarah ; Bureš, Oldřich (advisor) ; Vittek, Peter (referee) ; Leese, Matthias (referee)
Airport security represents a crucial part of civil aviation worldwide. Due to its substantial impact upon millions of passengers daily, it is bound to provoke questions about proportionality and sufficiency. Drawing on the insights from Actor-network Theory (ANT) and a medium- term field research at Václav Havel Airport Prague, which entailed a mix of qualitative-oriented research methods from participant observation to interviews, this thesis examines the nature and production of airport security as a network of chains of translation. These chains turn or translate according to their own logics of veridiction of all incoming actants, both human and non-human, from an insecure status to a secure one. In their translation, they are guided by three respective logics of division, movement and visibility, which have already been identified in previous studies of airport security. Going beyond the existing state of the art, this thesis specifically inquires into the components of chains of translation, particularly the airport security technologies and their interactions with humans, and focuses on instances where either of these logics or the veridiction logics, intersect, thus disclosing their own nature and presence. Furthermore, this thesis identifies spatiality and identity as two complementary...
The framework of a journalist's profession in Mexiko - professionalism, ethics and safety
Bednářová, Aneta ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This thesis is focused on chosen attributes of a journalist profession in Mexico related to the topics of ethics, professionalism and security. This thesis considers various aspects that affect performance of this profession, such as current political and economic situation in the country or historical context. It also concentrates on a basic description of normative environment of Mexican media system. This thesis analyses regulations of Mexican journalism done by the state, also a degree of political parallelism, a situation of self-regulation of journalism and a status of journalists within the editorial office and the Mexican society. Furthermore, this study takes into account specific challenges of Mexico. Namely, problems of drug trafficking, high level of corruption and clientelism, which cause high crime not only among journalists but the whole society. These aspects are discussed in the presented study. Regarding the above- mentioned challenges in the country, the thesis also focuses on security and seeks reasons for limited security of Mexican journalists. The practical part presents views of Mexican journalists on the profession of journalism in Mexico. Since journalism is perceived as a mirror of society, this study also provides insights into Mexican society as such.
Securitization of education in contemporary Europe
Lehutová, Kristína ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hynek, Nikola (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the current state of policies proposed to address the issue of radicalization in Europe. More specifically, the thesis deals with the topic of the fight against radicalization through education. The paper highlights how security debate in Europe is changing the understanding of educational institutions and their role in anti-radicalization policies. In the past, states in Europe had to deal with various forms of violence caused by either separatist movements or other radical and extremist ideologies. Unfortunately, the problem of the occasional outbreak of violence has not been resolved yet in Europe. In relation to the theme of radicalization, the role of educational institutions is perceived as significant to counter the process. They are considered to be the main institutions able to support the social inclusion and critical thinking of students during the globalization and modernization of Internet technologies. For these reasons, educational institutions should be responsible for protecting European students and pupils and preventing them from being drawn to extremism. This work, however, points out that this understanding is not the only way promoted by governments to tackle radicalization through the sector of education. The role of educational...
Analysis of roundabout design parameters and their impact on accidents.
Novák, Jan ; Karpíšek,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Mahdalová,, Ivana (referee) ; Macur, Jiří (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation deals with the analysis of roundabout design elements and their impact on accidents. The analysis objective was to identify the important elements of roundabouts that have impact on accidents. In order to achieve this goal, the multifactorial statistical safety assessment method was used on the basis of a representative sample of data, by developing several safety performance functions, verifying them and interpreting the result. Several design elements, which from the point of view of the traffic accident mechanism belong to the infrastructure factor, have been identified: AADT, average diameter, entrance width, entry angle, direct passage angle, location and many others. The original sample contained about 1200 roundabouts, which were reduced to 200 based on data availability. Accident frequencies were monitored between 2009 and 2016, i.e. for eight years, resulting in total 2674 roundabouts accidents. The result is an accident prediction model, developer based on roundabout approach design elements, and map of critical roundabouts, identified based on empirical Bayes estimate of accident frequency. Following approach parameters were identified: AADT, entry angle, distance between collision points, deviation of angles between approaches, presence of apron, presence of bypass, entry type, presence of pedestrian crossing and surrounding area type.
Safety Risk Analysis in Selected Parts of Brno University of Technology
Petýrek, Robin ; Juříček,, Ludvík (referee) ; Adamec, Vladimír (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with security risk assessment at the VUT object on Purkyňova Street. The aim is to detect security vulnerabilities and to propose measures that could reduce security risks.
Analysis of the risks associated with using dietary supplements by patients in pre-operative period
Faltysová, Anna ; Pokladníková, Jitka (advisor) ; Marešová, Helena (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralové Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy Author Anna Faltysová Supervisor PharmDr. Jitka Pokladníková, Ph.D. Consultant PharmDr. Julie Zubrová Title of Diploma Thesis Analysis of the risks associated with using dietary supplements by patients in pre-operative period Objectives: The thesis deals with the problem of the dietary supplement use by patients in the time before surgery. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the prevalence of dietary suplement use by patients before surgery. Another aim is to point to potential danger which could endanger the patient while irrational using of the dietary supplement before the medical interventions (interactions of dietary supplement, side effects of dietary supplement). Methodology: The questionnaire research was conducted in order to obtain the data. It was counducted between 9th May 2017 till 30th June 2018 at 9 departments of the University Hospital in Hradec Králové. In total 332 patients in the time before surgery were asked and 257 completed questionnaires were analysed. Results: From the results of the study we can see the prevalence of the dietary supplement use by the patients in the time before surgery, which amounts to 42 %. It was stated that most of the patients does not inform their...
The Integrated Method Utilizing Graph Theory and Fuzzy Logic for Safety and Reliability Assessment
Janhuba, Luboš ; Vališ, David (referee) ; Třetina, Karel (referee) ; Hlinka, Jiří (advisor)
Dizertační práce se zabývá návrhem integrované metody hodnocení bezpečnosti a spolehlivosti palubních leteckých systém za použití teorie grafů a fuzzy logiky. Navržená integrovaná metoda je univerzálně použitelná v oblasti hodnocení bezpečnosti a spolehlivosti, nicméně je primárně navržená pro použití v oblasti General Aviation a civilních bezpilotních prostředků. Současná podoba hodnocení spolehlivosti je téměř výhradně závislá na úsudku analytika. Použití komerčních softwarových nástrojů pro hodnocení spolehlivosti je extrémně nákladné, přičemž možnost přístupu a úpravy použitých algoritmů je minimální. Současný prudký vývoj palubních letecký systému je spojen s jejich zvyšující se komplexností a sofistikovaností. Integrovaná metoda používá teorii grafů, jako nástroj modelování funkčních závislostí mez jednotily prvky systému. Použití teorie grafu současně umožňuje daný systém analyzovat, hodnotit hustotu vzájemné funkční vazebnosti, identifikovat důsledky případných poruchových stavů. Aplikace fuzzy logiky umožňuje manipulovat s expertní znalostí a stanovit kritičnost daného prvku a systému. Kritičnost prvku zohledňuje pravděpodobnost jeho selhání, možnost detekce dané poruchy, závažnost těchto selhání vzhledem k vlivu na alokované funkce.

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