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Tobacco Products Regulation
Říhová, Eliška ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Petrmichl, Václav (referee)
Title of the Master's Thesis: Tobacco Products Regulation Abstract: The submitted diploma thesis focuses on the issue of tobacco products regulation. The aim of the work is to analyse substantive law governing tobacco products in all its aspects so that the work provides a comprehensive overview of substantive law with regards to tobacco product's "life cycle", from production to consumer. The first chapter describes the methodology and existing literature, providing the reader with an overview of key sources on which it was possible to base the writing of the work. The second chapter deals with historical developments and applicable law at the European and international level. The following chapters deal with the individual aspects of tobacco product's regulation. Chapter 3 deals in great detail with the regulation of the product itself (i.e. product layout, content and ingredients, requirements for its packaging, and requirements for traceability and traceability of products). In the Czech Republic relatively benevolent regulation of tobacco products advertising is covered in Chapter 4. The issue of restrictions on use and sale of tobacco products can be found in Chapter 5, including the recently introduced ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, cafes and similar premises. To provide full overview, the last...
Administrative supervision of advertising
Valušová, Pavla ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis on the topic "Administrative supervision of advertising" deals with regulation of advertising with focus on specifics of the administrative supervision and provides a comprehensive description and analysis of current legislation (substantive law and procedural law). The thesis deals with general rules laid down by the legislator for the content and distribution of advertising as well as special rules related to specific products. These products are: alcohol, tobacco products, medicinal products for human use and food. Legal regulation of these products is highly complex, strict or otherwise legally interesting and also often appears in the decision-making of administrative courts. The description and analysis of current legislation shows its complexity which is based on the ambiguity of interpretation resulting from the vague legal concepts. This ambiguity and uncertainty has an impact on the practical application, which is demonstrated by a number of practical examples and selected case law of administrative courts. Following the description and analysis of the rules of advertising, this thesis focuses on the specifics of administrative supervision with emphasis on deviations from the general rules. Attention is focused mainly on the definition of the powers of supervisory...
Influence of Advertisers on Media Coverage on the example of Motoring Magazines
Formánek, Vojtěch ; Nečas, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This thesis examines the influence of advertisers on the content of printed motoring magazines through the method of quantitative content analysis. The thesis asks whether an increasement of advertising can or can not influence media's reporting on advertisers' products. The thesis examines three Czech printed motoring magazines: Svět motorů, Automobil revue and auto motor a sport. The theoretical part deals with the dual-market topic, in other words the theory of two types of media's customers: paying readers and paying advertisers. They can - and according to the theory they often do - differ in their interests. The advertiser is interested in showing his products in the media in the best possible light, on the contrary, the reader is interested in being informed as objectively as possible. The theoretical part is based mainly on McQuail (2009) and Jirák and Köpplová (2015), who deal, inter alia, with the dilemma of two customers. Part of the theory is devoted to several other research which have examined the same topic; e. g. in the context of Italian fashion magazines. The work itself is based on research questions that ask about a correlation between the amount of advertising and amount (and tonality) of editorial content devoted to the advertisers as well as a possible influence of...
The Czech women's view on representation of women in advertisement
Koláčková, Martina ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
Master thesis The Czech Women's view on representation of women in advertisement focuses on the way advertisement reproduces gender stereotypes and sexism in the society. The analysis examines the view of female audience on this matters. The role of advertisement, gender roles and gender stereotypes, sexism and feminism are introduced in the beginning of this thesis. Main traits of sexism in advertisement are described. Possible impact of stereotyped and sexist advertisement on its viewers is demonstrated by introducing results of field related analyses. Based on interviews' analysis with selected group of women it was discovered that women view the representation of women in advertisement to be heavily stereotyped. Women in advertisement are reduced to the following categories: physically attractive and carefree, homemaker, naive and dull, and last but not least sex object. Even though female responders are able to identify some negative impacts of this stereotyped representation of women on both women's and men's lives, their concerns are undermined by their attitude towards advetisement which they do not consider to be capable of changing public attitudes and values. Female responders are convinced that gender discrimination against women is still present in the Czech Republic and advertisement...
Principles of regulation of advertisin in historic city centres with regard to the visual identity of the city
Martin, Jakub ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Lebedová, Veronika (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the principles of advertising regulation in historic city centers with respect to the visual identity of the city. The subject of the work was created in the spirit of the following idea: If we want to stop for a while in the city landscape andtake a moment to observe it, discover its interesting and valuable details, and not just pass through it so quickly, we encounter a lot of visual obstacles that make this impossible. Our senses become too exhausted and we soon feel tired as a result of all the messages we are trying to evaluate. That is why we often resort to fleeing to the safety of our homes instead of enjoying the atmosphere of the historic part of the city, for example. The primary goal of the work was to discover and clarify how the promotion of establishments is approached in general and what role municipalities themselves can playin this. First, however, it was necessary to define outdoor advertising and characterize itsbasic properties, even in the context of its historical development, because without it, the work could not be complete. Furthermore, the work should try to capture clearly enough and describe, in which forms of the public space of historic city centers advertising can occur. Then, as a matter of logic, one part of the work deals with the...
Communication Channels and Marketing Strategies of the Herbář Tv Serie (With Emphasis on Social Networks)
Camrdová, Šárka ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on communication and marketing strategies of the Herbář TV show. The main aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the topic therefore it contains the characteristics and categorization of the show and its position among other culinary programs. It also summarizes the basic theory of internet communication, social networks and marketing. The methodological part presents research questions, goals and research methods. Research variables are explained here. The practical part includes the research itself. It aims to map the communication channels of Herbář with the help of descriptive analysis, quantitative content analysis and qualitative analytical-comparative methods. It also aims to describe in which ways and in what language the show communicates with its audience and what type of content it offers. The work summarizes which marketing trends can be traced in the case of the show with a special focus on social media. All the findings are supported by specific examples. KEYWORDS electronic communication, media, social networks, Herbář TV show, language resources, advertising, gastronomy

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