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Income Approach of Property Valuation and Financial Modelling
David, Martin ; Hrdlička, Tomáš (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
The purpose of this diploma thesis is to clarify partial techniques of real estate income approach valuation. The object of this thesis is to create a complex overview of valuation techniques and methods used in income approach valuation. First, basic methodologies from field of market economy, valuation, financial mathematics and statistics, will be defined. In next section of this thesis, the income approach valuation methods and techniques will be defined as well as contribution of financial modelling to this approach. Following, several properties will be generalized in terms of cash flow inflows and outflows and exact techniques will be applied accordingly.
Using BIM for Real Estate Valuation
Sliška, Andrej ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
The main objectives of this diploma thesis are to introduce the building information model as an effective tool, helping at work with the buildings throughout their lifecycle and to consider its use for real estate valuation, from the point of view of individual valuation methods, used in Czech Republic. The real estate valuation methods and the functional principles of building information model, as well as its features, are described in the first part of the thesis. In addition, the first part of the thesis also deals with the model implementation conditions in selected countries of the world. The second part of the document contains consideration for model usage in the valuation practice. A practical demonstration of working with the model is also included in this thesis.
Methodical Procedure for Buying a House with a Mortgage Loan from the Point of View of the Buyer
Olejník, Martin ; Gardášová, Alena (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
Master thesis focuses on selected real estate with mortgages. Opinions on displaying processes for buying a property for a mortgage loan in the created graphic process of the Czech Banking Association. Explaining legislation on mortgage banks or building societies.
Ocenění rozestavěného objektu cenou obvyklou
LOPATA, Ondřej
The estimate I finished the normal family house. The work was at least partial understanding of valuation and its pitfalls. In part we had to copy the object to us experts in construction. Both these objectives we have in particular the use of literature in the practical part of the program then NEMExpress AC, in which we drafted the estimate. The test version of the program we have a test. The results showed that, for the estimation of selected is spatially excess capacity and will contain also above average (heat pump). This may be because the customer of the business areas in the house. Benefits of this work for me personally in the acquisition of basic knowledge, and really the assessment activity. I appreciate this experience because of the continuation of efforts in this direction in the future.
Valuation of Real Estate with Residential and Non-residential Premises
PÁLKOVÁ, Markéta
This bachelor thesis is entitled "Valuation of real estate with residential and non-residential premises" The main aim of these thesis is to sum up the issue of real estate valuation. Real estate valuation serves for obtaining the price or value of a property for various purposes. The basis for valuation is gathering of information about the property market that is the subject to valuation and its correct analysis. The real estate price is influenced by the age of the building, historical value, the location, security aspects, employment opportunities, the traffic accessibility, parking, etc., The most important factor that influences the price is the supply and the demand for real estate. There are three methods of real estate valuation: market method, income method and cost method. Thanks to this bachelor thesis I could use and apply my knowledge, gained both during my studies and from literature in the practical part of this thesis.
Valuation of Immovable Cultural Monuments
Novotná, Eva ; Tichá, Alena (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
Valuation of immovable cultural monuments is the current topic when cultural heritage is being restored. With its individual character based on the nature of cultural monuments, it is not easy to put forward a uniform award procedure for all cultural monuments. This work aims to create a basic overview of concepts and definitions dealing with issues related to cultural monument, to define the procedure of proclaiming the object as a cultural monument and to focus on valuation procedures with an emphasis on the contribution method.
Analysis of the Real Estate Market in the Czech Republic and France Focusing on Residential Buildings
Vencálková, Ludmila ; Klika, Pavel (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the real estate market in the Czech Republic and France with a focus on residential buildings, namely sale and rental of flats. The diploma thesis describes the basic concepts and methods used in real estate valuation in the Czech Republic and France. It also analysis database creation and market segmentation of selected localities. Consequently, both real estate markets will be compared.
Evaluation of specific factors in the valuation of agricultural land in conditions of the Czech republic
Hrubanová, Michaela ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Weigel, Lubomír (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
This dissertation is focused on the identification and evaluation of specific factors affecting the price of agricultural land. It should be mentioned that the market for agricultural land, especially arable land and permanent grasslands, is not fully developed in the Czech Republic and this area is not fully explored. The thesis describes the factors on the basis of which the investor decides when buying these plots. The data needed for this work have been obtained from professional literature, real estate servers, two polls, actual sales, etc. In the conclusion of this thesis all findings are summarized and evaluated. It includes the development of prices in the years 2014 – 2016 based on sales actually realized in the Olomouc Region, Moravian – Silesian Region, South Moravian Region and Vysočina Region. The outcome of the thesis is a proposal of an expert standard. It is necessary to realize that, above all, agricultural land is a specific commodity, as it is unreproducible, indivisible and its offer is limited.
Valuation of the Selected Group of Assets in AREAL SLATINA, a.s.
Holopová, Andrea ; Ing.Tomáš Beneš (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the valuation of buildings of the company AREAL SLATINA, a.s. Based on the theoretical background we defined advantages and disadvantages of valuation approaches. The purpose of the thesis is to propose an optimal valuation method while taking into account the specifics of the market and intentions of the Company.
Superatová, Alena ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Abraham, Karel (referee) ; Weigel, Lubomír (advisor)
This dissertation thesis determines market prices of apartments in various cadastral areas of Brno city, based on market research. These are compared with the prices identified by current valuation rules. The differences are subsequently analyzed. Based on the knowledge gained, a new approach to the process of property valuation is suggested.

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