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Zhodnocení dopadů nákupu dlouhodobhého majetku pro konkrétní podnik
Pindur, Přemysl
Pindur, P. Evaluation of an investment to tangible fixed asset in particular company. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2016. This bachelor thesis deals with economic consequences of investment to fixed asset in company Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r.o. In chapter Literature review were described mainly the issues of investments, investing and financing of investments. In part Own evaluation of investment describes the economic costs and benefits of chosen innovation. In chapter Discussion, proposals and recommendations were evaluated consequences of chosen innovation. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of investment were identified by using SWOT analysis. By using table of economic and non-economic risks were identified problematic areas and suggested measures for their prevention or elimination.
Hodnocení efektivnosti investice v podniku
Haluza, Zdeněk
The bachelor's thesis is to evaluate the efficiency of the investment in storage space realized by the production company. Both dynamic methods and static methods are used to assess the effectiveness of the investment. Dynamic methods use the net present value method, internal yield percentage, profitability index. Dynamic methods are more appropriate for a given investment because they consider the time factor.
Možnosti zajištění rizika úmrtí na českém pojistném trhu
Budín, Tomáš
The bachelor thesis is focused on insurance of death in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part, the reader is acquainted with fundamental terms and current statistics. Categories of clients are defined in the practical part. Comparison of insurance products of chosen insurance companies is accomplished in the next part of thesis. Results are recommendations for best selection of insurance com-pany.
Rozbor systému bezpečnosti práce v lesní těžbě a návrh opatření pro zvýšení její účinnosti v podmínkách LH ČR
Mánek, Jakub
The propose of this diploma thesis is to analyse the system of working safety in lumber industry, based on Czech and European legislation and other laws and regulations. It is also important to study the technical literature in comparison with the statistics made by state and trade union organisations. The diploma thesis is mainly focused on the working safety in logging. The conclusion is also based on the data gather by means of a questionnaire, which was fulfilled by a sample of workers in logging field, and their level of working safety is then compared to the one of Lesy České republiky, s. p., the forest enterprise of Židlochovice, Vojenské lesy a statky, s. p., a division of Plumlov and a private enterpriser. Besides, my own investigation into not obeying the regulation of working safety by a self-employer was done. By means of all the gathered data a suggestion was made to boost the effectiveness of working safety and health protection which could result in minimising of the number of work injuries and accidents.
Analýza řízení rizik u projektů financovaných z operačních programů
Fišer, Filip
Diploma thesis is focused on risk management. The first part of this paper provides the necessary theoretical frame of risk management and project management. The theoretical research is followed with a brief summary of actual methodics of risk management in projects funded through operational programmes within the selected organization, which is Mendel University, the science and research department in particular. The author then proposes a recommended scope of methology of risk management to be used within the selected organization.
Dobrovoľný audit účetnej závierky ako nástroj kontroly
Uhríková, Michaela
The aim of this thesis is to assess the usefulness of the methods used in accordan-ce with international standards and their subsequent modification to the needs of the voluntary audit of an entity which specifies on production of software. The work is divided into two main parts, in first I set the work objectives, I characteri-ze the audit activity and audit phases. I will also characterize the specifics of audi-ted firm. In the second part, I will perform an audit in line with international audi-ting standards, through which I will answer the stated work objectives. I will pro-vide recommendations for the audited company.
Řízení rizik ve vybraném podniku
Kubík, Nikolaj
Primary aim of this diploma thesis was to create proposals for the risk management in chosen accommodation facilities. Based on tools, that have been commonly used for analysis of external and internal environment, identification of the risks was made. After that, the value was assigned to each of the identified risks and based on the results, concrete proposals were created. At the end, these proposals were generalized for the hotel industry.
Rizika internacionalizace malých a středních strojírenských podniků
Vencálková, Šárka
Vencálková, Š. Risks of the internationalization of SMEs operating in the engineering industry. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. The main objective of the thesis is to identify risks that affect small and medium-sized the engineering enterprises, and through primary data, which are acquiredcano questionnaire investigation. The literary part of the thesis explains concepts of globalization, internationalization models internationalization, small and medium-sized enterprises, risk. The analytical part of the work contains the characteristic of engineering as an industry, a description of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the CZECH republic. On the basis of the obtained data are determined by the risks that affect small and medium-sized engineering enterprises in the international trading. The key risks of small and medium-sized engineering enterprises identified the loss of key customers, the withdrawal of a business partner from the contract, the conclusion of an erroneous purchase contract, unfavorable exchange rate changes and are subsequently set out proposals for addressing these risks. The results of the survey are further compared with other selected industries.
Je výhodné investovat do vína?
Syrová, Veronika
This bachelor thesis deals with investments in wine. The aim of the thesis is to compare the profitability and riskiness of investments in wine with stocks and with other alternatives, such as gold. Part of the work is focused on the characteristics of wine as an asset and on the ways in which it can be invested in wine. The second part contains a description of the indices and the calculation of return, risk, correlation or Sharpe ratio.
Exchange Traded Funds a likvidita indexových portfolií
Bodeček, Ondřej
The thesis investigates if introduction of Exchange Traded Fund, which replicates given index, has impact on liquidity and risk of underlying component securities. This thesis specifically examines impact of introduction ETF called Lyxor ETF WIG20, which was introduced at Warsaw Stock Exchange. ETF holds stock of WIG 20 Index. The impact on liquidity is investigated by using univariate analysis and by using multivariate panel regression, where dummy variable is used. The impact on risk of component stock is analyzed by beta coefficient.

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