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Didactic methods in Health education
Procházková, Jitka ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the didactic means of teaching health education and research of selected online resources usable for teaching health education at the second stage of primary and secondary schools. The aim of the work is to verify the quality of materials available online suitable for use in teaching health education and to show their practical use. The materials are verified in terms of the quality of materials, their practical use in teaching and focus in terms of the level of education. The available materials are verified by an analysis, which is focused on the examination of materials in terms of science, adequacy, practicality and suitability for use in a particular level of education. The practical use of materials is verified by practical use in teaching and the method of structured interviews with colleagues. The theoretical part of the work is focused on the types of teaching aids and the research part on the analysis of specific teaching aids. The practical part deals with the use of available teaching aids in teaching. The thesis contains an overview of selected, available didactic tools usable in the teaching of health education with regard to their content, quality and adequacy. The work also offers a demonstration of the use of available teaching aids in the teaching of...
Volunteerism or Tourism? Teaching English in Developing Countries
Pinkavová, Zuzana ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Šremer, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis addresses the phenomenon of volunteerism in the form of teaching English in the so-called developing countries. The focus is especially on its direct form, without the mediation of any third party, where people from the Global North arrange their volunteer stays directly with the people from the Global South whom they then visit and teach English as volunteers. The main objective of this thesis is to determine whether this form of volunteerism is beneficial and if so then who benefits from it to what extent and in what way. My research provides a critical analysis of this phenomenon through a review of literature concerned with the broader context of this topic and qualitative research which consists of two parts. First, I have conducted field research in Ecuador where I have taught English as a volunteer in a local school. Then I have conducted semi-structured interviews with volunteers from the Global North who had participated in similar volunteer stays in the Global South. Through this research, I have come to the conclusion that the described form of volunteerism can be very beneficial for all its participants if it is well established. However, its main benefit lies not in the improvement of the level of local English but in its potential of supporting intercultural...
Environmental Democracy Index based on the Aarhus Convention: foundation, framework and indicators
Macurová, Miriam ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Miroslav (referee)
The focus of this master thesis is the concept of environmental democracy at the level of the Aarhus convention. Environmental democracy rights which are the rights to access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters were mentioned for the first time at the global level in Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in 1992. With this Principle the main role of public participation in decision-making in environmental matters was acknowledged and it had a significant impact on fulfillment of sustainable development goals. To these days the most important elaboration of Principle 10 in international law is Aarhus Convention signed within the framework of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in 1998. Main research question of this thesis is if it is possible to measure environmental democracy on the level of the region of UNECE, so the implementation of the Aarhus Convention provisions by its member states. Therefore, the research problem is the creation of the theoretical framework and the methodological procedure for building of composite indicator which will measure environmental democracy rights at the level of Aarhus convention. That will be demonstrated on the first pillar of the Convention. This thesis...
Legal aspects of alternative fuels' use in transport
Straka, Jakub ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Derlich, Stanislav (referee)
Legal aspects of alternative fuels' use in transport Abstract What connects solar energy, palm oil and the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline? All these topics have one common denominator, i.e. alternative fuels. This group of fuels, which is represented by electricity, hydrogen or biomethane, has the ambition to replace fossil fuels and reduce the negative environmental effects of the sectors of the economy where fossil fuels are used - in transport and energy. This thesis focuses on the transport sector and pursues two lines. The first part of the text examines, by using the example of biofuels, natural gas and electricity, whether and to what extent alternative fuels fulfill the purpose of the alternative in relation to oil-based fuels. The principle of energy security and the principle of sustainable development in its environmental and economic aspects are used as a benchmark. In the second part, this thesis pays attention to legal instruments that determine the future of alternative fuels. Specifically, emission limits for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles and financial support for alternative fuels at all stages of their life cycle are analyzed. The purpose of this work is to capture the momentum of the ongoing legislative development in the field of alternative fuels, to try to...
Sustainable tourism in selected protected areas in the Czech Republic
Görner, Tomáš
The designation of protected areas is currently the most widely adopted means of conserving natural ecosystems. Whilst the conservation of nature is the primary concern in protected areas, it is also recognized that meeting the needs and priorities of participants (e. g. local residents, visitors) is vital to the long-term survival of such areas. Studies dealing with attitudes of participants may improve protected area management, and help to identify the problems in the area. The Ph.D. thesis "Sustainable tourism in selected protected areas in the Czech Republic" was carried out in Krkonose National Park (KPNAP), Sumava National Park (NP) and Protected Landscape Area (PLA) in the Czech Republic and in Karkonoski Park Narodowy (KPN) in Poland. Many socioenvironmental research studies have been done focusing on the problems of tourism in these areas. The results of these studies could be affected by the timing and location of the survey. The main objective of the research is to compare characteristics and attitudes of visitors and local people in protected areas in different seasons (winter and summer) and in different types of protected areas (national parks and protected landscape area). The first part of the results finds the differences between perceptions and attitudes of visitors of the...
