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Investigation of deformation mechanisms in Mg-Gd alloys
Szabóová, Andrea ; Mathis, Kristián (advisor) ; Drozdenko, Daria (referee)
Title: Investigation of deformation mechanisms in Mg-Gd alloys Author: Andrea Szabóová Department: Department of Physics of Materials Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Kristián Mathis, DrSc. Abstract: In the present work, the deformation behavior of magnesium-gadolinium binary alloys was investigated. Dependence on the concentration of Gd and deformation temperatures was studied. Extruded samples had relatively strong initial texture. Compression tests were done at room temperature and 200řC. Simultaneously with deformation acoustic emission was recorded. Data from acoustic emission was analyzed with advanced statistical methods. Results of the combination of these two experimental methods indicated that at the beginning of the deformation twinning is the dominant mechanism. In the following stage of plastic deformation non-basal slip systems became the governing deformation mechanism. With higher content of Gd the size of twins decreases as a result of the decreased mobility of twin boundaries caused by solute atoms. At higher temperatures twinning activity was increasing. In addition, results were confirmed by optical light and scanning electron microscopy. Keywords: magnesium alloy, deformation tests, acoustic emission, microscopy
Study of advanced high strength magnesium alloys by in situ techniques
Fekete, Klaudia ; Dobroň, Patrik (advisor) ; Lejček, Pavel (referee) ; Mayama, Tsuyoshi (referee)
The aim of the present doctoral thesis was to reveal the active deformation mechanisms in novel high strength magnesium (Mg) alloys using advanced in-situ techniques with high time and space resolutions. The deformation behavior of two extruded Mg-LPSO alloys with a different volume fraction of the long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) phase was investigated in tension and compression at room temperature and in compression at 200 řC, 300 řC, and 350 řC. In order to support the results obtained by in-situ acoustic emission and synchrotron diffraction methods, detailed microstructure investigation was provided by transmission and scanning electron microscopy, particularly the backscattered electron imaging and electron backscatter diffraction technique were used. The results indicate that both temperature and the LPSO phase content significantly influence the plasticity of the magnesium matrix, particularly they affect the activation of extension twins and non-basal slip. Moreover, both parameters have a high impact on the formation of the deformation kinks in the LPSO phase. Keywords: Mg-LPSO alloys, deformation mechanisms, acoustic emission, synchrotron diffraction, in-situ methods.
Influence of dynamic loading on the contact fatigue characteristics of bearing material
Hložek, Jiří ; Hutař, Pavel (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the study of sudden step changes observed in model testing of standard bearing steel 100Cr6. Methodology of experiments with step change of load is proposed and applied in measurements. Three complete series of experiments were conducted, and rating life was determined for each loading trend. Based on the experiments carried out, it was found that the selected steel is able to withstand the sudden step of load changes, despite the fact that it is not material of choise for this type of load. Part of this work was to verify functionality of the innovated test stations AXMAT with modern diagnostics and a new control system, and also of the hydraulic variant of AXMAT, which allows to remotely derive dynamic loading of the test sample.
Monitoring and Analysis of Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Reinforced Concrete Elements and Structures Using the Acoustic Methods
Timčaková, Kristýna ; Semerák,, Petr (referee) ; Medveď,, Igor (referee) ; Vaněrek, Jan (referee) ; Chobola, Zdeněk (advisor)
The dissertation thesis deals with the study of non-destructive acoustic methods as instruments for monitoring and analysing corrosion of reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete elements. Four acoustic methods were selected for this task - the impact-echo method, the nonlinear acoustic spectroscopy method, the acoustic emission method, and the ultrasonic pulse velocity method. To verify the functionality of these methods, testing was carried out on three sets of reinforced concrete samples that had been exposed to the effects of sodium chloride, which corroded the embedded steel reinforcement in these samples. Suitable parameters were proposed for individual acoustic methods to monitor corrosion of the reinforcements. In addition, experiments were designed to demonstrate the ability of the selected acoustic methods to reveal the corrosion of steel reinforcement and its influence on the concrete matrix and to assess the condition of the degraded elements and structures. The analysis of the measurement results based on their comparison shows the advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods and of their practical applications. To verify the results, correlation with common methods that are currently used for the study of corrosion was carried out and included for example the electrical resistivity measurement of the reinforcement and simultaneous monitoring of the sample surface using a confocal microscope to record the development of microcracks during the degradation.
Vibration and impact measurement for collision analysis
Andruška, Martin ; Hrubý, Lukáš (referee) ; Musil, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the issue of CubeSat collision and detection with microscopic particles of space debris and meteoroids. The aim of the thesis is to approach methods of detection, to describe various sensors for measurement of acoustic emission, shock and vibrations caused by collisions and by experimental comparison determine the suitability of their application. The thesis also contains description of possible methods of data analysis using amplitude and spectral analysis. Finally, there is a suggestion and realization of a possible way of processing acquired data from a sensor using an FPGA.
