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Photography and its authenticity in the context of the debate about disseminating disinformation in the online environment
Cengrová, Michaela ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The submitted thesis focuses on the photograph and its role in the process of disseminating disinformation in the online environment. The thesis deals with the opinion that, despite the fundamental changes in the understanding of photography and its credibility, which together with the transition from its analogue form to digital one, photography retains the status of an authentic medium. For this reason photography is becoming a very powerful tool for spreading misinformation. The thesis deals with the theoretical basis of objectivity of photography, its documentary value and expectation of authenticity. The role of the context, which is crucial for understanding the photographic message, will be emphasized. The thesis also defines the basic concepts related to the phenomenon of disinformation. The strategies used to spread disinformation via photography is also presented. In the practical part of the thesis particular disinformative photographic messages is analyzed. Ways to verify the authenticity of particular photographic images are presented. Keywords: photography, authenticity, disinformation, hoax, fake news, online environment, manipulation
Czech Hip Hop Subculture: Construction of Authenticity in Czech Rap Music
Oravcová, Anna ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Heřmanský, Martin (referee) ; Vašát, Petr (referee)
Bibliografický záznam ORAVCOVÁ, Anna. Česká hiphopová subkultura: konstrukce autenticity v českém rapu. Praha, 2019. 171 s. Dizertační práce (Ph.D.) Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut sociologických studií. Katedra sociologie. Školitelka: PhDr. Marta Kolářová, Ph.D. Abstract The dissertation focuses on the construction of authenticity in Czech rap music. It seeks to explore attributes based on which one can define a certain rap expression as the "real" one. The theoretical part includes the definition of the term subculture, main attributes of hip hop (sub)culture, and the definition of authenticity, the key concept of the dissertation. In dialogue with the findings of the hip hop studies of Western countries, this dissertation looks at the authenticity claims expressed in Czech rap music and the context and situations in which the question of authenticity of Czech rappers becomes important. The empirical part of the dissertation is based on the perspective of the insider research using a combination of qualitative methods: (1) semi structured interviews with twenty rappers (one of them female); (2) qualitative content analysis of selected rap lyrics; and (3) participant observation at different hip hop events. The research took place between 2010 and 2016. The research shows that Czech...
Determination of honey authenticity and adulteration by anion exchange chromatography
Ždiniaková, Tereza ; Diviš, Pavel (referee) ; Vespalcová, Milena (advisor)
Cieľom tejto diplomovej práce je stanoviť kvalitu a zloženie medu, taktiež stanoviť jeho botanický pôvod na základe profilu sacharidov v mede. Med je prírodný produkt vysokej kvality a vďaka značnej spotrebe a nemalej trhovej hodnote je tiež terčom na falšovanie. S cieľom identifikovať podvody a cudzorodé látky, pochádzajúce z cukrových sirupov, boli analyzované oligosacharidy a polysacharidy na báze maltodextrínov. Teoretická časť popisuje chemické zloženie medu a hlavné princípy aplikovanej inštrumentálnej techniky. Poskytuje literárny prehľad existujúcich analytických metód na stanovenie sacharidov prítomných v mede a na odhalenie jeho falšovania. Boli definované hlavné body falšovania a autenticity, vrátane legislatívnych aspektov a opisu bežných druhov falšovania. Experimentálna časť obsahuje postupy, ktoré vedú k vývoju a optimalizácii chromatografických podmienok a parametrov elektrochemického detektora na stanovenie sacharidov a maltodextrínov (oligosacharidov a polysacharidov) vo vzorkách medu. Použitá analytická technika bola vysoko účinná aniónovo-výmenná chromatografia (HPAEC) spojená s pulzným amperometrickým detektorom (PAD). Vyvinutá a optimalizovaná chromatografická metóda bola taktiež validovaná z hľadiska linearity, dynamického rozsahu, analytických limitov, presnosti a správnosti. Na záver bola táto vypracovaná metóda úspešne zhodnotená analýzou autentických a falšovaných vzoriek medu rôzneho botanického pôvodu pochádzajúcich z členských štátov EÚ.
