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Historic Preservation in Prague during the Protectorate Period Bohemia and Moravia
Vobořilová Kadlecová, Žaneta ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee) ; Linhartová, Dana (referee)
Until publication of this book, the issue of conservation of heritage sites in Prague between 1939 and 1945, which is so fundamental for our cultural history, has not been addressed with the attention it deserves. In the thirties and forties of the twentieth century, the discipline of heritage conservation in periods of war evolved significantly, and lay down the foundations of modern approach to cultural heritage site protection. Even before the Second World War, in the Great War, a number of European countries experienced serious damage to their valuable collections. For this reason, in the period between the wars, first theoretical attempts to establish new approach and methods of protection of cultural heritage vulnerable to damage in war appeared, as documented in studies by several significant public figures, e. g. by Carl Justi. The deteriorating political situation in Europe in the thirties inspired reflection upon this issue, considering means of modern war, technological progress in weaponry, as well as destructive capacity of the arms, threatening European cultural heritage. Four years before the Second World War started, discussion on how to effectively protect heritage from war-imposed damage had been initiated in Germany by prof. Otto Kümmel. In that time, Kümmel did not have...
Socio-geographical regionalization of Benesov district in 2001-2011 and the impact of work attractiveness of Prague on its changes
Pešek, Ondřej
Commuting became an inseparable part of everyday life of contemporary society and an analysis of commuting flows has a fundamental meaning for capturing social- geographical organization of society. The main object of this thesis is to identify changes in geographical aspects of commuting to work and school in the Benešov district during the period 2001-2011. The second object is to evaluate the impact of macroregional centre of Prague on the commuting in Benešov district. The district is, taking into consideration the nearness and a good traffic connesction to Prague, appropriate example for assessing the impact of macroregional centre on neighbouring micro-regions. This impact is followed by an analysis of commuting flows and also by a questionnare survey. The purpose of the questionnare survey is to capture how people feel about commuting to work and labour market in Prague. Keywords: commuting, socio-geographical regionalization, macro-region, micro- region, functional region, Benesov, Prague, Vlasim, Votice.
Thematic atlas of the Prague islands
Krusová, Anna ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Janata, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the work is to create a thematic atlas, the content of which are maps of selected lesser-known Prague islands, mostly inaccessible by foot. The partial goals are the identification of all islands in Prague using spatial data and analysis, evaluation of existing and acquisition of own spatial data, which are then used to create detailed maps of selected islands and processing of an atlas with additional texts and images. In theoretical part, literature and available sources of data on the Prague islands are researched and the work is placed in the context of cartography. The practical part describes the whole process of the atlas compilation, from the identification of individual islands through field survey to cartographic processing of the obtained spatial data and finalization of the resulting work. The output of the work is the Thematic Atlas of the Prague Islands, which was made made using ArcMap and InDesign software. Key words Prague, islands, thematic atlas, thematic cartography
Awareness and attitudes to volleyball at a grammar school in Prague 8
Garreis, Dominik ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pecinová, Markéta (referee)
Title: Awareness and attitudes to volleyball at a grammar school in Prague 8. Objectives: The main aim of this work is to find out what awareness and attitudes have students of the last two years at a selected grammar school in Prague 8, as a city district with a large volleyball settlement. In addition, general knowledge of volleyball and knowledge of the rules of this sport are examined. To assume not so much interest in volleyball, the next goal is to find out what sport predominates over volleyball among student, if they are already involved in someone. One of the goals is a certain recommendation for clubs based in the given territory how to work with this issue. Methods: For this work the main method of research was the method of quantitative, more precisely written questioning. The questionnaire created solely for this work provided data that identified interest in sport as such, about volleyball and knowledge of this sport. Results: The results showed that most students at the selected grammar school in Prague 8 don't follow the events around volleyball very much, so they don't even know the volleyball surroundings. However, awareness of volleyball in the area is high and they know the basic rules just as well. Students maintain a positive attitude towards volleyball and, compared to other...
The Role of the Jewish Cultural Mediators in Prague Democratic Media between the Woldwars
Bosnovičová, Zuzana ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the situation of the Jewish minority in the first Czechoslovak Republic concentrating on Prague as a unique case of the coexistence of the Czech, German and Jewish people. The aim of the research is to analyze the role of democratic German-language periodicals in the presentation of Zionism and Judaism based on the contributions of both Jewish and non-Jewish authors, the so-called intercultural mediators, and to answer questions about the extent to which the ideas of Zionism were presented in the democratic media, and how the question of Jewish identity was addressed in the German- language liberal press. The thesis is profiled as a political-historical and cultural-historical study. The research method chosen in its elaboration is the unique case study method. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the relations of these media to Judaism and Zionism, as well as the relations of Jews and Non-Jews to the issues of national identity, based on selected texts by both Jewish and non- Jewish writers and journalists. The analysis itself comprises a total of nine texts, and the identity of the author does not play a role in this case. The Jews in Prague mostly mastered German and Czech perfectly, and thus became translators and cultural mediators between the two nations. The...
Theoretical Concepts in Ethnomusicology and Study of the Folklore Revival Movement: the Case of the Prague Ensemble Gaudeamus
Skořepová, Zita
This chapter discusses two theoretical concepts in ethnomusicology, their applicability to the study of the folklore movement and the potential of these concepts to widen research questions already posed, or to generate new questions. The methodology, based on oral history interviews, focuses on the individual perspective and refl ection of the participants’ activities in the past and present. How might then actors of the folklore movement be characterized as members of a specifi c cultural cohort based on their own narratives and answers to particular questions? The fi rst concept of cultural cohort comes from a book by the American ethnomusicologist Thomas Turino, Music as Social Life [2008]. Turino views different personal features, “habits”, as formative elements of a particular identity. People with similar confi gurations of these traits (thus similar identities) tend to join cultural cohorts and cultural formations. Another theoretical framework is provided by the concepts of superculture, subculture and interculture by Mark Slobin [2000]. On the one hand, the folklore movement offi cially acclaimed sources and inspirations from musical subcultures (urban people singing and dancing rural songs and dances), but, on the other hand, found its place at a supercultural music level. This concept can thus enrich our understanding of the dynamics between the superculture, subculture and interculture in the research of the folklore movement. Drawing on data concerning the Prague-based folklore ensemble Gaudeamus, the present paper outlines some preliminary fi ndings in accordance with these theoretical concepts.
False heroes. Removal of communist monuments in Prague after year 1989
Homutová, Ludmila ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Bendová, Eva (referee)
False heroes. Removal of communist monuments in Prague after year 1989 This thesis will examine monuments, established to promote communist ideology, that were removed after the Velvet Revolution and in the next few years of the 1990s in an attempt to symbolically abolish former regime. Firstly it will outline the historical context. Based on contemporary periodicals and public politicians speeches it will show social discourse regarding relation towards communism and notions what the new regime should be like. After it will deal with the concept of historical memory, places of memory and their change and rewriting. It will also compare this momument removal with iconoclasm that accompanied other revolutions. In its main part the thesis will follow several cases of monument displacements of statues of heroes and leaders, constituting events and artifacts - symbols. It will attempt to demonstrate how the monuments disappeared from the public space and how these events and the removal itself helped construction of historical memory besides the creation of monuments that are supposed to commemorate communist totalitarianism. It will also mention existing monuments that were put up during years 1948 - 1989, that stir up discussion to this day and it will touch how other countries of the Eastern Bloc...

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