Organic Farming with Regard to Sustainable Development
Procházková, Adéla ; Bartoš, Michael (advisor) ; Cudlínová, Eva (referee)
The focus of this diploma thesis is organic farming. Its goal is to evaluate the positives and the negatives of organic farming from the sustainable development point of view. Sustainable development is usually divided into three pillars - environmental, economic and social. However, this thesis uses the division into four pillars of sustainability, in which the social pillar is divided into socio-political and human pillar, which is more fitting in this case. This division allows a more detailed evaluation of organic farming. The thesis also deals with the question of sustainability of the researched farm in the future. The method chosen for the thesis is a case study, thanks to which a specific case was researched and answers for the stated questions could be found. Rainton farm in the South of Scotland serves as the case for the practical part of the thesis. Since the early 1990s Rainton has been in the process of conversion from the conventional to the organic way of farming. The business has been diversified and therefore the research could be focused also on the development of the visitor centre, ice-cream or cheese making. Thanks to the data from interviews, participant observation and other documents, a complex picture of the organic farm was created. The research has shown that the...
Czech Republicfacing changes of the European Union energy market
Rokuskova, Klara ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Mazač, Jan (referee)
This study looks at the evolution of the management of the biofuel energy in the transport sector in the European Union. This sector represents a big challenge for environmentally friendly and sustainable production and consumption of energy. In the past ten years biofuels have emerged as a burgeoning solution but have also received criticism from some quarters. The study analysis the European Commission's functions in the management of the biofuel market in Czech Republic through a single case study. The research is based on the Principal-Agent theory elaborated by the broader theory of rational-choice institutionalism. It argues that Czech Republic biofuel market may be driven by the European Commission if functions that enhance credible commitment, higher efficiency and information were delegated to it by the member states. Through the congruence method the study compares the expectations of the Principal- Agent theory with the real case situation. Under the European legislation, between the Directive 2009/28/EC and the Directive (EU) 2018/2001, the study finds that the European Commission has some significant function in the management of the sustainability of biofuels in the Czech Republic but has very limited power to directly influence the evolution of Czech biofuel production. The European...
Analysis of clean waer supply in developing countries in the context of SDG framework
Kratochvíla, Patrik ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Palanská, Tereza (referee)
Since 1990, privatization of water and sanitation utilities has been promoted as a viable solution to their insufficient accessibility in developing countries, however its aftermath is disputed to this day. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the consequences and effectiveness of private-sector-supplied water and sanitation services in developing countries in the context of SDG. Using the panel data regression methods of fixed- effects and random-effects, the sample of 78 countries in the span of 29 years from 1990-2018 is analyzed to quantify the effect of private-sector and IMF (non-private) investment on expansion of water and sanitation coverage and the extent to which each of them helps diminish WASP mortality rate among the population. The results show that a) neither source of external financial aid significantly contributes to expansion of water coverage and decrease of mortality rate, and b) the degree of countries' economic development (measured by GDP per capita) is the most significant factor in the pursuit of water-related SDG.
Cooperative as one of the possible tools of the economic concept of Steady-State
Dekastello, Petr ; Hájek, Jan (advisor) ; Vejchodská, Eliška (referee)
The thesis analyzes the theory of Steady-State Economy based on a research of literature as well as principles and starting points for its application in practice. The central question revolves around the viability of the theory. First, however, the thesis focuses on the context, i.e. the background and needs for the emergence of this theory. Thus, the research begins at a time of industrial revolution and the rise of modern economies. In the course of the research, the analysis also points out the phenomenon of cooperatives, which arise in the early days of industrialization, as examined at the start of the work. Later, after a comprehensive introduction of the steady-state economy theory, the thesis returns to cooperatives, as during the research certain parallels in both of the phenomena emerge. Consequently, the conclusion recapitulates and examines whether steady state economy has been proven to be viable, what could support its functioning and whether one of the answers might be cooperatives - considered they have been shown to realize certain assumptions of this economic theory in practice. After a review of criticism of both of the phenomena, a final evaluation and decision may be reached, i.e. the research questions may be answered.
Humans of Lusanja. Anthropological study of development cooperation in Uganda.
Havlová, Nikola ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the development cooperation and implementation of projects in local cultures using example of Ugandan community from the Lusanja village. The aim of this thesis is to describe the impact of development cooperation on the community and its expectations, to map the dialogue among the various actors of the project and to provide feedback to the Western non-profit organizations from the local culture. Based on field research conducted using ethnographic methods, the thesis brings an emic perspective of the local community to the Western idea of development cooperation. The emic perspective is mostly omitted from the development discourse, eventhough it could significantly affect the sustainability of implemented projects in developing countries. The thesis also covers the daily life of the Lusanja people. Key words: development cooperation, local community, NGOs, Uganda, sustainable development, ethnographic research

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