Cartesian's Body
Rychta, Michal ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to make a resume for a view of body and corporality in relationship with the existence and cognition aspect to res cogitans and res extensa. The issue provides analysis of Cartesian's world extension and its reach over to present time through symbols, medicines and religion. Simultaneously the essence of authentic life in the truth as the most important essence and sense of life's existence is given as well. Keywords: Body, corporality, body scheme, truth, authenticity
Culture policy of Prague 7: how to create a modern neighbourhood
Srstková, Olga ; Zandlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Špaček, Ondřej (referee)
The submitted thesis analyses cultural politics of Prague 7 municipal district, based on a pilot strategical project of culture planning Art District 7 starting in 2016. The study conducts Charles Landry's concept of Creative Cities and its application in the Czech cities; critically evolve Richard Florida's theory about Creative Classes; and understanding of authenticity by Sharon Zukin. The research methodology uncovers, by comparative analysis, implementation of the project Art District 7 in reality and differences of cultural practices of municipality and the actors themselves. Each chapter of the analytical part is a category of critical viewpoint to cultural politics at Prague 7 district. Transformation of cultural actor's politics (a theater, a hall, a cafe) within 2 years long research at Dolní Holešovice is clearly characterized in individual parts named Community, Space and ART. The chapter Community follows gradual change of cultural actor's relationships towards local inhabitants of the Dolní Holešovice district and presents actor's understanding of themselves as a distinct community. Second chapter emphasizes spacial changes on the interior level of the objects as well as the outer ones on the level of street and parter. Third chapter ART presents different understanding of art and...
Recruits, bring water! Hierarchy within a group of historical fencing
Voděra, Jan ; Heřmanský, Martin (advisor) ; Halbich, Marek (referee)
Historical fencing represents an interesting leisure time activity that thousands of people in the Czech Republic devote, most of them joining historical fencing groups. There is a relatively strong hierarchy within a number of groups. The main goal of the thesis is to reveal mechanisms, by which the hierachies in the particular group are generated, maintained, how these hierarchies affect the behaviour of individuals and how an individual can move up and down in the group's hierarchy. The secondary goal of the thesis is to focus on the role of gender in relation to group hierarchies and how is gender done in a group. To get the data qualitative research methods of participant observation and semi-structured interviews are used. The thesis is supplemented by a photo documentation. Theoretical framework used in the research is mainly Bourdieu's capitals and the subculture capital. In addition the concept of authenticity became important during the research. Based on the data the most important capitals are objecitified and embodied subcultural capital, physical capital and social capital. For subcultural studies is very typical the engagement in the subculture, in this case subcultural engagement proved to be important mainly for the non-fighting members of the group. Within the group gender has not...
Where are the Boundaries of Normality? The Search for Autistic Subjectivity
Polčová, Lenka ; Stöckelová, Tereza (advisor) ; Szénássy, Edit (referee)
Despite of the growing body of multidisciplinary literature dealing with autism, encounters with a reality on the spectrum remains an under researched area. During my two years long fieldwork I discovered the controversial nature of being on the spectrum. To be on the spectrum is at the same time similar and different from the kind of situations in which any human being is entangled. This diploma thesis follows the process of formation of being on the spectrum situated in specific "playful" environment. It focuses on heterogeneous interactions among human and nonhuman agents. It follows multiple (a)symmetries that emerge in this process. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the reality on the spectrum in an innovative and processually situated way and making it a leverage of exploring the nature of the social. The ethnographic research took place in four "playrooms" and mapped the material practices of the alternative therapy Son-Rise. Through mirroring, the main therapeutic practice, boundaries of similarity/otherness where the other is emerging as an autist subject are continuously negotiated, generated and blurred. Becoming similar comprises of multiple practices, including assuming other (autistic) sensitivity and inventing similar (body) competencies. In addition, the diploma thesis discusses...
Podcasting as a New Media Phenomenon and its Current State in the Czech Republic
Svobodová, Markéta ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This MA thesis is devoted to podcasting, one of the phenomena of new media. It describes its origins and development; in greater detail it deals with the present state and characteristic features of podcasts from the viewpoint of their contents, forms, user practice, ways of financing, and also technological perspectives. Attention is focused on elements which interconnect podcasting with radio and radio programmes and also on their differences. The phenomenon is presented in the context of chosen concepts related to web 2.0. Several chapters focussed generally on the development and present state of podcasting are devoted to the situation in the Czech Republic. The research part then provides insight into the present situation from the point of view of independent podcast creators, with whom half-structured interviews were carried out. On the basis of a qualitative analysis of these interviews, several types of attitudes to podcasting and a number of factors related to production of podcasts were identified - primarily motivations to create them as well as some discouraging aspects. Further results of the analysis concern motivation of the authors to listen to podcasts of other creators, their view of the present state of affairs in the sphere of podcasting in the Czech Republic, and their...

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