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Role of the Labor Office in the reintegration of ex-offenders upon their release from imprisonment
Čížková, Marie ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis maps the offer of services of the labor office in mediation of employment for persons after release from imprisonment. The outcome of the thesis is a recommendation to change the procedure of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic in mediation of employment after release from prison, so that these hardly employable persons are successfully placed on the labor market. These are only such changes in the process of employment mediation that are within the competence of the Labor Office Czech Rebuplic. The bachelor thesis consists of two parts, a part of theoretical basis and a part of the research. Theoretical basis focus on the execution of imprisonment, ie. penitentiary education and treatment program in prison and in the second half describe the services of the labor office. The research was carried out by quantitative research through a questionnaire survey among job applicants who were included in the register of job applicants after their release from prison. The quantitative survey maps the range of services offered by the labor office in recruitment for persons released from prison. At the same time, it finds out how such persons look for a job, what services the labor office uses to find a job and whether the services of the labor office are sufficient for them. At the end...
Psychological aspects of the consequences of criminal activity in convicted men serving imprisonment
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the consequences of imprisonment from a psychological point of view and to compare it with the testimonies of convicts. Every convicted person who gets into a prison is exposed to psychological problems associated with imprisonment. These problems can be associated not only with pleading guilty and accepting a sentence connected with a commited crime but also with, a transition from civil life to life in prison, adaptating to life in prison, dealing with restriction of freedom and restrictions of contact with their loved ones and so on. The thesis has a theoretical part divided into three chapters, where data has been added from transcripts of interviews with four sentenced men. The first chapter focuses on the characteristics of serving imprisonment, including the functions and the purpose of imprisonment and on penitentiary psychology. The second chapter describes the adaptation of prisoners to imprisonment in view of the length and frequency of imprisonment as well as the personality of the convicted person. The third chapter focuses on the psychological aspects of imprisonment (the second life of prisoners, aggression, bullying, suicide, self-harm, abuse and use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, limiting social contacts). The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the consequences of imprisonment from a psychological point of view and to compare it with data from interviews with sentenced persons.
Therapeutic and Educational Approaches in Forensic Detention Facility
Gáč, Dušan ; Jůzl, Miloslav (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (referee)
1 The therapeutic and educational approaches in forensic detention Autor: Mgr. Dušan Gáč Annotation The Forensic detention measure has not long tradition in the Czech Republic. It is a relatively new institution which exists in the Czech Republic as a protective measure since 2009. In this year the Act of Forensic Detention No. 129/2008 has become it's legitimacy. Experts as psychologists, pedagogues, jurists, psychiatrists and others participated on the establishment of the forensic detention measure. The main reason of this act was that the placement of extremely dangerous perpetrators in psychiatric hospitals had not met the safety criteria, and because the requirement for sophisticated protection of the society in connection with the proper professional care and treatment was not fulfilled. Consequently after the decade of existence of the Forensic detention facility in Brno the author of this rigorous thesis named ,,The therapeutic and educational approaches in forensic detention " balances the positives and negatives in work with detainees and implies the trend and approximative prognosis of its next development. The main purpose of the rigorous thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of the function, goals, tasks and methods of work (treatment programs) with prisoners under forensic detention...
Penitentiary system of the Czech Republic - presence and future
Fukalová, Aneta ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the penitentiary system of the Czech Republic. It contains a brief excursion into the past of the Czech penitentiary system, i.e. the history of punishment in our territory. Attention is paid to the present penitentiary system of the Czech Republic, legislative development, problematic legal regulation, its impact on practice, as well as to the view to the future (within the frame of the new Czech penitentiary system conception). The diploma thesis represents the functioning of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, its tasks and aims. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the future of the Czech penitentiary system, especially to changes in the external differentiation of prisons. The practical part of the thesis is a qualitative research survey (structured interviews with employees of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic). It maps the attitude of Prison Service employees to the existing penitentiary system and to legislative adjustments effective from October 2017. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyse the current penitentiary system of the Czech Republic in the context of valid legislative changes. The analysis of literature and legislative norms regulating the execution of imprisonment in the Czech Republic and the research survey...
Unconditional imprisonment
Rozsypal, Martin ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (advisor) ; Herczeg, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of imprisonment, which is the strictest penalty that our legal system uses. Although the possibility of alternative sanctions has extended widely in recent years, imprisonment still retains a very important position in the system of criminal sanctions, as it is a punishment that can be imposed for the commission of any crime. Imprisonment therefore remains and shall remain punishment designated primarily for the perpetrators of the most serious criminal activities. The aim of this work is to assess the current situation of the Czech prison system with regards to the relevant legal regulation of imprisonment, including problems associated to it. This thesis consists of seven chapters; each of them deals with various aspects of this form of punishment. The first chapter is devoted to theoretical issues of the concept and purpose of the punishment. There are two main approaches mentioned in the discussion about the purpose of punishment; the absolute theory and relative theory. Attention is also given to the purpose of punishment in the Czech legal regulation of criminal law. The second chapter deals with the historical perspective on the evolution of punishment and gradual enforcement of the imprisonment sentence in the criminal sanctions. This chapter then discusses...
The penal carew in the prison in Knyšperk nad Ohří in light of social pedagogic
Vorlíčková, Kateřina ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
The theme of this thesis is presentation of the theoretical and practical activities of the Czech Republic Prison Service in a resocialization of convicts from the social pedagogy perspective. The theoretical part of the thesis is defined by the basic theoretical issues related to rehabilitation of prisoners, an interpretation of the legal measures, methods of educational function and activities of teaching staff involved in a re-education of prisoners. An activity treatment program of prison Kynsperk nad Ohri in terms of socio-pedagogical and convicted points of view is analyzed in the empirical part of this thesis then.

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