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Foreign Policy of Obama's and Trump's Administration towards Turkey
Kučera, Jakub ; Calda, Miloš (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the comparison of Barack Obama's and Donald Trump's policies towards Turkey in the context of the current crisis in the relationship with United States. The aim of the thesis is to answer the question of whether the policies of the two presidents were coherent and how the possible differences are reflected in today's deteriorating relations. The work focuses on three areas: cooperation inside NATO, the Kurdish minority issue, and the transformation of the domestic political situation in Turkey. The thesis argues that despite a different general approach to foreign policy, the concrete steps taken by both Presidents towards Turkey do not differ significantly. Obama's disillusionment with the perception of the U.S.-Turkey relationship as a model partnership has considerably changed his own policy in the second term. Within NATO, Trump followed up on Obama's policy towards Turkey through the support of the missile defense system and the ongoing use of US military facilities inside Turkey. The Kurdish question represents the most critical point in the relationship. Trump has so far supported Kurdish cooperation to the same extent as Obama, but recent agreements with Erdoğan may lead to a change in his approach and to a consequent improvement in relations. The different attitude...
Cybersecurity for Outer Space - A Transatlantic Study
Perrichon, Lisa ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)

 Cyber attacks can target any nodes of the space infrastructure, and while these attacks are called non-violent, there is a credible capability to use cyber attacks to cause direct or indirect physical damage, injury or death. However, the vulnerability of satellites and other space assets to cyber attack is often overlooked, which is a significant failing given society's substantial and ever increasing reliance on satellite technologies. Through a policy analysis, this dissertation assess the set of political provisions provided by the European Union to address the cyber security issue of the space infrastructure. Such study aims at exploring the geopolitical consequences linked to space cyber security risks, and at assessing the political preparedness of the European Union to address these challenges. The perspective of transatlantic cooperation to further support both American and European effort to tackle this security risk is also addressed. The overarching value of the study is to contribute to future European cyber security for space and transatlantic debates by providing useful perspectives and key takeaways on these two domains. Ultimately, he existing set of policies are not sufficient to address the cyber security issue in Outer Space, a unified approach by the European Union and the United...
The power of small states: A case study of Georgia (2004-2012)
Andrš, Vojtěch ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Horák, Slavomír (referee)
This study focuses on use of foreign-policy power by Georgia on USA, EU member states and Russia during 2004-2012. In this period, Georgia wanted to enter into alliance with USA and EU states and gain access to Euro-Atlantic organizations, European Union and NATO. At the same time, Georgia wanted to reduce Russian influence on Georgian soil. After a few months of the new Georgian regime it was clear that the relation with its big neighbor will be difficult, mainly because of the two separatist republics on Georgian-Russian border, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The aim of this study is to determine categories of power that Georgia used to achieve its goals. The study uses concepts of small state and power in international relations. Besides, it uses Nye's concept of soft and hard power. For influencing Western states Georgia chose the combination of soft and hard power. Soft power of Georgia has been mainly based on presentation of attractive values - pro-Western thinking a democracy - which should have attracted Western support. To a lower extent, foreign policy and culture were also used as sources of soft power. Georgia's hard power consisted of security importance and economic and political value of the country. In case of Russia, Georgia used only tools of hard power which included harsh rhetoric...
U. S. Congress and the Failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Comparative Study of 2007 and 2013 Proposals
Kristenová, Alice ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on the inability of the U. S. Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform. The main goal of the thesis is identification of key factors that prevent successful passage of this legislation. Two latest immigration reform proposals from 2007 and 2013 were selected for the research. To analyze them, process tracing was used. This method allows for better understanding of the legislative development. As an analytical framework, approach of John W. Kingdon was selected. His revised garbage can model of organizational choice applied to congressional decision making identifies three process streams that are critical for passing legislation in Congress - problem definition, policy generation and politics. Firstly, Kingdon's framework is described and then applied to the selected immigration reform proposals case studies. Emphasis is put on identification of factors that play key role in generating and passing the policy. Then, both case studies are compared to allow for more general inference. The key finding of the thesis is that the political stream is crucial to passing comprehensive immigration reform. Based on the comparative case study, political skills of leaders and political context significantly influence the ability of Congress to act on the immigration...
Comparing U.S. Counterterrorist Policies against Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State
Kopecká, Anna - Marie ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Doboš, Bohumil (referee)
The thesis deals with comparison of the United States counterterrorist policies against al- Qaeda and the Islamic state. It compares the approaches of two U.S. administrations in period from 11th September 2001 to end of the year 2014, when the Operation Enduring Freedom came to its end, and in period from July 2014, when the Operation Inherent Resolve was launched, to the end of the year 2016. The thesis characterizes similarities and differences between both strategies. It also aims to answer the question whether the U.S. approach to al- Qaeda was tougher than the one to the Islamic state. Counterterrorist policies are being compared here based on three criteria: military means employed, cooperation with international actors and extra-legalism. The first part of the thesis copes with concepts of terrorism and counter-terrorism. In the next part both approaches are analyzed separately and compared subsequently. In the conclusion the results are summarized and causes of differences between approaches are interpreted.
