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Condition training in streethockey
Štěpáník, Radim ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Conditional Training for Street Hockey Objectives:  Analysation of available literature specialised in conditional training in common and specific character for street hockey and similar sports.  Design a training program for individual conditioning of an elite street hockey player. Methods: This work is assembled as a summarizing study. Foundations for creating a draft of conditional training were formed from analysation of available literature, analysation of heart rate, determination of key energy systems and movement abilities and also from periodization of a year training cycle. Results: The draft of conditional intervention is based on available literature and on results from fulfilled tasks. Keywords: intervention program, analysis, year conditioning cycle, explosive power, speed
Analysis of goalkeeper's kick-off of Croatia and Belgium teams at the World cup 2018
Hruška, Radek ; Teplan, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kokštejn, Jakub (referee)
Title: Analysis of goalkeeper's kick - off of Croatia and Belgium teams at the world cup 2018 Objectives: The aim of the work is to make analysis of goal kicks of teams Belgium and Croatia at the World Cup 2018. Cut shots with all goal kicks and then evaluate which method of goal kick is the most frequently used and how the particular method was effectiv. Create a DVD with edited shots of all goal kicks from the watched teams. Methods: The source of data and information gathering was a method of mediated observation of matches from the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The ensemble was represented by teams of Croatia and Belgium. Fourteen matches were analyzed in total. All goal kicks were cut from all watched matches in the program, which is called Instat. Then was every goal kick redraw in program Drillbook and then was analyzed. I investigated which way of the goal kick was used, which player was addressee of the pass, how many passes team done before they lost the ball and the zones, where team lost the ball. Results: Based on the seven matches of each team, it was found that Belgium played 61 goal kicks and Croatia 60. Belgium played in 64 % cases short distance passes and only 36 % kick - offs, the Croats decided to kick off in 55 % cases and in 45 % cases were short distance passes. From the...
Research of image of selected Czech biathletes
Šustrová, Tereza ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Research of image of selected Czech biathletes Objectives: Main goal of this work based on marketing research is to analyse and evaluate image of selected Czech biathletes via questionnaire survey for general public in period before and after the World Championship and to compare results. Methods: In this work is used quantitative method of electronic survey. Survey was designed based on scale of biathlete's image mark, which was translated by literal edited translation method. Data collecting was ongoing in March in two phases, before and after the Biathlon World Championship 2019. For evaluation were used statistic methods and for compare results was used method of comparison. Results: The research result show that image is very subjective and it can be changed very fast. It can be changed based on performance of biathletes or based on different respondents' opinion. From general point of view based on this work we can say that Marketa Davidova is reaching best image. Keywords: brand, athlete's brand image, biathlon, marketing research, analysis, world championship
Condition training in streethockey
Štěpáník, Radim ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Conditional Training for Street Hockey Objectives: Design a draft for individual year conditioning program for an elite street hockey player. Tasks:  Measure heart rate during street hockey game  Set key abilities used during street hockey game  Create a draft for a conditional training program Methods: Analysation of available literature specialised in conditional training in common and specific character for street hockey and similar sports with hockey sticks. Results: Designed draft for individual year of conditional program for an elite street hockey player. Consultation with coaches and players from elite level of street hockey. Keywords: conditional program, analysis, year conditioning cycle, explosive power, speed, street hockey
Analýza a potenciál efektivního rozvoje CHKO Brdy
The thesis deals with analysis and potential of an efficient development of landscape park Brdy. Its aim is to raise public awareness of a recently established nature conservation area. A part of the thesis introduces a qualitative research cariied out in form of interviews with visitors in the area. The empirical part of the thesis deals with analysis of opinions and experiences of the visitors. The main aim of this part is on the grounds of respondents´ answers to propose basic arrangements for a future effective development of some sections of the tourism in the area. The findings are summarized and the given hypothesis is evaluated in the end of the thesis. There is also a proposal of new opportunities of an efficient development of this area in compliance with conservation of the current landscape form.
Radiation incidents at selected radiologic workplaces - the analysis of repeated images due to wrong irradiation of pacient.
