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Assessing the Occupational Safety and Health Risk in the Power Industry
Arbeit, Lukáš ; Nesvadba, Lukáš (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The master thesis deals with security in the energy sector. As it is historically clear that the vast majority of accidents, incidents, injuries and other negative occasions were caused by the human factor. Therefore, the first goal of this work was to find a solution for the purpose of reducing the possibility of arising these problems. Therefore, attention was focused on the investigation and subsequent determination of a working safe climate within the researched company, which aims to prevent the emergence of serious situations, as this method is based on behavioural theories that take into account the study of human factors. The second partial goal of this diploma thesis was to determine the degree of security required for the production area of the company so that the basic safety requirements are met, and last but not least, the model situation of securing the production power unit is shown too.
Installation of reinforced concrete skeleton of hockey hall
Stupka, Matouš ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the solution of implementation of the assembly stage of the reinforced concrete skeleton of the hockey hall in Kuřim. This thesis contains a technical report focusing on the skeleton assembly, the situation of the construction with broader transport relations, bill of quantities, technological regulation for skeleton assembly, construction organization solution, time schedule, machine assembly design, control and test plan, safety and health protection on construction site plan and transport of excessive and oversized loads solution. The annexes contain drawings of the passages through critical points on the route, a drawing of the construction site facilities, item budget, prefabricated supply scheme, drawings of component assembly diagrams and a graph of workers needs.
Implementation of Superstructure of Forest's Administration Building in Hlubočky
Barák, Libor ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of bachelor's thesis Implementation of Superstructure of Forest's Administration Building in Hlubočky is the solution of selected parts of a construction technology project for the rough superstructure of Forest's Administration Building Hlubočky area in Mrsklesy village. This thesis deals with the engineering report for the construction technology project, block plan with transport route and transport routes, the itemized budget of the selected technology processes, technological regulation for horizontal structurals, the organization of development for the technological phase including the concept of drawing the site facilities, schedule for technological phase, balance of resources and technological analysis, concept of mechanical assembly, control plan and test plan for horizontal structurals and Occupational safety and health for this technological phase. In this bachelor's thesis, there are also estimated development costs for the whole Forest's Administration Building. In the construction calculation technological-economic indicators were used for the estimates.
Evaluation of Care for Employees in the Company
Vladyková, Veronika ; Šmehlíková, Radka (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
This master thesis is focused on the analysis of care for employees in the company. It provides information about the theory of security of work and work environment and it compares the theoretical knowledge with real conditions in the company. In the conclusion, it offers instructions of improving the current precautions in terms of work environment and safety and health protection at work.
Construction-Technological Preparation of Warehouse and Administrative Building in Černá za Bory
Štěpánek, Michal ; Hejl, Martin (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the construction and technological solution of the warehouse and administrative building in Černá za Bory. The diploma thesis contains technological procedures for assembly of reinforced concrete skeleton and realization of industrial floor. This work solves problems that could arise during the assembly of the skeleton and realization of industrial floor. The thesis contains a construction technology project, a study of the implementation of the main technological stages, the situation of the construction with broader relations of transport routes, the project of construction site equipment and the main design of machines and mechanisms. Furthermore, I created a variant solution of skeleton assembly including financial and time evaluation. Since the project documentation that was provided to me did not include any details for the skeleton placement, I decided to develop design details for the skeleton placement. Subsequently, I developed a plan for occupational safety and health. As a part of this work I made a comparison of industrial floors, both in terms of performance and economic. In order to find out the time demands, I prepared an exact timetable for the implementation of the main building. In order to ensure high safety and quality, I prepared a control and testing plan for the assembly of the skeleton and for the implementation of industrial flooring.
Construction-technological project of Ayurvedic pavilion in Počátky
Lisý, Ondřej ; Selník, Petr (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with realization of an Ayurvedic pavilion in the premises of Saint Katerina Resort. The proposed new compound is designed to extend the leisure services of the Saint Katerina Resort in Počátky. The feasibility study of the main technological stages of the project is solved in this diploma thesis. The construction of the object is described in the technical report. Both a detailed itemized budget of the construction and a detailed timetable to show the duration of each process is elaborated for the construction technology project. Futhermore, the design of site construction equipment, design of machine assembly, time deployment of machines and staff balance is elaborated. The project includes a technological regulation of the realization of the skeleton supporting frame structure and both control and test schedule. The work safety for the assembly of the wooden building supporting frame is composed.
Selected Parts of the Construction Technology Project of the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital Brno
Drozd, Michal ; Pražáková, Jana (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis are selected parts of the construction technology project of the psychiatric clinic of the University Hospital Brno based on the provided project documentation. It is an extension of a new six-storey building to the existing buildings. The thesis contains a technical report to the construction technology project, the coordination situation of the construction, the situation of wider transport routes, time and financial plan by objects, study of the realization of the main technological stages, a site equipment design, a design of a machine set, technological regulation for monolithic structures, quality control and testing plan of monolithic structures, noise study and selected documents for LEED certification.
Construction project for Implementation of Administrative Building of TREFAL, spol. s r.o.
Bočková, Andrea ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the development project of the firm TREFAL, Spol. s.r.o. The object SOO2 - Administrative building - that is a constituent of the area of TREFAL, Spol. s.r.o. is discussed topic of this thesis. The main focus is the construction development of the monolithic supporting construction objects. The thesis further depicts and investigates accompanying and overall technical report, an implementation study of the main technological stages, situational designs, a solution of the broader traffic relations including a proposal for the supplementation of the construction development, BOZP plan, budget and timeline, a proposal for the new local communication and following textual and design documentation according to the thesis assignments.
Annual Report VÚBP 2017
Malý, Stanislav ; Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce
Annual report on activities, projects and management of Occupational Safety Research Institute (VÚBP) in year 2018.
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Annual Report VÚBP 2016
Malý, Stanislav ; Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce
Annual report on activities, projects and management of Occupational Safety Research Institute (VÚBP) in year 2017.
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