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Legal Aspects of Clinical Drug Research
Kulan, Kryštof ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
Legal Aspects of Clinical Drug Research Abstract The aim of this work is the evaluation of the current situation in the clinical study of medication, description of the rights and the protection of the subject of evaluation in the research and solution of selected questions, which may be confusing or at least unclear for the average person. Furthermore, this thesis discusses the exercise of the rights of the subject of the research with focus on damages incurred by the subject of evaluation and to his close persons. The last question is payment for participation in clinical research and other benefits that the subject of the evaluation gains for the participation. Through this methodology, this work has resulted in a detailed analysis of the rights of the subject, especially in relation to his / hers personal rights, their protection and performance. Through the method described above, it brings a new perspective on the relationship of liability for the damage caused to the subject of the clinical research. It also presents arguments pointing to the necessity to change the actual but legally unsatisfactory status of the reimbursements provided for participation in the clinical research. The main findings of this work are the clarification of the liability in relationships that arise in clinical research....
The natural world by Husserl and Patočka
The aim of this work is to introduce a problem of natural world by Edmund Husserl and Jan Patočka. This work introduces phenomenological philosophy in short as a distinctive philosophical field with its specific method. In particular passages, the work deals with Edmund Husserl first as he is the founder of this philosophy and a discoverer of "natural world". Further, it introduces more elaborate structures of "natural world" by Patočka with his own notion.
Toy as a visual form
Vojteková, Markéta ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
1 ABSTRACT A toy is a method in encultury. The deals with a toy in context of contemporary visual culture like a product of culture industries. It solves how the specific toys could manipulate children's perception. It examines types and basic principles of children's games in relation to toys. In case study it examines a proces of children's game for two children in a home environment in relation to specific toys. It documents and characterizes the toys which are available for children and a way how a children plays with them. It observes, records, analyzes and reflects children's game and tracks constants and a transformations of ideas, concepts and skills which are entering gaming proces. Following a research probe, it suggest a set of art activities. KEYWORDS Child, formation, game, toy, observe, advertisement, visual, visual culture
Entrepreneurial Project
Bohatová, Kristýna ; Novák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the business plan. The aim of this work is to build 3 of the proposals, which could help the Camaieu company to better compete in the market, reduce costs and first of all increase profits. The teoretical part is focused on the business plan on its own, the most common mistakes in business, market subjects and the company targets. In the practical part we will find the concrete suggestions.
The role of the body in acquiring skills
Adámková, Anna ; Ivan, Michal (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
The main topic of the master thesis is the exploration of a process of learning and acquitision of skills. In fact these processes are the important parts of a human life indeed. The issue of this topic is being considered through a different but certainly related topic - the rules and their function. The first part of this thesis consists of the analyses of several points of view on the topic of rules as a whole. The introduction of the thesis is supplemented with the theory of S. Blackmore speaking about the meaning of mems in our lifes. After the first part, where the work of J. Peregrin "A Man and rules" is analised, the other bigger charter begins with the analysis of M. Merleau-Ponty point of view on a human body and embodiment - the essence of a human being. In fact the studies of S. Curtiss and A. S. Benzaquen are the sources of the particular cases that are closely connected with the topic of the previous chapters of the thesis and that close the thesis.
Conception of an Object as a Complex of Perceptions in David Hume's Philosophy
Fršlínek, Jan ; Hill, James (advisor) ; Palkoska, Jan (referee)
Práce pojednává o objektu (jakožto komplexu percepcí) a s daným tématem souvisejícími otázkami v kontextu filosofie Davida Huma, jak je obsažena především v první knize jeho díla Treatise of Human Nature a rovněž s přihlédnutím k dílům Enquiry Concerning Human Undestanding a An Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature a dalším titulům primární a sekundární literatury. Tematizováno je v tomto kontextu tedy nejprve Humovo pojetí percepcí jako takové (a to na základě první kapitoly Treatisu, Of ideas, their origin, composition, connexion, abstraction etc.). Poté je v souvislosti s předchozím pojednáno i o Humově pojetí identity (především objektu-tělesa) a jeho koncepce individuace, resp. i stálosti a koherence. (a to na základě čtvrté kapitoly Of scepticism with regard to senses). Na konci práce jsou kontrastovány různé možné typy objektů, jež lze (dle autora této práce) chápat jako komplexy percepcí a poté je nabídnuto schéma hypotézy o individuaci tzv. materiálních těles (bodies) v prostoru.
Object Oriented Political Theory? A contribution of object oriented philosophy for political theory
Drozd, Václav ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
Václav Drozd Object oriented political theory? A contribution of object oriented philosophy for political theory Abstract (in English): This diploma thesis is concerned with the turn to materiality and object in contemporary philosophy and explores its impact on political theory. It focuses on conceptions trying to reformulate the relation between subject and object, culture and nature or human and inhuman entities - symetrical ontology of Bruno Latour, speculative realism and object-oriented ontology. The aim of the study is to identify the benefits of these aproaches for political theory. The first frame topic important for investigated theories is the relation of human and state towards complex technologies. The second general topic is the existence under conditions of anthropocene and climate change. Keywords: anthropocene, speculative realism, object, corelationism, actor, vibrant matter, technologies, symmetry, actor-network-theory, Latour

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