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Sergei Gessen's Philosophy of Pedagogy
Slobodová, Dana ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Jančárková, Julie (referee)
The paper focuses on the personality of Sergei Iosifovich Gessen, Russian philosopher and emigrant, who lived and worked in Czechoslovakia during the inter-war period. The main aim is to present Gessen's philosophy of pedagogy, mostly by means of his works, that were written and published during his stay in our country. This includes his articles for journal Russian school abroad, of which he was also an editor, his shorter studies but most importantly his monography Philosophical principles of pedagogy, which was partly rewritten by the author for the purpose of its Czech edition. Based on his works, we will try to formulate the topics and the principles, which Gessen emphasizes in his texts and which should be valid in his ideal pedagogical system. We will also consider, if the pedagogical topics he was analyzing are still up to date in contemporary circumstances. Keywords: Sergei Gessen, Sergius Hessen, Russian emigration, Russian philosophy, pedagogy
Ivan Il'in's Concept of National Idea
Zemánek, Ladislav ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Tumis, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the Russian thinker I. A. Il'in's lifework putting emphasis on social and political philosophy. In consideration of the coherence of all his lifework the thesis is also dedicated to Il'in's metaphysics, epistemology and moral philosophy interpretation and his philosophical method description. Il'in's concept of the Russian "national idea" and its position in the context of the thinker's philosophical system are analysed as well. The analysis of this concept is to indicate to what extend it could be of universal nature having a potentiality for general application. The thesis focuses on problems that have not been discussed in the Czech literature yet, although being topical, including Il'in's criticism of totalitarianism and Western democracy model, his specific conception of nationalism or emphasis on the legal consciousness and the legal state.
Philosophical Work of Nikolai Lossky
Haicl, Matouš ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Filová, Simona (referee)
This thesis presents the philosophical system of Nikolai Lossky. The thesis includes basic Lossky's biographical data and the philosophical system itself is interpreted from the point of view of three philosophical fields - gnoseology, metaphysics and ethics. Lossky was conceiving his system progressively with an emphasis on its inner interconnection. Firstly he formulated his study of intuition, by which he entered a dialogue with the European tradition because of his new concept of human cognition. Afterwards he postulated the dichotomy of two spheres of the world - the kingdom of God and the kingdom of dissension. A human being stands between these two worlds and theirs life mission is to find a way back to God. In the end there are presented some of the applications of Lossky's basic theses in a few shorter works and there is also a valuation of Lossky's contribution for today's philosophical tradition and possible perspectives of development of his thoughts.
Scientific Work of A. V. Florovsky in Prague
Dopitová, Nikola ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Jančárková, Julie (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the academic findings of a Russian historian - emigrant Antonij Vasiljevic Florovsky who lived and worked in Prague in the second half of his life. The focus is the analysis of his writings, especially the topic of Czech- Russian relations. The first chapter introduces his life before emigrating, followed by his time in Czechoslovakia. The second chapter focuses on the writings of this eminent historian, with the introduction of his work followed by three analyses of selected pieces concerning Czech- Russian relations. Keywords: Russian emigration, Russian historians, history of science, A. V. Florovsky, Czech-Russian relations
Analysis of spoken Czech at the Russian speaking Ethnic
Uzbekov, Timur ; Hasil, Jiří (advisor) ; Ivanovová, Darina (referee)
The work deals with the analysis of spoken Czech by Russian-speaking foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Based on the transcript of oral manifestations are captured and described grammatical, pronunciation and stylistic errors that occurred in their speech. It is also briefly described the history of emigration by Russian-speaking foreigners in the Czech lands and collected basic statistical and sociological data. Also is introduced problematic of language interference and bilingualism.

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