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Urban study of development area Vítkovice - Moravská Ostrava
Fišerová, Anna ; Klement, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
'The inspiration behind this project is the new urbanist idea which combines residential development with green spaces for leisure and sport as well as mixed use commercial areas and storage. The layout of the area is a grid formed by 100m squared plots with residential houses with personal yards. These plots are grouped as complexes and between each complex is a communal green space. On the outside of the inner grid, there are mixed use apartment buildings and a high commercial floor. The square is dominated by a smaller multi-purpose building with a fluid outside space in which community events can be organized. Diagonally connected to the square is a park with a playground and an area with patio seating in addition to three villa houses. The park leads to the river embankment, into which tiered seating will be created. Around the hotel, there is another park with a multi-generational playground. In the northern part is located hotel renovated from the original industrial buildings with added ground floor restaurant area. Around hotel there is a park with green space and multi-generational playground. The terrace houses are located in the northeastern part of the complex and feature an attractive riverside view. Row houses line the the main road and are buffered from street noise by a line of trees. Typology and placement of other, separate houses is inspired by colonies of worker-houses eg. Baťa houses in Zlín. In between each ground these is no fence and are only separated a slight depression in the green.
The Zoning of Rozmberk's Water Mills on Třeboň estate after 1590: Myth or Fact?
Škudrnová, Jaroslava ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
At the end of 16th century an unique document had been preparing on the Rozmberk's estates. The Description of Mills from the year 1590 registers all Rozmberk's water mills in the south part of Bohemia. Thanks to this Description Jaroslav Honc published in 1959 an article that dealt with the concept of zoning of Rozmberk's milling in 1590. The main goal of the master's thesis is presentation of this very interesting source and comparison reformative Rozmberk's officers' ideas with the fact emerged from the study of accounting books of Třeboň estate between years 1550 and 1615.
Processing of common facilities plan in the complex land consolidation in selected area
ŠVECOVÁ, Markéta
The subject of this thesis is to elaborate plan of common facilities in the complex land adjustment in the selected location. The plan of common facilities includes a set of measures which are designed to create the conditions for rational management, and also ensure the protection of natural resources. Solution site is the village Lhotka. The thesis contains a description and evaluation of the cadastral area, focusing on measures to make available land for erosion control land resources, measures for the creation and protection of the environment and water management measures. The results are contained in text form, as well as graphic, processed through the program ArcGIS.
The Zoning of Rozmberk's Water Mills on Třeboň estate after 1590: Myth or Fact?
Škudrnová, Jaroslava ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1 IČ: 00216208 DIČ: CZ00216208 Tel.: (+420)221 619 111 Jedná se o rigorózní práci, která je uznanou diplomovou či disertační prací. Děkujeme za pochopení.
Assessment of the impact of planning on land prices in Žďár nad Sázavou and its surroundings
Balarinová, Pavla ; Kryl, Antonín (referee) ; Ruberová, Marie (advisor)
This thesis addresses the changes in land-use planning and their overall impact on the final price of land. Selected sites are in locations Dolní Rožínka and Žďár nad Sázavou, in the local area Stržanov. Both plots are established and customary prices recorded for individual phases of spatial planning. These phases are divided into agricultural land, other land-use plan that is designed for building and land intended to be built according to zoning. Final evaluation determines how different land prices in the three phases of spatial planning and price comparison of the two plots each other in different locations.
Zoning in the USA: Chapter 4 - Problems, objectives and management tools of the districts area
Moučka, Jan
Čtvrtá kapitola textu Zoning v USA popisuje významné nástroje pro dosažení územního řádu na úrovni okresu.
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Zoning in the USA: Chapter 3 - Zoning in the U.S. cities
Moučka, Jan
Kapitola 3 textu Zoning v USA popisuje zoning v několika vybraných amerických měst – v New Yorku, Chicagu, Nashvillu, Ogdenu a Belmontu.
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Zoning in the USA: Chapter 2 - Zoning at the turn of the 20th and 21th century
Moučka, Jan
Kapitola 2 popisuje vývoj zoningu v územním řádu USA. Reflektuje změny způsobené v USA hypoteční a měnovou krizí r. 2006 a jejich možné důsledky pro územní řád a zoning v USA. Popúisuje se podrobně konvenční zoning a jeho některé novinky.
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The influence of KPÚ on the degree of implementation of the territorial system of ecological stability in selected cadastral territory in South Bohemian Region in the field with the prevailing management of private farmers
The purpose of this paper is to assess the impact of comprehensive landscaping on the implementation of the territorial system of ecological stability in selected cadastral territory. Interest to assess the default location, designed and implemented by the state has been selected the cadastral Košín. Part of this work was to evaluate these changes using maps. Another activity was to carry out eco bio zoning of the area where the so called eco crisis zone were defined, giving rise to a situation in eco crisis landscape.

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