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Možnosti 3D vizualizace ve výuce techniky
Bachelor work deals with the creation of educational simulations motion of conical differential. Work is divided into two imagined parts. The first one is a literary research. The reader will read about what kind of conical differentials exist, where they are used, their advantages and disadvantages, their principle of action and a description of construction. A brief history about development CAD systems follows with a description of three chosen CAD modeling programmes. In this programme the basic modelling work is being described for a programme called SolidWorks. At the end of the first part technologies of three-dimensional view and virtual reality are introduced. The second part deals with the itself model's creation in the programme SolidWorks. From the creation of individual parts of conical differential up to the composition of those parts in to the group. Further follows a description of animations' creation and of videos of conical differential's motion. The result of this bachelor work are the educational videos with activity of a conical differential. The videos can be used for education and study techniques.
Tvorba 3D modelu Kardanova kloubu určeného pro výuku
MÁTL, David
This bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of Cardan joint model which will be subsequently used for teaching the technical classes. The model was created in 3D modeling programme SolidWorks. The thesis contains the introduction of technical principles of Cardan joint and it's application in technology. The research part also introduces CAD systems which are currently available on market and are used in technical practise. The practical part directly focuses on the creation of the model.
Výroba funkčního modelu exkavátoru Volvo EC380E
MALÝ, Vítězslav
This bachelor thesis focuses on the creation process of a working model of the Volvo EC380E excavator; the model is to be used in engineering classes. The excavator is fitted with a simple and illustrative hydraulic system. The model was made using 3D computer modelling and its parts printed on a 3D printer before assembly. The free Student Edition of the SolidWorks software was used for the modelling. The research section of the thesis provides an introduction to select CAD systems currently used in engineering practice. The research section is followed by a section on the mechanisms of hydraulics and the principles that govern them. There is also a section on practice, which documents the creation and assembly processes and includes the technical documentation.
Supersonic Flow Measurement Within A Lowpressure Area
Bayer, Robert ; Hlavatá, Pavla ; Bílek, Michal
The goal of this paper is to describe the idea of measuring a supersonic gas flow within low-pressure areas in order to describe its behavior and to compare the measurement data with the generally described supersonic gas flow behavior derived from its behavior within high-pressure areas. This data should help to make low-pressure supersonic flow simulations more accurate.
Design Of The Shape Of The Experimental Chamber For The Analysis Of The Pressure Layout In The Differential Pumped Chamber
Hájková, Věra
This article is based on a study of Dr. Danilatos, where pumping of the differential pumped chamber is solved using the Monte Carlo statistical method. Similar results were obtained using the Ansys Fluent system. Theoretical computations as Dr. Danilatos and comparative studies are performed on theoretical shape. Simulations were made to obtain the shape of an experimental chamber with complete pumping shapes so that its shaping and pumping would ensure such a flow of gas to ensure the same distribution of pressure in the experimental chamber in the area under investigation as in the theoretical shape.
Analysis of Whirling of Gas Flow within the Specimen Chamber of ESEM
Bayer, Robert
The usage of an Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) brings the possibility of studying many kinds of materials and chemical reactions never studied before. In this article there are compared and analyzed several simulation results of gas flow in the specimen chamber of ESEM with high gas pressure throughout the whole volume except on its optical axis, where low gas pressure is needed.
Interdisciplinary relationships at the level of the planned curriculum in the educational areas of Mathematics and its Applications and Man and the World of Work.
The goal of my diploma thesisis to create a set of tasks for education at basic school. This thesis is especially focused on realization of tasks from practice.In theoretical part I deal with complex of inter-subject relations between described branches in this work, computer support, selection of 3D CAD programmes at basic school with regard to price availability and technical designing (drawing). The practical part is focused on working papers. This part allows the construction of product using the calculation of word task. This calculation makes theimage about that product easier and allows creation of model in the CAD programme and the final production. This thesis is checked up by pupils in ninth degree of basic school. The fundamental part of this work forms appendix of working papers, which are prepared for education. I consider the approachof solving the tasks for pupils at second degree of basic school to be innovative.
The heat build-up of tap-off units of busbar trunking system in relationship to their surfacing.
Forejtník, Jan ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Foral, Štěpán (advisor)
This study is dedicated to the effect of surface modification on lid warming of busbar trunking system BD2 which is manufactured by Siemens company in Mohelnice town (CZ). By using experimental methods, it investigates heat transfer by radiation and natural convection. It evaluates which type of surface modification is more effective by transfer heat. This study uses a method of emisivity comparison and a procedure given in standards for heat up test afterwards. It led to recognition, that various colour shades used on busbar system have similar high emissivity. Smooth colour spraying transfers heat a bit more effectively than rough colour spraying. Outputs of supplementary measurements give basis for numerical simulations in SolidWorks software. Numerical analysis assists to interpret results, for example by sensitivity study of heat transfer depending on emissivity.
Tesla's turbine as a source of energy
Šedina, Martin ; Libich, Jiří (referee) ; Kazda, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the currently used types of water turbines and next part of the thesis deals with the theory of Tesla turbine. The theoretical part discusses water wheels, water turbines with their types and models which are described in the work. The thesis also discusses the construction of the Tesla turbine, its possibilities of using, inside principles and information about Tesla´s patent. The practical part contains the design of the Tesla turbine with modifications for increasing efficiency. The thesis describes the technology that the turbine was produced.
Hlavatá, Pavla ; Bílek, Michal (referee) ; Maxa, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with the effect of the critical flow, which is produced at pumping of the differential pumping chamber of the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM). The thesis compares the state of the flow in the area of pumped chamber at pressure ratio on the apertures when the critical flow occurs and its advantages in design of the chambers versus the flow without the clogging the nozzle. Problematics were solved using finite volume method by Ansys Fluent system.

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