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Methods and Techniques of Drama in Education in the Lessons of Czech Language at the 3rd Grade of Primary School.
Pajpachová, Šárka ; Svobodová, Radmila (advisor) ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to discover the possibilities Drama in Education can bring into the teaching of Czech Language in the third year of Primary Schools. The central hypothesis is whether Drama is a suitable tool for pupil instruction and what is the scale of methods and techniques in Drama in Education in the third year in Primary Schools. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. In the theoretical part, both Czech Language and Drama in Education are reflected on in the framework of the curriculum of Primary Schools, including their characteristics and goals and their conformity with the National Curriculum. This section is also dedicated to the methods and the mutual interconnectedness of both disciplines. Further, the specifics of a primary school student are provided. The practical part is divided into parts according to the days of the week. In each day, a description of a specific Czech Language lesson in the third year is provided. In the description, the methods and techniques of Drama in Education are included. Each lesson consists also of the responses of the students as they gave them throughout the teaching bloc. All the lessons are concluded with a final reflection, specifying the highs and the lows of the lesson. Here, the hypothesis is being discussed....
Analysis of customers satisfaction of company LCS INTERNATIONAL with information systems Helios
Vlček, Petr ; Tymočko, Václav (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
The main goal of this Master`s thesis is to find out the satisfaction of current customers with the economic information systems HELIOS produced by LCS International, Inc. company. This company is engaged in the development and distribution of these information systems. The Master`s thesis contains the analysis of the customers` satisfaction results. On the basis of this analysis the strong and weak points in each information system were identified from the current customers` points of view. My proposals in this work lead to the increase of the customers` satisfaction with the HELIOS information systems.
Analysis of basketball players movement during the game with special focus on the center position
Shaya, Jimmy ; Hojka, Vladimír (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Title: An analysis of a basketball player's movement during the game with special focus on the centre position Objectives: This work aims to analyse and then quantify the movement load on the pivot position and compare the differences between the number of movements of ČEZ Basketball Nymburk and Real Madrid Baloncesto in their final game. Methods: The basis of this empirical study is a quantitative research that uses the method of analysis and comparison. To obtain the data, I have analysed the most frequent movements carried out by players in the game. I have collected the number of movements per each second for four positions. Observed group are centres. Movements were described theoretically, biomechanically, technically, or by using rules. After that I have used the comparison to determine the differences, which were implemented into charts and qualified in detail. Results: Movement analysis confirmed my expectations. In comparison of the pivot of an elite foreign team with the best Czech team, I have noticed significant percentage differences. Real Madrid Baloncesto players were higher in position-specific moves, such as post-up, rebounding, boxing-out, contacts, and screens. Unlike the players of ČEZ Basketball Nymburk, who achieved significantly higher values in less significant movements...
Analysis of the Yazidi Genocide Discourse
Vejvodová, Nela ; Daniel, Jan (advisor) ; Záhora, Jakub (referee)
How to respond to ongoing genocide? How to punish her perpetrators? In 2014, world witnessed another modern genocide, the eradication of the whole ethnicity - the so-called Islamic State attacked an area in northern Iraq for centuries inhabited by members of a small but distinct ethnical group of Yazidi people. This diploma thesis deals with the establishment of discourse of Yazidi genocide, the process of recognition of events as genocide at the international level. In this work I investigate the definition of victims and aggressors and the international response to genocide, both in the media and political sphere. For the discourse of the Yazidi genocide was crucial to differentiate victims and violence against them from other events. Similarly, it was important to accurately name the perpetrators of genocide and treat them as a potential geopolitical threat, but as the cause of one of the worst crimes known to mankind. The discourse of the Yazidi genocide was largely determined by politicians - and, as I show in my work, the political dimension of events has pushed the humanitarian and legal ones behind. These all aspects take on the formation and maintenance of a given discourse.
