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The Monastery and the City. The work of Broumov Benedictines in Rohr, Bavaria, after their relocation from Czechoslovakia
Šumníková, Kateřina ; Kunštát, Miroslav (advisor) ; Šmidrkal, Václav (referee)
The relocation of the German Benedictines from Broumov as a part of the post-war transfer to Rohr in Niederbayern can be considered as a driver of renewal not only of the city itself, but also the entire region of Lower Bavaria. Due to the unflagging effort of the Benedictines from Broumov, the Monastery was renovated, the Monastery grammar school and the boarding school were built. Furthermore, their effort hugely contributed to the cultural and social development in the vicinity. This is followed by the events that preceded their arrival in Rohr and subsequent reactions of the Rohr inhabitants to their arrival are delineated. The objective of the main part of the Bachelor thesis is to map specific contributions of the Broumov Benedictines in Rohr in relation to education, culture, Church administration and the Czech- German dialogue. Special focus is paid on Anastáz Opasek, the Abbot of Břevnov. He played a crucial role in the improvement of the relationship between the Rohr Abbey and the Czech milieu. Finally, the thesis contemplates the possible fate of the Rohr Abbey in the future.
Pupils' school mobility in a large city comprehensive school
Štiková, Štěpánka ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Vyhnálek, Jan (referee)
TITLE: Pupils' school mobility in a large city comprehensive school AUTHOR: Bc. Štěpánka Štiková DEPARTMENT: Institute for Research and Development of Education SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Dominik Dvořák, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: Pupil mobility is a serious phenomenon, which has not - at least in the context of Czech education system - enjoyed too much academic attention in terms of dedicated research. Premises of both the master thesis as well as those of pertinent research are following: The phenomenon of pupil mobility is considered in a case of a metropolitan elementary school, analyzing individual embedded cases of pupil mobility which occurred there within a defined monitoring period. A framework of the thesis is set by means of describing demographic and social context in the above school. Each individual pupil mobility case is described, its root cause is analyzed, and its impact on the respective class (student body) is examined by means of interviewing involved stakeholders. The goal of this research is to establish root causes as well as main impact categories of pupil mobility within a metropolitan elementary school context. Gathered data is processed and by means cross-case analysis method. Following movement was recorded on the lower secondary level of the examined school during the examination period: There...
Transfer from the lower to upper secondary school from the point of view of teaching mathematics
Rašovský, Matěj ; Vondrová, Naďa (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
This thesis is aimed on transfer of pupils from lower to upper secondary school from the point of view of mathematics. It was chosen three pupils which attended the same lower secondary school and transfer to the same upper secondary school. Using questionnaires and mathematical test, which were given in September 2014 and January 2015, was reviewed their transfer from the point of view pedagogical-psychical and mathematical. These questionnaires were given to the teachers also. This transfer was mostly negative for pupils. The level of knowledge of mathematics was the same or even worse. It is caused by different teacher's access to teaching mathematics. We could hope that this situation will be changed in a couple months. KEYWORDS: Education, transfer, learning, school educational program, personality, behavior
Transfer and interference in the tennis technique
Mikešová, Eva ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Transfer and interference in tennis technique Objectives: The main goals of this paper is to compare the techniques of tennis and ice hockey players and propose the correction techniques. Method: The basic method will be used method of direct observation of players in the game situations. Results: Based on the literature, I compared the correct performance of tennis techniques with the technique of players, who play ice hockey at the same time. I proposed a correction exercise that should eliminate or partially reduce errors. Keywords: transfer, interference, ice-hockey, tennis technique, flexibility
Transfer of Germans from the Carlsbad Region in 1945-1947
Slámová, Jana ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Beneš, Zdeněk (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the German depopulation of Karlovy Vary region during the years 1945-1947. This thesis is focused primarily on the time after the Second World War, when Karlovy Vary region were inhabited mainly by Germans. In the first part of the thesis I will outline the characteristics of the period that preceded the events that led to Adolf Hitler's rise to power. I will also adress first ideas of expulsion, first formulated by the president-in- exile Edvard Beneš, and the following hateful atmosphere that led to retaliation for years of oppression by Germany, that was spread throughout the whole Czech nation. I would like to address the causes, the process and the consequences that led to the displacement of the German population from Czechoslovakia. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to explore primarily the period from 1945 to 1947, but also the period of the First republic and the life of the Jewish population in the border region of west Bohemia. Keywords Transfer, Germans, Jews, Czechoslovakia, Munich Agreement, World War II., Carlsbad, Marienbad, Drmoul
A pilgrimage through the hard times through the eyes of K.Tučková and O.Tokarczuk.
