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The Internet and copyright - modes of the use and scope of protection of the work (traditional usage, peer to peer networks, email ...)
Parezová, Andrea ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
This thesis is intended as a brief introduction to the issue of the specific aspects of use and protection of copyright works at the specific enviroment of the internet. The Internet is a growing phenomenon of modern age which significantly affects social interaction including use of copyright works. Due to this enormous development the using of copyright works is much easier and faster which changed the established business models. However, the Internet is also widely used for copyright infringement. The thesis consist of seven chapters. The first chapter is focused on defining the terms Internet and copyright law. The Internet is defined both from a technical and legal point of view and there is also a brief summary of the history of the Internet. Copyright law is also defined and further national, european and international law sources are assessed. The applicable law and subject-matter jurisdiction is briefly discussed too. The second chapter analyses the definition of a copyright work and its author in addition deals with copyright law exceptions and public domains. In the chapter three the author introduces the specific modes of use of the copyright works in the Internet environment and the various judgements of national courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Contractual and...
Big Data Legal Aspects
Čapek, Martin ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
1 RP - Big Data Legal Aspects, Martin Čapek, 2019 Abstract Herein presented paper focuses primarily on a complicated relationship between law and data as such, putting greater emphasis on individual legal aspects of use of the big volume data, so called "big data", and their key role for modern digital economy. The paper itself is divided into three main chapters. First chapter presents more general description of the big data phenomenon and at the same time it describes various possibilities of their use. In the second chapter, the big data as well as the data as such and their use are viewed through the lens of relevant areas of law. The final chapter uncovers a set of selected challenges to which, in general, the use of data faces in the digital world while attempting to outline their theoretical solutions. Within the scope of the first chapter the primary objective was to bring the big data phenomenon closer to the wider legal community without having been unnecessarily burdened with technical details. The description of the big data thus focused not only on their typical features, but also on their processing and general use in society, including the relevant specifics of use in individual sectors. At the outset the second chapter as a key chapter of this paper focuses on data and information in the...
Protection of computer games and video games
Kozlovský, Michal ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
61 11. Abstract in english Protection of computer games and videogames This diploma thesis pursues to asses on legal protection of computer games and videogames, foremost the protection via copyright law due to it being the most significant legal legal branch in protection of computer games and videogames. The thesis aims to explore the options for qualification of videogames in the system of copyright law and the consequences of such classification. The main goal of this thesis is to asses whether the czech legal systems offers alternatives to protection of videogames other than protection as computer programs while highlighting one alternative-protection as audiovisual works. This approach is inspired mainly by foreign literature and it aims to discuss the opinions therein in the context of czech legal system. First three chapters of this thesis serve as introductory chapters and are used to explain the content of this thesis and the motivation of the author for choosing such topic. Furthemore they are used to explain the phenomenon of videogames and provide a brief excursion to the history of protection of videogames. Chapter four and five are the vital part of this thesis and aim to provide explanation of copyright law terms connected to videogames and in the fifth chaper those terms are used to provide...
Internet and copyright
Horn, David ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
1 Internet and Copyright Abstract This master's thesis discusses the role and effect of copyright in the ever-changing Internet environment which (due to its specifics) requires special legislature providing for exploitation of creative works. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze relevant legal aspects of important ways of use of author's works in cyberspace, identify the problematic areas in currently effective legal framework and evaluate the possible outcomes of recently adopted EU copyright reform on a digital single market. The thesis is divided into five chapters where the first two serve as a general introduction to the topic while the following three are rather analytically descriptive or almost exclusively analytic. The first chapter focuses on Internet's technical background and thus forms the necessary basis for subsequent reading. Its content is not limited to terminology but also encompasses the description of Internet's main technical features which largely affect the boundaries for digital copyright. Finally, legitimacy of regulation in cyberspace is discussed and eventually approved. The second chapter provides a general insight into the key aspects, principles and sources of copyright law which is vital for understanding the topics discussed in the following chapters. At the end, main...
Agreements and contracts within copyright law
Veselý, David ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
Contractual copyright law A theme of the diploma thesis is the contractual copyright law. The main purpose of this thesis is to provide an overview of the contractual copyright law, mainly focused on the copyright license agreement. The thesis consists of seven chapters. The first chapter describes sources of the contractual copyright law. It consists of four parts which introduce elemental international sources, European Union law, constitutional regulations and primary and secondary legislation. The second chapter explains basic terms of the copyright law, which are necessary for better comprehension of the contractual copyright law. The third and the fourth chapter are crucial parts of the thesis. The third chapter generally explains licenses and its division to contractual, legal and compulsory licenses. This part is also an introduction for the fourth chapter which is a core of the thesis and deals with the copyright license agreement. In the fourth chapter, license agreement is described from its conclusion to termination (e.g. withdrawal of the agreement or unilateral termination of the agreement). Besides conclusion and termination, this chapter describes parts, purpose, subject and content of the contract. The fourth chapter also analyses obligatory and facultative terms of the license...