Using Acoustic Emission for aircraft structure monitoring
Krasavin, Taras ; Juračka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Jebáček, Ivo (advisor)
This thesis deals with the theoretical and practical part of the phenomenon of acoustic emission. The thesis examined the theoretical foundations of this phenomenon and also described the equipment that was used in the laboratory of VUT in Brno to perform measurements. Then measurements and their analysis were described. Several possible errors that occurred during the work on the thesis were also described. Error description is the basis for error-free laboratory testing and for improving the quality of laboratory testing.
Investigation of deformation mechanisms in textured magnesium alloy
Dittrich, Jan ; Minárik, Peter (advisor) ; Lukáč, Pavel (referee)
Název práce: Studium deformačních mechanism· v hořčíkové slitině s texturou Autor: Jan Dittrich Katedra: Katedra fyziky materiál· Vedoucí bakalářské práce: RNDr. Peter Minárik, PhD., Katedra fyziky materiál· Abstrakt: Předložená práce se zabývá studiem deformačních mechanism·, zá- visejících na orientaci vzork· v·či p·vodní textuře válcované hořčíkové slitiny, pomocí pokročilých in-situ i ex-situ metod. Během deformačních zkoušek, které byly prováděny v tlaku a v tahu, byla současně zaznamenávána akustická emise. Mikrostruktura deformovaných vzork· poté byla zkoumána metodami optické mi- kroskopie a difrakce zpětně odražených elektron·. V práci byla zjištěna výrazná závislost mechanických vlastností a aktivovaných deformačních mechanism· na orientaci vzork· v·či zjištěné bazální textuře válcovaného plechu hořčíkové sli- tiny AZ31. Dále byla ustanovena souvislost mezi základními parametry akus- tické emise a aktivovanými deformačními mechanismy. Rovněž byla pozorována a objasněna asymetrická odezva akustické emise při deformaci tlakem a tahem, související s rozdílným vývojem mechanického dvojčatění v pr·běhu plastické deformace. Klíčová slova: hořčíkové slitiny, deformace, dvojčatění, akustická emise, EBSD
Nonparametric density estimates used for multiple AE source detection
Gális, P. ; Chlada, Milan
Paper deals with the localization of acoustic emission (AE) sources by means of exact geodesic curves on 3D vessels composed of several parametrized surfaces. Precise arrival times of AE events, plugged in DeltaT/DeltaL localization is discussed. Two-dimensional nonparametric (kernel) density estimates are employed to obtain the localization maps on 3-D surfaces and the potential regions of cracks are visibly highlighted. This newly proposed procedure is applied to steam reservoir and other experimental vessels. The results presented are accompanied by thoroughgoing evaluation of their quality and practical usefulness.
Fiber-Optic Displacement Sensor Based On Fabry-Pérot Interferometer
Skalský, Michal
This paper describes a simple and inexpensive fiber-optic sensor for dynamic displacement measurement with sub-nanometer resolution. The principle is based on creating a resonator cavity between measured surface and a single-mode fiber, working as a Fabry-Pérot interferometer. The fundamental principles like diffraction, spatial filtration or the role of reflectivity are analyzed theoretically and their effect on the sensitivity is explained. The sensor is then tested experimentally with an uncoated fiber tip and a gold mirror. Based on the spectral analysis, the effect of working distance on interference visibility is explained.
Thermophysical and electrical properties of illite-based ceramics
Csáki, Štefan ; Dobroň, Patrik (advisor)
CSÁKI, Štefan: Thermophysical and electrical properties of illite-based ceramics. [Doctoral thesis]. Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Charles University. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Libor Vozár, CSc. (Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra), doc. Ing. Patrik Dobroň, PhD. (Charles University). Nitra & Prague, 2018. 107 p. Illitic clays are of special importance in the ceramic industry. Therefore, a deep knowledge of the thermophysical processes, as well as the electric properties, is of special importance. The illitic clay originated in Northeastern Hungary was used in this thesis. The reactions, occurring during firing, were studied using thermal analyses (Differential thermal analysis, Thermogravimetry, Thermodilatometry) and special attention was paid to the measurement of the electrical conductivity (both DC and AC). Up to 250 řC, where the removal of the physically bond water (PBW) takes place, the dominant charge carriers were the H+ and OH- ions. After the PBW was removed, Na+ and K+ ions became the dominant charge carriers. During dehydroxylation (450 - 750 řC) H+ and OH- ions were freed from the illite structure, which supported the electrical conduction in the samples. At ~ 970 řC glassy phase appeared...

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