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Comparison of the annual training plans of floorball top leagues teams in the Czech and Slovak Republic
Miščík, Lukáš ; Dragounová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Comparison of annual training plans of floorball teams in the Czech and Slovak top league of men Objectives: This diploma thesis deals with the comparison of annual training plans in the top league of men in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and on this basis compares the achieved scores in the 2017/2018 season in the highest league. Methods: The quantitative research was about the detection and comparison of a training capacity in the Czech and Slovak top league. To conclude the research aim a questionnaire with open-ended questions was used. The research was implemented in Czech and Slovak top league teams. The questionnaire was completed by 20 Czech and Slovak coaches. Results: Based on the comparison of the annual training plans teams in the Czech top league have 40 % more training lessons than in Slovakia. Teams which weekly dedicate one hour or more to the power play skills are more successful according to statistics in the Czech top league. This hypothesis has not been confirmed in the Slovak League. Hypotheses dealing with technique training and video analysis have also not been confirmed. Teams who prefer to practice individual gaming activities did not have a better percentage of shooting success. Goalies who are engaged in individual training are more successful in...
The difference in planning a training session in selected categories of judo
Šaroch, Martin ; Pavelka, Radim (advisor) ; Smolík, Petr (referee)
Title: The difference in planning a training session in selected categories of judo Goal: The main objective is the comparison and analysis of the results from the questionnaire survey given by trainers in different approaches when planning and creating an annual training plan. This is followed by drawing up training units in each period in different ages. Methods: We are using a questionnaire survey, qualitative research, analysis of the specialized literature in the field of general sports training. The respondents of questionnaires are younger pupils to adolescents. Results: The findings of this study have shown us, the importance of preparing the annual training plan, as well as written preparation in form of individual notes. This helps to use the training time more effectively to prepare for important tournaments and maintain the highest performance throughout the year. Keywords: judo, training, annual training plan
Proposed model of regeneration and compensation for soccer players
MICHAL, Miroslav
The paper suggests a model of a recovery and a compensation for the football players. The focus of this paper is to describe the game from the impact on the organism point of view, then it sums up the possibilities of recovery after the performance and it also mentions the ways to compensate unsuitable consequences of the performance. Accordingly, the paper deals with a specialised football literature (its history and characteristics). The following chapters introduce the reader to the human physiology during the football performance and it explains the causes of the most common injuries and the appropriate regeneration cures. This paper could be used by the beginning sport coaches.
Scheme of physical training and regeneration for sprinter.
KRÁL, Radan
This bachelor thesis deals with a proposed model of physical training and recovery for the sprinter. The aim of this work is to handle the issues of sprinter training, recovery and enhancement. The result of this work is a comprehensive cyclical sprinter{\crq}s training program. Included are a comprehensive post-training recovery plan, rehydration regime and nutritional outline. This thesis work should primarily serve the public, sprinters, coaches and other institutions that specialize in serving the sprinter at retail level. A special focus has been given to the needs of training young sprinters and the complexity of recovery.

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