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Web Search Engine of Pets Registration
Zaklová, Kristýna ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this work was to design and create a web-based search engine that allows users to search for records of registered pets in real-time. The solution performs queries to all the available domestic registries in one easy step instead of manually searching them individually. Due to the high number of such services, people may not be aware of their existence. In such a case, they may not be able to find the owner of the animal. The presented solution provides an information system based on the Symfony framework. The system creates and sends HTTP requests to all the registries. The functionality and usability of the system were tested by automated tests and selected users who provided feedback. The main benefit of the system is its user-friendly user interface, which can be used by veterinary clinics, shelters, police, and other parties working with animals and looking up their registrations.
Návrh a realizace obchodního a administračního portálu pro konkrétní společnost
Vařacha, František
Diploma thesis is devote to creation commercial and administration internet portal for selling and managing products. By creating means specify user's requirement from concrete company, created application architecture and implement all of this. Developed portal is a SPA Web application type based on JavaScript library named React and PHP Symfony framework.
Web and Mobile App for Assigning and Confirming Tasks
Jeřábek, Filip ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This work solves managing employees by a dispatcher. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the work of a dispatcher, as well as a single employee's tasks. I focused on assigning tasks, event notification, and tasks state changes and all that in real-time. The solution consists of a website application that is used by a dispatcher and mobile application for employees. Website application is made in the PHP framework Symfony and the mobile app is made in the Flutter framework. The whole idea is to simplify the communication process. The dispatcher is able to check the state of assigned tasks whenever he needs, as well as the employee is notified about the newly assigned task, or changed task state, immediately. The solution significantly simplified the dispatcher's job. The idle times and unnecessary employee journeys were eliminated thanks to the immediate response, which made the whole process more effective. Following these facts, the overall costs should be lowered, and also more work should be made in the same amount of time.
System for Online Teaching of Mathematics
Dohnal, Lukáš ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement a web application for online teaching of mathematics. The system is primarily intended for students and teachers at secondary schools. The application is implemented in PHP and Javascript languages. The Symfony framework is chosen on the backend and the React framework was used for the frontend implementation.
Smart City Brno - Researches
Witassek, Pavel ; Kula, Michal (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create the solution for the City of Brno, which will enable the collection of ideas and information about individual areas from the inhabitants of the city. The provided implementation is composed from two parts, the first one is the server with the API interface and the second one is the web application with the map. The mental map is used for the records of the opinions of the inhabitants of the City of Brno, where the responders mark the points. The City of Brno gets the feedback from its citizens and more important, the city gets the possibility to define its own survey and the city does not have to use costly solutions, which would anyway have to be adopted to the city needs.
Development of economic-law information web-system
The first part of the thesis is about web applications, MVC architecture and web frameworks. Their role in application development is discussed and the advantages and disadvantages of their use are outlined. In the following part, the Symfony web framework 3.4 is discussed further. Specifically, this section develops its core components and functionality that it uses (structure, configuration files, controllers, entities, templates, models, security, etc.) The second part of the thesis is dedicated to the development of economic-legal information system EPIS Online, which was created by Symfony 3.4. Its three modules (security and user license structure, legislation and payment gateway) are described further. The specific processes in the system, actions of controllers, templates, services and many other components are explained in this part.
Migrace komplexních projektů mezi web MVC frameworky
The bachelor thesis deals with migration of a complex software project to a new framework in the same programming language and with the same main design pattern as the original framework. Theoretical and practical aspects of such migration are evaluated and a part of a concrete project is used to demonstrate the chosen migration process from the Zend Framework to the Symfony 3 framework. The thesis shows how two frameworks can coexist within the application during the transition period when new features have to be delivered continuously. The thesis also describes the differences in how design patterns are applied in both frameworks.
A Web Tool for Tracking Progress on Issues
Lamacz, Jan ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on design of the web application for project management. The final product is more process-oriented compared to most of other widely spread project management tools. It builds on the visual representation of tasks' progress. One of the main features is its simplicity and user friendliness as it also aims at the users who are not willing to invest their time to discover more complex applications but are willing to use some project management tool. The application is developped in the Symfony framework.
Information System for an Attorney's Office
Bartánus, Radovan ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Rychlý, Marek (advisor)
This thesis covers the computational tools designated for the purposes of increasing efficiency, lowering difficulty and monitoring of work processes in the attorney offices in Slovak republic. It also analyses the current available software tools with a similar purpose. At the same time it examines safety requirements, specified by the laws of Slovak republic, which ensure the protection of personal data of clients and employees of attorney offices. The results of the analysis helped designing and implementing the final web application, which can be used as an information system for attorney offices. The final application includes a search for records in the register of companies of Slovak republic, and notifying users of any changes in the records.
Personal Calendar PHP
Sadloň, Matej ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Kolář, Martin (advisor)
This thesis aims to time management. The goal is to design and implement web application for simpler and easy-to-use managing of personal time. For this, the application uses calendars, To-Do lists, dividing of bigger task into subtasks or analyzing of spent time. The PHP framework named Symfony was used for implementation of the application with use of object-relation mapping, that is provided by the PHP library Doctrine and uses MySQL database. The CSS and JavaScript technologies were used for better graphical design and dynamism of work with application.

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