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Development and Debt Management in the Czech Republic
Kupka, Ondřej ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Vopátek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the development of the government debt in the Czech Republic, in particular in terms of its structure, the assessment of the sustainability of the current government debt level and the assessment of the setting and operation of debt management in the Czech Republic, in comparison with the recommendations of important international institutions. Used will work primarily analytical, synthetic and comparative methods. The first chapter introduces the theoretical definition of the concepts of public debt, including its causes, impacts and forms of coverage. Subsequently, the thesis deals with the theoretical approaches in the sphere of governement debt management. The next chapters assess the development of the government debt in the Czech Republic, its structure, institutional solution and overall debt management. Finally is evaluated the sustainability of the Czech Republic's current indebtedness and realized the comparison of debt management with IMF and World Bank recommendations.
National debt of Czech Republic
Chung, Su Won ; Izák, Vratislav (advisor) ; Klazar, Stanislav (referee)
The dissertation analyzes national debt of Czech Republic between the years 1996 to 2015 as well as comparing it to other member states of European Union with a brief suggestion of how to lower the debt. Results are based on documents from Ministry of Finance of Czech Republic.
Development and financing of the Czech Government Debt in comparison with other countries of the Visegrad Group
Hánová, Lucie ; Blahová, Naďa (advisor) ; Pour, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the development and structure of Czech Government Debt in comparison with other countries of Visegrad group. In the first part, there is a description of debt management, the institutional arrangement and financial instruments. In the second part, there is a comparison with Government Debts of Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.
Comparation of development of the state debt of the Czech republic and the Slovak republic in 1993-2016 with regard to the impact of the government
Fučík, Václav ; Zeman, Martin (advisor) ; Ševčíková, Michaela (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the amount and the development of public debt between the years 1993 and 2016, which is represented by the state debt in the case of the Czech Republic and, in the case of the Slovak Republic, the debt of the public administration. Account is taken of the budgetary and fiscal policy set by individual governments based on their own ideological status. The theoretical part of the thesis defines mainly public finances, fiscal policy and the budgetary system - the substantial part of the budgetary system is the state budget. The practical part is divided into periods corresponding to political cycles. In each period the political and macroeconomic situation prevailing in individual countries is always characterized. That´s why it´s easier to understand the development of the state budget. The state budget is subsequently evaluated in sum with regard to the political and other factors influencing it. The final chapter of the practical part contains the analysis and comparison of the development of the public debt. On the basis of these facts conclusions are drawn and expressed hypotheses are verified.
Economic Policy in the USA and Germany 1933–1939
Johnson, Zdenka ; Tajovský, Ladislav (advisor) ; Krebs, Vojtěch (referee) ; Slaný, Antonín (referee)
The dissertation provides an analysis, evaluation, and comparison of selected areas of economic policy in the United States of America and Germany from 1933 to 1939 within the context of the 1920s, the Great Depression, and the Second World War. Based on a thorough analysis of the determined objectives, tools, the intended and unintended impacts of their fiscal policies, monetary policies, and foreign-trade policies, the dissertation thesis aims to verify the basic hypothesis that the United States and German economic policies were largely similar as responding to similar issues that both advanced economies had to face. During the verification process, the author relies mainly on the genuine processing and analysis of original statistical sources. In the individual chapters of the dissertation both identical, and also different features in selected types of economic policies are presented. On the basis of a comparison of the main economic-policies trends, despite some differences in the partial characteristics of chosen economic policy types, it can be concluded that economic policies of the central governments of Germany and the United States of America were similar in surprisingly many respects.
The return of Poland and Czechoslovakia and the entry of Hungary to International Monetary Fund.
Veverka, Jan ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The Return of Poland and Czechoslovakia and the Entry of Hungary to International Monetary Fund" deals with the early membership of these three central European countries - Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary - in the International Monetary Fund. First the thesis deals with how both Czechoslovakia and Poland were involved in the process of setting up the IMF and how they both terminated their membership in the beginning of the fifties, later the thesis deals with the circumstances leading to the Hungarian membership in the International Monetary Fund in 1982, to Polish membership renewal in 1986 as well as to Czechoslovak membership renewal talks in the 1980s. There has been a substantial change in economic and political setting in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland after thirty years of disparate economic evolution and political separation via "iron curtain". At the same time, the character of IFM changed as well, and it was this coincidence that lead to the change in the attitude towards the IMF membership on the side of all above mentioned states as well as of the international organization itself.
The Debt of the Czech Republic as a Public Policy Problem
Rezek, Štěpán ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Brázová, Věra - Karin (referee)
This thesis deals with public debt of the Czech Republic as a public policy problem. Its main objective is to propose solutions that would lead to a systemic and long-term solution to balance public finances. The first part deals with the definitions of terms that are necessary for subsequent analysis. In the second part the CR debt is set to the theory of public policy problem, the third part deals with the analysis of CR public debt. The analysis focuses on the emergence and development from its beginning to the present trends, characteristics and main issues of public debt CR. The analysis is based mainly on statistics issued by the Ministry of Finance and Czech Statistical Office. Last part is based on an analysis of CR public debt and its task is to design a system solution for it, which would lead to long-term balanced budgets. The author would like to help to expand the current information about this topic with this thesis, which affects not only Czech Republic but almost the entire world.
The Czech Republic's Debt Financing: Causes and Risks of the Current Situation on the Bond Markets
Švadleňák, Michal ; Pavelek, Petr (advisor) ; Pekárek, Štěpán (referee)
This thesis is focused on the comparison of methods of financing budget deficits and national debt management in the Czech Republic with other OECD countries in the context of the current situation on the global financial market. The first part describes the methods of financing budget deficits in the Czech Republic which are compared with selected OECD countries. The second part is aimed at the impact of foreign exchange interventions of the Czech National Bank on the domestic bond market and it is compared with negative interest rates policy. The last part analyses the impact of the Public Sector Purchase Programme on the Czech Republic's bond market. The thesis implies that besides other factors, foreign exchange intervention of the Czech National Bank have an impact on the current situation on the bond market. While the impact of the programme PSPP has not yet proved.
Comparison of the Principles of Budgetary Responsibility in selected Countries
Beneš, Tomáš ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Krbová, Jana (referee)
The Bachelor´s thesis engage in budgetary responsibility issues. It is based on the theoretical findings from which is subsequently arised in the practical part. The practical part is divided into comparison of the budgetary responsibility rules in selected countries and into the analysis of the current Czech bill of the constitutional law about the budgetary responsibility. There are different approaches of the budgetary responsibility analyzed in the first part of the practical part and afterwards there is mentioned reflection about its efficiency. The second part of the practical part elaborately analyze the bill in the Czech Republic and thereafter (with taking into consideration the theoretical findings and analysis of the budgetary rules in selected countries) it is evaluated.

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