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Intersubjectivity of economic knowledge: Ukraine and Czechia
Kolomoiets, Maksym ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Blokker, Paulus Albertus (referee)
Topic of work is an intersubjectivity of economic knowledge. Work is descriving the process, how is intersubjective economic knowledge may be manifested and legitimized in speech by lay individuals. In general, knowledge is presented as created, redacted and legitimized during the process of speech as an ongoing activity, intersubjective symbols are used as tools to proclaim itself. In the theoretical part, broad overview of sociological theories of knowledge are presented, and the research question was conceptualized by the terms of constructivist approach of Berger and Luckmann. Lay knowledge was manifested as mix of referring four modes of reasoning: economical rationality, societal rationality, habitual and doxic knowledge, discourses. Overemphasizing one of the mods leads to reducing the legitimity of manifestation, the process of balancing between modes is described. In addition, paper proposes suggestion of differences in intersubjective knowledge between Ukraine and Czechs, and discusses the possibilities of further research.
The role of political leaders in Parliamentary elections 2017
Štosová, Tereza ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
(Abstrakt) The bachelor thesis is focused on the studying of the influence of political leadership on communication of six political actors during the period of the main electoral campaign. These politicians, who stood for the election to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in 2017, were selected on the basis of their election results. The aim of the thesis was to answer the research questions whether these candidates showed elements of leadership and if so what, and then deduce the influence of political leadership on the election. The thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part provides the basis for understanding the subject. The following methodological part introduces the applied research methods. The last practical part launches by the characteristics of the studied subjects to bring the reader into the context, since the part that focuses on the research and description of the communication of these political actors is limited in time. Research is conceived as a case study that ranks among qualitative methods.
Management techniques in the organization
The main aim of this thesis was to analyze the specific management techniques used in the selected organization and to propose how these techniques efficiently use and develop. In the theoretical part, there four basic management techniques have been explained, such as planning, organizing, management and control, and the various methods used in these techniques. In the practical part, there at first, organization was described and then its history. Furthermore, the current situation was analyzed through questionnaires and interviews with the director of domestic sales. The results were presented in graphs. The last part contains a discussion and proposals of changes to which I came by the obtained information. By implementing these proposals, it could lead to more efficient use of management techniques and practices in society.
Psychological aspects of people management with a focus on leadership styles
Kuntová, Anna ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Furmaníková, Lada (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the psychological aspects of management focusing on the styles of leadership at the gynecological-obstetric department, specifically at the maternity hospital. The aim is to find out what kind of leadership is used by the senior and station nurses. This thesis explores how they interpret the management grid GRID and how they perceive themselves in terms of how midwives perform. For this research were choosen two hospitals, public and joint-stock company. That is why the objective was also to compare the interviews with midwives regarding their motivation, satisfaction and conflict occurance. Therefore the information was received that touched upon these topics and presented the perception of the workers in obstetrician. The theoretical part introduces the psychological aspects of leadership, so that the reader goes through chapters focusing on manager personality, management, leadership, work environment, work teams, motivation, workplace conflicts, stress, burnout syndrome, etc.. The empirical part is presented as part of the qualitative research, which presents the way of senior and station nurses with the help of the inspiration by design of the case study. Further a case study at the state hospital and a case study at joint-stock company are being developed with...
Simulation of heat transfer in the program COMSOL Multiphysics
This bachelor thesis deals with the study of heat conduction in solids and the creation of a model in the commercial program COMSOL Multiphysics. The work is divided into five thematic units. The first part deals briefly with the meaning and characteristics of both the program and the heat transfer module. Heat, as one form of energy, accompanies all the physical processes we can encounter and is an integral part of our lives. In this connection, the basic physical mechanisms of heat transfer, such as conduction, flow and radiation, are presented in the second part. Attention is also paid to physical variables, theories and concepts whose knowledge is necessary to investigate heat transfer mechanisms. The third part of the thesis is devoted to the experiment, consisting in the observation of temperatures of heated materials by a thermal camera. In the fourth part of the thesis are first described in general the steps accompanying the production of the model and subsequently production of a particular model in the program itself. The last part of the thesis is devoted to comparing experimental results with data from the model.
A comparison of the organizational structures of the Czech and Slovak baseball federations
Jarošík, Richard ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: A comparison of the organizational structures of the Czech and Slovak baseball federations Objectives: The main objectives of this bachelor thesis are to obtain and analysis the data regarding the organizational structures two different national federations of baseball and their economic results from 2016. After analysis and comparison of data, recommendation for their improvement are proposed. There it was important to focus on their diversity, and then compare the competences and activities of each section. Based on the information received, the thesis contains proposals for innovations in both federations. Methods: The main method of collecting data for this thesis, was studying the legislative and publicly available documents of both organizations, and deep interviews with high-ranking members of the board for both organizations. A voice recorder was used for the interviews. In the next part of the thesis I used comparison analysis. The comparison includes the spread of structures, number of organizational levels, activities and delegation of authority, and the competencies of each section, as well as a percentage budget statement. After that proposals for improvements are given in the synthetic part. Results: The comparison of organizational structures of both federations proved that...
Manažerské styly v různých fázích životního cycklu společnosti svptokladem Applu
Pleshakova, Elena ; Pichanič, Mikuláš (advisor)
Since 19th century and great minds like Frederick Taylor or Henri Fayol, the theory of management went through consequential changes. Every new scholar was developing theories that in turn were raising new question and challenges for management. Until today, no single theory was globally recognized. Every modern management concept is arguing for the right to be the only correct, without giving a clear answer on how to manage the company and employees effectively. However, nowadays it is not enough to be a master in the field of finance, accounting, commerce or any other sciences to successfully manage the department or the company. Managing requires working with people, each of whom is endowed with a certain knowledge base, and more importantly with values, interests and work styles. The modern literature points to the need to choose the right style of management, however, a variety of information about the "ideal manager" often contradict one another. For the purpose of studying the methodology used is based on documentary analysis of most commonly used managerial styles presented by different management scholars. Different theories are connected and combined into consolidated model that is derived from both psychological aspects of human nature and the functions every manager should perform.
Motivation and job satisfaction of generation Y employees
Zuranová, Natálie ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
This thesis aims to find out how to properly motivate the new generation Y and find out if there are differences in their motivation and job satisfaction from other generations. Using mixed research in the form of a questionnaire survey for employees and in-depth interviews with potential employers will provide a dual view of the issue, which can provide valuable information and serve as an important informative element for the correct motivation of Y generation. Three hypotheses have been identified, which will be subsequently verified in both quantitative and qualitative research. After evaluating the research, it is good news that the outlook of the generation Y and their employers is very similar, and it seems that potential employers are very well prepared for the future generation and are already able to estimate their differentiation from other generations and thus properly motivate them and stimulate them for better work performance.
The influence of the applied leadership and management styles on employee performance
Tokár, Adam ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the leadership and management styles on the determinants of employee performance. The main goal of the thesis is to broaden the horizons in the field of leadership and management approaches, and to point out the impact of specific styles on performance. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of leadership and management, summarizes the styles of leadership, concentrates also on the issues of performance and its determinants. The practical part includes analysis of expert articles and comparison of selected countries based of performance factors. Each research has its own assumptions, model, specific saving and presentation of results. Finally, recommendations are set for use in a practical environment.

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