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Comic works of Kája Saudek
Militsina, Natalia ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Vučka, Tomáš (referee)
TITLE: Kája Saudek comics AUTHOR: Natalia Militsina DEPARTMENT: Institute of Czech Studies SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Jana Dolenská ABSTRACT: This bachelor thesis topic is Czech comics artist Kája Saudek. The thesis consists of theoretical part, which is concerned with the artist`s biography and the definition of term "comics" and its concise history and practical part which contains analysis of selected works of art from the point of view of progress in style and models in Kája Saudek`s paintings. Practical part is comprised of analysis of four works, which are considered to be artist`s magnum opuses. These works are paintings for films Kdo chce zabít Jessii?, Čtyři vraždy stačí, drahoušku, and comics Muriel a andělé and Muriel a oranžová smrt. This bachelor thesis tries to study the progress of line and style in artist`s works and find out connections between his artworks and biography. For better specification there are contained some illustrative visual sights. KEYWORDS: Comics, Kája Saudek, comics analysis, biography, artistic comics, Czech comics, history, Czechoslovakia
Comics as the medium of the artistic expression
Valentová, Simona ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kořínek, Pavel (referee)
The dissertation (diploma thesis) with the topic "Comics as the medium of the artistic expression" consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part represents a definition of the comics, its short history and some important terms of the comics terminology. Next this part concerns with specific narrative constructions of the comics medium and also describes functions and cooperation of the visual and verbal components. In the individual charter is shortly described Japanese comics (manga), its characteristic and different aspects against the classic European and American comics. The end of the theoretical part is dedicated to the theory of the artistic expression and its particular elements, which are used in the comics. The practical part comprising the analysis of two classic comics works and one Japanese manga. Namely it is The Crow, The Crow: Skinnig the Wolves and The City of Light. These works were chosen intentionally because of their technical, thematic and cultural aspects, so the analysis can work with the wider scale of the artistic elements. The dissertation tries to defend the opinion, that the comics medium is multifunctional, it can contain full-blown artistic expression and it is able to work with any content. For better specification there are contained some...