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Hodnocení spokojenosti zákazníků s restauračními zařízeními ve městě Vsetín
Trtíková, Jana
Trtíková, J. The evaluation of customer satisfaction with restaurants in Vsetín. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2018. The bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of customer satisfaction in selected restaurants in Vsetín. The first part of thesis includes theoretical basis, which describes catering services, consumer behaviour and marketing research. Furthermore, the statistical methods used for data processing are mentioned. Practical part contains analysis of data obtained through a questionnaire survey and interpretation of results. Final part of thesis presents recommendations for restaurant owners, which are based on obtained results and aim to improve the quality of provided services.
Motivy a postoje host'ov reštaurácií k prepitnému
Krausová, Barbora
Krausová, B. Motives and attitudes of restaurant guests toward gratuities. Bachelor Thesis. Brno: Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2018. The main theme of this Bachelor´s thesis are motives of guests in Czech restaurants for gratuities and factors affecting decisions of its value, whose identification is the main goal of this thesis. The theoretical part covers problems of tourist industry, food service, service quality, consumer behaviour, satisfaction of customers and gratuities. Consequently, own analysis of the current state of food services in Czech Republic follows. The next part reveals and evaluates the most common incentives for leaving gratuities and factors affecting its value through questionnaire. The conclusion compares gained results with international research with similar case of study and formulates recommendations for providers of such services.
Řízení kvality destinace jako produktu cestovního ruchu
Mlejnková, Kateřina
The diploma thesis deals with the quality of tourism services in the city and its evaluation. As a source of data, primary research of service providers in the urban destination as well as the secondary data from previous researches was used. The overall objective was to evaluate approaches to the quality of tourism services in urban destinations. At the same time, the most important quality factors influencing the demand from the point of view of service providers was determined thus the cultural-social attractions, accommodation and boarding. The findings of the thesis are the proposal for evaluation of the product quality in a case study Brno and surrounding (Brno a okolí), the contribution is an increase of the demand for the destination and its turnout.
Marketing Research
Adam, František ; Kaňovská, Lucie (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
Thebachelor thesis focuses on the level ofsatisfactionoftheclientwiththeoffered-production in thefieldofhealth care. The thesis contains a theoretical part where I describetheconceptsthat are related to thefocusofthework. In thenextsection, analysesoftheexternal and internal environment willbecarriedout and a question-nairewillbeprepared. On thebasisoftheinformationfrom these analyses, I willpro-poseproposalsforimprovement.
Customer Satisfaction
Vlach, Daniel ; Sedláček, David (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on analysing customer satisfaction in chosen company. Theoretical part clarifies important terms, which are important for understanding the analytical part of this diploma thesis. After the theoretical basis follows the analytical part of the current situation through a description of internal and external company’s environment, which is followed by a questionnaire and its results. Finally, some suggestions for improvement of the customer satisfaction will be presented.
Marketing research of customer satisfaction in selected Winter Hall
Bílková, Luďka ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Title: Marketing research of customer satisfaction in selected Winter Hall Objectives: The main aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the satisfaction of visitors of public skating with the services provided at the Ludvík Košek Winter Hall in Turnov. On the basis of the results, suggestions and recommendations were developed to improve services. Methods: In the empirical part of the diploma thesis, quantitative-qualitative research was used. A written and electronic questionnaire designed for the stadium visitors was made in order to find out the satisfaction of the public skating visitors with the services provided at the Ludvík Košek Winter Hall in Turnov. Futhermore a semi-structured interview was conducted with the manager and semi-structured interviews with the stadium visitors were conducted to deepen the research. Results: The results of the research are represented by tables, graphs, classification crosses and diagrams. The results show that the stadium visitors are quite satisfied with the services. Visitors are most satisfied with the location of the stadium, the cleanliness of the lobby and reception. On the contrary, the worst rating is the opening hours and refreshments. The most important aspect for them is the quality of the ice surface and the cleanliness of the lobby and...
Analysis of customers satisfaction of company LCS INTERNATIONAL with information systems Helios
Vlček, Petr ; Tymočko, Václav (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
The main goal of this Master`s thesis is to find out the satisfaction of current customers with the economic information systems HELIOS produced by LCS International, Inc. company. This company is engaged in the development and distribution of these information systems. The Master`s thesis contains the analysis of the customers` satisfaction results. On the basis of this analysis the strong and weak points in each information system were identified from the current customers` points of view. My proposals in this work lead to the increase of the customers` satisfaction with the HELIOS information systems.
The Proposal of Customer Satisfaction Enhancement of Plzensky Dvur Restaurant
Marková, Denisa ; Babák, Dalibor (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is concerned with the analysis of customer satisfaction of the restaurant Plzeňský dvůr. In the theoretical part it is concerned with the explanation of the fundamental terms which connect with these problems and methods of satisfaction recognition. In the practical part there is customer satisfaction determined by marketing research, which is based on enquiries through questionnaires. The result of this work is out put in the form of suggestions and recommendations, which should lead to an increase in the present level of customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction
Kratochvíla, Jakub ; Čechmánková, Silvie (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
This Bachalor thesis is focused on problematics in area of customer satisfaction in retail sport chain Decathlon, specifically in store in Brno Ivanovice. Theoretical part describes what is marketing research, customer, his satisfaction and marketing itself. Following by an analysis of the current environment and compiling a questionnaire survey based on analytical part. Thesis contains own suggestion for the increase of customer satisfaction in the store.
Marketing research of customers satisfaction in In Motion Academy
Hrubeš, Jaroslav ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Holánek, Michal (referee)
Title: Marketing research of customers satisfaction in In Motion Academy Objectives: The goal of my bachelor thesis is to find out customer satisfaction through marketing research in In Motion Academy. Research will focus on all available services in the facility, customers can make suggestions to improvement and also all the other aspects of the customer satisfaction will be included, for example transportation, facility environment etc. Methods: To determine customer satisfaction, quantitative research was conducted through electronic queries. Questionnaire was created with cooperation with management of the In Motion Academy and was distributed through customers e-mail database. The questionnaire is very comprehensive because of substantial research of individual services. Results: The results show that In Motion Academy customers are very satisfied. Regardless, the research revealed some shortcomings in individual services. Respondents' complains was most often concentrated on overcrowding of individual trainings or the lack of consistency of some trainers. In addition to service itself, there were many comments on the halls background. Especially the missing of seating space for parents or the lack of changing rooms and sanitary facilities. Based on the results of the research, recommendations...

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