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Process optimalization and 5S implementation in the manufacturing company PressMetal-CZ, Ltd
Tvrdý, Vojtěch ; Neužil, Karel (referee) ; Strejček, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor's project deals with optimisation of industrial process using 5S method in a business unit, which was recently acquired by PressMetal-CZ, s.r.o. The first part of the project is focused on theoretical findings and description of each step of the method. The second part is concerned with the process of implementation of 5S method in the business unit. It consists of description and practical solution to the problem, calculation of costs and savings resulting from introduction of 5S method. Conclusion summarises achieved goals and contributions of this project.
Comparison of Audit Procedures in the Czech Republic and Latvia
Prihodjko, Anna ; Březinová,, Hana (referee) ; Křížová, Zuzana (advisor)
The dissertation thesis deals with describing and comparison of methods of audit of a chosen company’s financial reports in Latvian and Czech Republic, evaluation of legal regulation’s harmonization level, it’s application difficulty according to the enterprise, level of accountancy regulation in chosen European countries and describing application in practice
Audit of Financial Statements of the Selected Company with Focus on Long-term Assets
Kučerová, Martina ; Nezval, Pavel (referee) ; Křížová, Zuzana (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to prepare the audit of the financial statements of DELTA, a. s., focusing in particular on long-term assets. The selected company deals with the processing and sale of wood, and the supply of foundries and steelworks with ferro-alloys and metals. The default information for the procedure and making audit of the financial statements is the theoretical and analytical part of the thesis, which is then based in the practical part, where are applied selected audit procedures in field of long-term assets and suggested specific recommendations for the company.
Audit risk in planning and testing revenue in the terms of Czech accounting standards
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the substantive tests focused on revenue of selected companies and to evaluate identified risk areas. This thesis is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part contains the definition, aim, function and types of audit. Then the auditing legislation is defined and the profession of auditor is presented. At the end of the first part, the phases and activities that are performed during the audit of the financial statements are described. The first part is completed by a short chapter dedicated to the forensic audit. The second part is devoted to practical application. Firstly, the selected companies are shortly presented and consequently a materiality level is set for each of them. Then, the level of the internal control system is assessed and the audit risk determined. After that, external and internal risk areas, that may affect reported revenue, are identified. Finally, the impact of identified risk areas on the audit risk and the possible adjustment of the materiality levels are assessed.
Statistical Sampling Techniques in Carrying Out Financial Audits, and Computer Support Processing
Šimák, Roman ; Michálek, David (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis describes statistical sampling techniques in carrying out financial audits. The first part is dealing with theoretical description of an auditor’s work, which on the basis on statistical sampling method is making a financial audit. The second part is dealing with the description of a computer program in which is auditor making a financial audit. There in the second part are also being described the current program options along with the statistical methods used in program. The end of thesis contains comparison with competition and economic evaluation.
Audit of financial statements and the comparison with due diligence services
Dvořáková, Sabina ; Roubíčková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe a process of audit and due diligence of an accounting entity. The work is devided into two parts, the first part is theoretical and the second one is practical. The theoretical part is focused on description of audit including audits procedures. This part is followed by determination of due diligence, which continues with differences and comparison of both these processes. Within practical part audit of financial statements and process of due diligence are performed in different accounting entities.
Quality control in the auditing profession
Hubáčková, Jana ; Müllerová, Libuše (advisor) ; Soldát, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the current topic quality control in the auditing profession. The quality of audit services is under the international harmonization as well as the financial reporting to achieve the results of audit procedures to be internatinally comparable. The thesis is very closely focused on the form and performace of quality control of Czech audit entities done by the independent authority The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic, respectively by the control entiy named Supervisory Committee. The aim of the thesis is to verify the hypothesis related to year-on-year increase in audit procedures and the audit file quality with the assumption that the increase of quality is enhanced by the quality control from the side of internal or external quality controller. The hypothesis is at the end of the thesis verified as a reset of the practical part of the thesis in which is analyzed and assessed quality of specific audit file. The audit file was chosen intentionally for the purpose of the aim of thesis, to compare the quality of audit file before and after the internal quality control. The result of this comparison is that the quality of audit procesuders and audit file is strongly positively dependent on the quality control and performace of quality control is effective.
Information system audit in a wholesale company
Smetana, Jan ; Basl, Josef (advisor) ; Vyšohlídová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with information system audit in a company. The main goal is to compile the final report of information system audit in the small company which is engaged in wholesale distribution of goods. The necessary elements for the fulfillment of the main goal are collecting knowledges about available methods and procedures of auditing, planning and processing the audit. The final audit report contains a number of identified deficiencies with recommendations for their elimination. The benefit of this thesis is a list of these recommendations that could be applied by the company to get the working processes more effective.
Technical Assessment of Water Supply Infrastructure
Hos, Lukáš ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis is about condition assessment of water supply infrastructure. First part is about legislative demands on condition assessment and about methods used abroad to asses water supply infrastructure. Second part of this thesis is about application TEA Water. It is described how it works and it is used to condition assessment of fictional water supply infrastructure and choosen objects of real water supply infrastructure.

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