This diploma thesis attempts to capture the importance of the literature of fiction as a phenomenon necessary for the understanding of today's world. It points to the contribution of Kateřina Tučková's and Olga Tokarczuk's writings, which can help readers to relate historical events to today's reality. Whether it is the book "Vyhnání Gerty Schnirch", which deals with the expulsion of German inhabitants from the Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, or the story of the goddess of Kopanice in the times of the communist regime in the book "Žítkovské bohyně". The book "Knihy Jakubovy" by Olga Tokarzcuk tells us the fate of the self-proclaimed Jewish messiah Jakub Frank and his followers in 18th century Poland. Further, this diploma thesis deals with the world of literature and readers of our time and the possibilities that the world of books can bring to us and our children in today's over-technological time.
The History of the Village Rychnůvek from 1900 to the Extinction
The thesis deals with the history of the extinct village Rychnůvek. The focus is given especially on the events which happened in the 20th century and which have had impact on the following development. The first part of the thesis follows up the determination of the location of the village and its history since the 13th century. The second part describes the affairs and changes in the German speaking village. The stress is put on the year 1918, national-socialism, transfer after the World War II. and demolition of the village in the year 1959. In the last part we described destinies of particular persons, who lived in this village. We also analyzed the way how the community has been meeting since the transfer.
Analysis of the problem of the transfer of Germans in the newspapers between 1945-1946
Gročková, Marie ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Cviklová, Lucie (referee)
For my diploma thesis I chose the topic: Analysis of the problematics of the expulsion of Germans in the period press of 1945-1946. In the first part of the thesis I will focus on the methodology and the chosen type of analysis. Then, in the theoretical background of my work, I will interpret the development of the relationship between the Czechs and the Germans, I will try to describe in detail when the first conflicts between the two nations began. In addition, I will deal with the expulsion of the Germans as such, as well as its phases, taking into account the establishment of the system of internment camps, the decrees of the president of the republic and the views of both nations on the issue. In the last chapter I will deal with the analysis of the press from 1945-1946. My aim will then be to describe the discourse of post-war Czechoslovakia regarding the expulsion of Germans, the attitude of the powers on an international scale, but also the visions of the future Czechoslovak Republic, as it was established by then political representation.
Public transport connection of the new Brno Railway station
Bartoň, Daniel ; Pavlíček, Jan (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the availability of the new Main Railway Station in Brno, its transfer to other location, modernization or reconstruction and its connection to the public transport system. It focuses in particular on the public transport in Brno affected by the transfer of the railway station and on regional passenger railway transport in the vicinity of Brno. It describes, evaluates and assesses various variants of the transfer of the new railway station in terms of time savings for passengers traveling through the Main Railway Station and their source or destination of travel is in Brno or in the vicinity of Brno. The most suitable appears variant B - the transfer of the station under Petrov.
Simulation of heat transfer in the program COMSOL Multiphysics
This bachelor thesis deals with the study of heat conduction in solids and the creation of a model in the commercial program COMSOL Multiphysics. The work is divided into five thematic units. The first part deals briefly with the meaning and characteristics of both the program and the heat transfer module. Heat, as one form of energy, accompanies all the physical processes we can encounter and is an integral part of our lives. In this connection, the basic physical mechanisms of heat transfer, such as conduction, flow and radiation, are presented in the second part. Attention is also paid to physical variables, theories and concepts whose knowledge is necessary to investigate heat transfer mechanisms. The third part of the thesis is devoted to the experiment, consisting in the observation of temperatures of heated materials by a thermal camera. In the fourth part of the thesis are first described in general the steps accompanying the production of the model and subsequently production of a particular model in the program itself. The last part of the thesis is devoted to comparing experimental results with data from the model.

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