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Identification of 3D objects for Robotic Applications
Hujňák, Jaroslav ; Návrat, Aleš (referee) ; Matoušek, Radomil (advisor)
This thesis focuses on robotic 3D vision for application in Bin Picking. The new method based on Conformal Geometric Algebra (CGA) is proposed and tested for identification of spheres in Pointclouds created with 3D scanner. The speed, precision and scalability of this method is compared to traditional descriptors based method. It is proved that CGA maintains the same precision as the traditional method in much shorter time. The CGA based approach seems promising for the use in the future of robotic 3D vision for identification and localization of spheres.
Stitching of Retinal Images
Hladyuk, Vadym ; Semerád, Lukáš (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The purpose of this work is to create a complete picture of the retina, by stitching together a number of partial photos. Since there is no working solution which would be able to capture the entire retina in one picture, this is an important problem to cover. The results will be demonstrated at the end of the text. The problem of stitching partial pictures together was solved by extracting vessels in retinal images, finding key points in images, finding common key points, calculating a transformation matrix and transforming one image into another. After a consultation with an ophthalmologist I was able to define steps which will allow me to further improve the work, which are analyzed in texts. The thesis will provide the reader knowledge about the eye apparatus. It will also introduce field of color models, image formats, algorithms for searching for key points, the transformation of the images themselves and it will also provide a possible way to compose retinal images and also suggest possible improvements.
Traffic Violation Detection on Crossroads
Karpíšek, Miroslav ; Bartl, Vojtěch (referee) ; Špaňhel, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents procedure for the detection of red-light violation. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the current solution aproaches used in image processing are described. The practical part focuses on creation of program for automatic traffic corridors detection, vehicle tracking and the current traffic light state detection. The results obtained by experimenting with the proposed procedure and the possibilities of its further improvement are also discussed.
Analysis of ZED stereocamera in outdoor environment
Svoboda, Ondřej ; Věchet, Stanislav (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
The Master thesis is focused on analyzing stereo camera ZED in the outdoor environment. There is compared ZEDfu visual odometry with commonly used methods like GPS or wheel odometry. Moreover, the thesis includes analyses of SLAM in the changeable outdoor environment, too. The simultaneous mapping and localization in RTAB-Map were processed separately with SIFT and BRISK descriptors. The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the behaviour ZED camera in the outdoor environment for future implementation in mobile robotics.
Visual odometry for robotic vehicle Car4
Szente, Michal ; Krejsa, Jiří (referee) ; Najman, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with algorithms of visual odometry and its application on the experimental vehicle Car4. The first part contains different researches in this area on which the solution process is based. Next chapters introduce theoretical design and ideas of monocular and stereo visual odometry algorithms. The third part deals with the implementation in the software MATLAB with the use of Image processing toolbox. After tests done and based on real data, the chosen algorithm is applied to the vehicle Car4 used in practical conditions of interior and exterior. The last part summarizes the results of the work and address the problems which are asociated with the application of visual obmetry algorithms.
Point cloud clustering
Mrkvička, Daniel ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the point cloud clustering. It focuses on surface detection in three-dimensional space. It describes in particular the methods that are used for plane detection. It also describes the concrete implementation of one of these method, the RANSAC, and examines its practical application for roof detection.
3D model
Sládeček, Martin ; Petyovský, Petr (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This paper concerns the task three-dimensional scene using image sequence obtained with an ordinry camera. First portion of this thesis outlines the principles used in solving of the task, the second chapter describes a reconstucion algorithm and it's implementation in the Python programming language. The output of this program is demonstrated on several selected scenes. Final remarks discuss the quality of resulting models, shortcomings of the program and possible improvements.
Mobile Robot Localization in an Appartment Using Mono-Camera
Konderla, Tomasz ; Veľas, Martin (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This bachelor is thesis deals with the localization of the robot by means of image analysis from the camera placed on the robot. I will also deal with the formation of a 3D model of the environment which is created of a data set of photos taken with the camera. The 3D model I will create using the method of SFM. I will locate the camera using the pre-set 3D model. In my bachelor is thesis I will further describe the theory of processing of the image data necessary for this project. Finally, I will evaluate the results of the success of the localization.
Replacement of QR Codes by Colored Matrices
Moc, Filip ; Szentandrási, István (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is about developing new color code for saving digital data in an image. In this report you can find informations about existing related technologies including some existing codes. You can also find here design of the new code and it's gradual improvements. There is also description of generation and recognition of this code. Finally there are results of experiments which demonstrates the success of all the work.
Automatic People Counting from Panoramic Photography
Blucha, Ondřej ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Veľas, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with automatic people counting from panoramic photography. This is very useful for counting large number of people, such as on the stadium or on the concerts. It consists of the two parts. The first one is image stitching, which process the images by the feature-based methods. The second part is people counting using face detection, where were used Viola-Jones detector. The ideal setting of parameters for used methods was experimentally selected.

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