Opportunities and challenges: the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China
Xing, Zhao
Purpose: This study aims to explore and articulate the copyright problems of document supply resulting from changes in the digital age in China, introducing current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” in library services and exploring the challenges and opportunities of copyright protection for document supply in China. Design: From statistical analysis of the changes to document delivery services in the digital age based on the professional experiences of National Library of China (NLC), copyright problems are presented. Current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” are introduced. The measures NLC has taken to protect copyright in document supply are summarized. Findings: With increasing digital document delivery, the potential risks of copyright infringement in document supply have become more and more serious; we must take proper steps to protect copyright, especially in the digital age in China. Value: This is the first article in English to describe the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China. It also presents the problems based on the professional experiences of NLC and recommends solutions for the digital age today.
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Digital possibilities in international interlibrary lending: with or despite German copyright law
Clasen, Nicole
The German interlibrary loan service is a good and solid basic solution for the supply of literature between libraries within Germany and some other countries. It has proven itself both nationally and internationally. But in what form will it be needed in the future? Which digital possibilities does it offer our users regarding delivery or electronic media? Copyright law in Germany promises to have the right answers to the demands of modern digital working and studying. But does the copyright law also make this possible for German interlibrary lending? German libraries have the advantage that only a few countries worldwide have a copyright that contains a special section for interlibrary lending, and Germany is one of them. However, this positive effect does not make it easier for foreign libraries.
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Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland (CSLS): sharing of content and resources – providing quick and modern services
Tschirren, Daniel ; Grossgarten, Astrid
In the Speicherbibliothek/CSLS libraries of ZHB Luzern, UB Basel, ZB Zuerich, UZH Zuerich and St. Gallen University Library store parts of their holdings. Storage room is tight and expensive in the cities and holdings are growing faster than sorting out of duplicates is being made. A centralized storage unit in a rural area with good traffic connection seemed a logical solution. In 2016 the Speicherbibliothek came into gear. It is build and equipped like a modern high density fully automated storage unit. With regard to monographs and anthologies the stored items belong still to the giving library and still appear in their catalogue system. These items are the so called individual stock of the partners and can be borrowed. With regard to journals things are different. Most of them are now part of the so called collective stock. The goal is a complete series of a stocked journal title. In case of a user request to copies out of a journal the pages will be copied and sent via a workflow system either to the reader or a library. The journal volume itself will not leave the storage unit anymore. The partners of Speicherbibliothek use the same workflow system (MyBib eDoc®) to manage and monitor their lending processes. In the background this system routes the incoming lending or copy requests from the library patrons to CSLS and manages the automated delivery of scanned pages. In addition to the above described outlines the presentation will include following aspects: Restrictions of copyright, Conservational issues, Deduplication (virtual and physical), Visibility of stored items in the catalogue and for the user/impact on requests, Financial aspects vs. librarian wishes
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Copyrighted work and advertising
Vojtovič, Jakub ; Císařová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
The Aim of this thesis is to link the theoretical aspects of copyright with its practical use. Specifically it is an analysis of relationship between copyright and advertising. In the thesis I am trying to find an answer for two main questions. First, if it is possible to grant a copyright protection to an advertisement and if so, then it is my goal to discover its usefulness. Second, the other answer should be based on analysis of preexisting copyrighted works used in advertisement. The thesis is divided into 8 chapters which consist of other sub- chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to copyright, its legal framework and analysis of historical and social background of its development. The second chapter is focused on advertising. Since the definition of advertising offered by the Czech laws is insufficient for the purpose of this thesis I decided to offer a marketing point-of-view to clarify the subject. The third chapter offers an analysis of current legislation of copyrighted work in the Czech Republic. The fourth chapter represents the first encounter of the two ostensibly unrelated topics: advertising and copyright. This chapter also presents a copyrighted work as a new notion while focusing on its creation and purpose. Here, we can also find a small turnoff to a copyright legislation of...
Relations between media organizations and digital intermediaries
Bešťák, Václav ; Soukeník, Štěpán (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the relations between digital intermediaries and media organizations on the Czech market. Its goal is to describe a new, ever-evolving environment, which has been affected by the swift rise of digital platforms and by the change in business models of publishers. The thesis puts this phenomenon in the context of media studies and critical political economy and defines the terms "digital platforms" and "digital intermediaries". It also looks more closely at the current challenges related with the content consumption in the digital environment - which includes a discussion of copyright, changes in user behavior and content monetization. The research part is based on individual in-depth interviews with members of digital intermediaries, media organizations and third parties. The analysis takes place in a general, ethical/normative point of view and aims for understanding how the parties interact and work together, how they perceive this environment, how they see its changes and future development.

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