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Shareable Authority Reference Model
Wang, Jing
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Kipor, Michael ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims on the indiscipline on elementary school. In the theoretical part are the common indiscipline acts in school surroundings described and also the possibilites how to prevent indiscipline or eventual options hoe to deals with it. The purpose of the empirical part is to find out how the teachers deal with indiscipline of student of upper elementary school and what affects the students to not keep discipline during the classes. The research is made with the observation method of students and interviews with the teachers at an elementary school in Prague. In the conclusion the issues of indiscipline, different views on the techer's solutions of indiscipline and other important factors, which students take as positive or negative in teacher's beviour are summarized. To maintain maximum efficiency of the work, it depends on attitude of both sides - teachers and students. Keywords: discipline, indiscipline, teacher, student's behaviour, authority, upbringing Title: HOW TEACHERS KEEP DISCIPLINE AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Author: Michael Kipor Supervisor: prof. PaedDr. Stanislav Bendl, PhD. Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze
The Issue of Discipline with Focus on Primary Schools.
Fast, David ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
THE ABSTRACT This diploma thesis is taking a theoretical insight into a discipline based on philosophical, psychological, sociological and pedagogical point of view. A legal point of view is included as far as the school behavior code goes. The author is researching inner and outer factors which are having an impact on the discipline. Many aspects are taking a role in this including teacher's authority or the environmental condition of the whole class. The thesis is then searching an answers for such a questions as 'what would the most common discipline problem be" that we would be able to come into a contact with at our elementary schools. This mainly focuses on smaller elementary school children. Thesis describes many individual approaches and techniques frequently used to deal with specific discipline problematics or that could potentially be used to prevent faulty behavior. The author separates different approaches regarding small scale schools with just a few students in classes. This is supported by author's own experience gained in such a school. The thesis also gives an account of how the school cooperates with a family. The whole separate chapter belongs to acting classes and how it helps with learning when used properly. There has been a long-term observation on how the children are behaving...
Preparation of beginning teachers of primary schools is solving educations problems of students
This diploma thesis is focused on solution of educational problem of students. Its character is theoretically-empirical. The first part is theoretical and is focused on explaining technical terms of this thesis topic. Furthermore it summarizes theoretical knowledge from area of teachers, especially junior, in addition education of schoolmasters and law regulation, regarding to their work. The last part of theoretical part is dedicated to authority, its establishing, education and practices in case of unappropriate student behaviour. Furthermore to discipline, its causes and to most common discipline problems in elementary schools. In the empirical part is described procedure of qualitative research investigation of this diploma thesis. There are also listed research questions as well as description of data collection and its analysis. Methodological part is followed by research investigation and answer to question, if junior teacher are ready to deal with educational problem of their students.
Teacher and authority
VOJTOVÁ, Veronika
The master's theses focuses primarily on creating and a form of teacher's authority. It presents individual types, tries to describe what influences the authority and how easy it is to lose the authority. The master's theses also deals with teacher as a holder of authority and also deals with the issues of autority as a co-creator of discipline in the class. The goal of the practical part is to analyse the issues of authority and discipline in a class in high school. The research has two phases. The first one is a record of observation of 10 lessons taught by beggining teacher in a class that was marked as undisciplined by other teachers. The research is in the next phase completed by questionnaire survey "Evaluation of teacher by the student" (according to Holeček, 2014: p. 203, 204). Thee result of the research says that the the teacher is perceived by the students as a positive authority which makes students interested in his subject and the teacher is also perceived as a responsive person.
The program To Respect And To Be Respected in a critical reflection
Kočová, Lenka ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
In the theoretical part of the thesis there are presented different models of education with the focus on the position of a child as subject / object of education (authoritative education, democratic, liberal) and the importance of authority in education. In the next part of the text there are the concepts, arguments and individual educational strategies of the program Respect and be respected explained in detaile. The research part of the thesis is focused on mapping the experience of parents and teachers (N = 10) who have passed a training course. The key research question is: How can graduates use R + R recommendations in every day practice (family or school), and how can they prove real educational effects? The research tool will be an interview. KEYWORDS: Education, authority, educational styles, means of education

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