European migration crisis and its implications for the security of the Czech Republic
Maňák, Jiří ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the topic of the European migration crisis in the period of 2013- 2018. The main goal is to determine, to what degree does the securitisation discourse in Germany meets the objective reality. The central part of the thesis is represented by the analysis of data about crime in German states. It is focused just on the data regarding the violent crime, that is because of the higher clearance rate a more significant impact of these crimes on the general mood in the society. The data are separated according to the borders of former eastern and western Germany. The result is a comparison of ongoing trends concerning the overall amount of crimes commited and the share of foreigners among the suspects. In the second part, the thesis focuses on comparing the data from the previous part with the development in the Germanys political landscape. Most notably in the case of developments of AfD, as this party is often referred to as an anti-system party. Again, the focus is on the regional differences between the former eastern and western Germany. In the last chapter, the thesis is trying to use the experience learned from eastern Germany and apply them to the Czech Republic. Eastern Germany was chosen for its relative similarities to Czechia given its history in the eastern bloc, similar...
Reportage photography and its informative value
Gorcovská, Laura ; Černý, Vladimír (advisor) ; Váša, Ondřej (referee)
Our thesis is dealing with case of reportage photography and medial sharing of our choosen visual image. We have choosen an image of syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi from 2015, whose photo is refering the problem of refugee crisis in Europe. The thesis is focused on semiotic approach of selected photographies, which are showing the same picture from different perspectives. In our case is perspective very important part of thesis, because these photographies are very questionable on ehtical principes. Therefore, we are also focused on the way, how the media deal with this issue. Our thesis points the signs of reportage photography and also monitor their changes, which depends on the medium, title, perex and composition of words completing photography.We are also focused on contextual framework of photography in choosen media. The secondary objective of our thesis is the comparision of results of analysis of selected picture published in individual selected media and comparision of differences in interpretation and photography context. Thesis is primaly based on theoretical concepts of Roland Bathers on specific visual sharing of selected media. Monitored indicators are the concepts of denotation, conotation and myth, while we are focused on connection between text and image and interpretation in selected...
Warming-up and toning in foolball
Slicho, Tomáš ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Warming-up and toning in football Objectives: The aim of this work is to compare two types of warming-up by footballers. I assume, that the players will have statistically more significant differences after the toning warming-up, than after the static variant. Methods: The research set consists of 17 elite players in the category of U15, who passed four tests by two selected types of warming-ups during a total of three trainings in a field training experiment. In the result part we used the method of analysis to analyze the results of all tests. We used the comparison when comparing the test results after two different types of warming-ups. The measured values were processed by using basic mathematical-statistical methods. Results: The results provide information on the efficiency and difference of toning and static warming-up based on the obtained values of the performed tests. The values of the players in the tests after the toning warming-up were better by 19.1% than after the static variant. The first hypothesis was thus confirmed. The other two were disproved. Summary: We found that toning warming-up has a statistically more significant effect on the results of the tests of football players than the static variant. Keywords: training, testing, analysis, comparison, field training experiment
Early medieval burial ground in Prague-Lahovice
Sandanusová, Anna ; Štefan, Ivo (advisor) ; Profantová, Naděžda (referee)
The early medieval burial ground in Prague-Lahovice is so far the largest village necropolis and is for the time being unprecedented in Bohemia. The submitted work will be devoted to a comprehensive analysis of this burial complex, which was located near the confluence of the Vltava and Berounka. The main basis for the elaboration of the overall analysis will be electronic records of funerary units, which will be linked to the overall plan of the Lahovice burial ground and will provide the main graphical background. The work will also be devoted to specifying the internal chronology of the burial ground and its spatial distribution. Attention will also be paid to the burial rite, the demography of the buried population and the evaluation of its settlement environment in the Early Middle Ages. Finally, the importance of the early medieval burial ground in Prague-Lahovice will be evaluated in the context of the development of the Prague basin in the Early Middle Ages. Keywords Prague-Lahovice - early medieval - burial ground - analysis
Comparison of media coverage of football, volleyball and floorball in selected media types in Czech Republic
Čech, Filip ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on two different sports media ČT sport and Deník Sport. Based on the broadcasting program, respectively the content of individual copies, examines two selected periods of one year. The aim is to find out the content coverage of football, volleyball and floorball sports in individual media. The data is recorded in the coding sheet according to individual sports and media. Results are sorted by content type, content length and other selected criteria. The results bringing a very strong dominance of football topics in the printed media and a high share of content on ČT sport. Volleyball and floorball are considerably limited in the press, while on television they get their space, which, however, could be higher due to the player base of the two sports.

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