The thesis derives from the needs of institutions using sources of ionizing radiation to implement a new legislative regarding nuclear law, effective since 1st January 2017. The thesis is focused on radiological events at radiological institutions of chosen healthcare facilities. The theoretical part makes the reader familiar with the term "radiological event", generally elaborates on the field of diagnostic radiography and radiation protection. The practical part of the thesis deals with evaluation of the most occurring causes and the frequency of radiological events, obtained from the records of medical irradiation, even of wrongly carried out exposures in chosen diagnostic radiography institutions and wrongly sorted radiological events to a relevant category. To fulfil all the goals of the master thesis and to apply the results of the work in practice, also the contents of following document were evaluated - "Evaluation of the means of radiation protection", which every holder of permission to work with ionizing radiation has to submit to the SŮJB yearly, till 30th April, with the data from the previous year. This rule is valid since the new nuclear law was adopted. The results of this thesis served the chosen institution to create such report till 30th April 2019, with a broader extent of the analysis and evaluation than last year. The maximal detail of the report about causes and frequency of radiological events and mapping the real situation at the facilities serves also to the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SONS) to create a Recommendation of the SONS regarding the radiological events. Equally, the thesis was beneficial to the observed facilities, to realise the causes and frequency of radiological events in individual years. It is then up to an individual institution and to the employee supervising the radiation protection, to evaluate the consequences of the found causes, for example to point them out within a yearly training of radiation employees, and to consistently see to the compliance of all preventive measures, which proposal and implementation also belongs to the main tasks of the supervisor.
Analýza ziskovosti vybraného zemědělského subjektu - ZD Strmilov
ŠŤÁVA, Miloš
The subject of the thesis "Analysis of the profitability of a selected agricultural entity - ZD Strmilov" is the elaboration of a real analysis of the profitability of a functioning small agricultural enterprise. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, the first of which is a theoretical part, which focuses on the general characteristics of a small business and its economic use,with an explanation of its establishment. The second, practical part, provides a realistic analysis of the profitability of an existing small farm with the production of agricultural commodities. In conclusion, the work is completed with supplements, which can contribute in the future to increasing the profitability of a small agricultural enterprise and its further development.
Education system of employees in selected organization
BROMOVÁ, Miroslava
This thesis deals with the system of education in the organization State Agricultural Intervention Fund. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is focused on literary research related to education in the organization. In the second part, the research was carried out and evaluated on the basis of a questionnaire survey. The current employees of the Fund were the respondents. The obtained data from the questionnaire survey was evaluated and subsequently evaluated on the basis of the knowledge from the theoretical part of the thesis.
Contracts used in a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
ŽÁKOVÁ, Pavlína
The thesis is directed to the analysis of contracts used in a small and medium-sized enterprise, also characterizes this small and medium-sized enterprise, and describes various types of contracts, which enterprises use in concluding contractual obligations. It focuses for example on a contract of purchase, a contract of the work, a leasehold contract, a leasing contract or on a competitive tendering for a public procurement and defines rights and obligations for these individual contracts. It confirms or refutes determined hypotheses and describes meaning and structure of the most used contracts in enterprises. As well as it seeks, which of contracts is the most used in a small and medium-sized enterprise and to describes it. As an instrument for getting information, the work uses a questionnaire and an interview. The work proves that the contracts are an integral part of business world.
Impacts of Electronic Evidence of sales on customer satisfaction
HRUŠKOVÁ, Kristýna
The main topic of this work is Electronic Evidence of Sales, which is related to customer satisfaction after the introduction of this system. The first part explains terms such as Electronic Evidence of sales, Customer, Company Competitiveness, Business Development, Business Environment, etc. The task of the thesis is to evaluate how the customer satisfaction of Hospoda Na Louži, s.r.o.,which is located in Český Krumlov, has changed specifically after the introduction of the system of Electronic Evidence of sales. The thesis shows what was changed at the company during the last 2 years, since the system was introduced and how was changed the customer satisfaction. After analyzes of the company at this work, it should be possible to recommend to the company management the direction in which the company should take in the future. The analyzes includde financial indicators of the company, SWOT analysis and questionnaire survey. Data was obtained from the owner of the company, Ing. Miroslav Votřel, from the publicly accessible website of the company and also by personal data collection directly in the Hospoda Na louži, s.r.o. The recommendations based on these analyzes are aimed at keeping existing customers while at the same time gaining new ones.

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