US-Russia Relations and the Mass Media: The Representation of Vladimir Putin in the American Media
Alikina, Valeriia ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ditrych, Ondřej (referee)
Russian-American Relations and the Mass Media Securitization of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in the American Press by Valeriia Alikina This thesis is focused on two issues relevant to Security Studies and Political Science: relations between the Russian Federation and the United States of America, which are currently experiencing yet another decline, and problematics of political journalism. It reviews the process of securitization of Russia through speech acts in the mass media of its historical opponent, the United States. First, the thesis provides a theoretical framework, securitization theory, introducing its main principles. To prove that the process of securitization indeed occurs, the method of discourse analysis is employed. The third chapter provides background information on the relations between the Soviet Union/Russia and the United States since the end of the World War II; this information is completed by the role mass media had in their affairs. The next chapter frames the issue of propaganda, elaborating on the meaning behind this concept, the "fake news" narrative, and the idealistic idea of media objectivity. In the fifth chapter, the case study, two processes of securitization are reviewed. The first one is the American mainstream media, namely ​The New York Times​ and ​The...
American foreign policy and Colombian peace process
Svoboda, Ondřej ; Raška, Francis (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This study analyzes American foreign policy with respect to Colombia since the beginning of the new millennium. The main pillar of this policy is a strategy called Plan Colombia. While the original reasoning behind Plan Colombia was to enforce better antinarcotic strategy to avoid cocaine distribution to the United States, by the time it morphed into a state-building effort. My main interest in this study is to answer the question whether Plan Colombia was successful and if so then whether it was a prerequisite for launching peace negotiations with the FARC and achieving durable peace. This study has several parts. At first, I shed a light into a situation in Colombia at the beginning of the new millennium and explain the motivation behind Plan Colombia. Next, I summarize the historical perspective and describe the most important events leading to the breakthrough which was the signing of the peace treaty with FARC. In the following section, I look more deeply into data about money transfers and I also analyze important socio-political indicators. In the conclusion, I explain why Plan Colombia was in my view a successful policy. I also discuss upon what was the success dependent.
US cooperation with the Middle East in the fight against the Islamic state
Koláč, Vojtěch ; Calda, Miloš (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
The Islamic State's phenomenon has been the subject of many analyses since its inception, and in 2018 it is a very dynamic, dynamic issue with a global dimension. The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to find out in what way the approach to defeating the "IS" in the four major powers, except the USA, also in the concepts of Russia, Iran and Turkey based on a search of available literature, domestic and foreign articles and analysis of elaborated strategic documents. The Middle East is a region where the interests of global actors meet the national interests of local powers. This work also aims to define the ways in which the Islamic State influences and influences the strategic interests of four selected actors: the United States of America, Russia, Turkey and Iran. Analytical and descriptive methods are used in the work. Because of the topicality of the issue, it is largely drawn from internet sources, in the form of expert analyses and newspaper articles, to a lesser extent from the final works and book publications.
Strategic role of the Diego Garcia military base from Cold War until present
Hřivna, Václav ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
The concern of the diploma thesis is the geostrategic role of the base on the island Diego Garcia. It deals chronologically with the evolvement of this role since the base was established until the present time. Apart from the analysis of the extent, motivation and reasons of the evolvement, the explanation of all these is provided as well. The research is based on the theories formulated by admiral Alfred T. Mahan who was primarily concerned with the agenda of a naval superpower. The issue of bases is directly linked to that subject. The analysis pays attention to physical development of the facilities on the island which to a certain extent reflects the strategic role of the base. It also further examines the regional and global context which is deemed to be crucial for the better understanding of the function the base had for the United States. Practical usage of the base is analysed for a better explanation of the role the base played as some of the contemporary documents are still classified and unavailable. According to the research, the role the base played changed several times but it is very difficult to point out the main factor that caused the change. Most probably, it was caused by a combination of several factors.
Does Aid Lead to More Trade? Evidence of the Effect of US Aid on its Exports
Schütz, Anna ; Paulus, Michal (advisor) ; Semerák, Vilém (referee)
This thesis investigates the effect of US development aid on US exports to 134 recipient countries over the time period 1993 to 2015 with an application of the gravity model of international trade. Estimates of one-way panel dataset, specified by a dummy approach and estimated with OLS and PPML, suggest that for every aid dollar spent by the United States, US exports significantly increase by 1.59 US dollar. By lagging the aid variable for several years after disbursement, we find a declining effect of US aid on US exports, which indicates that tied aid is an important channel of the effect's magnitude. The effect does not vary systematically across income groups. Yet for geographical regions with a higher US export share, the impact of US aid on US exports is significantly larger suggesting that existing trading relations contribute to a larger effect of aid on donor's exports. The evidence shows that US aid increases US exports and reinforces economic relations with recipient countries and, thus, can be regarded as an important motive for the donor to provide development aid.

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