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Marketing communication of Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod after 1992
Mach, Jan ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
The first part of this thesis is focused on the history of traditional marketing and arms marketing, defining the key marketing concepts of this sector and most importantly it deals with the influence of legislation on individual elements of the marketing mix in the Czech Republic since 1992 until the forthcoming amendment to the Weapons Act during 2019. Furthermore, this part covers the terms and conditions of social media and web browsers that regulate content involving weapons and their accessories. In its second, practical part, this thesis deals with the traditional Czech manufacturer of weapons, a company named Česká zbrojovka. It presents its rich history and development of its manufactured assortment up to the present. In addition, this part contains an analysis of individual marketing activities and their development since 1992. In particular, it characterizes the development of advertising in selected professional media, PR activities directed towards the general public, state apparatus and employees, discusses the history and achievements of the shooting team of Česká zbrojovka, event marketing, communication in point of sale including analysis of product catalogs. Furthermore, it deals with the communication of Česká zbrojovka at trade fairs and exhibitions, namely at the IWA, IDET and...
The Analysis of Marketing Communication of the Žižkovská noc festival 2018
Klocová, Michaela ; Bezouška, Martin (advisor) ; Pečenková, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to analyse the communication tools used by the organisers of Žižkovská Noc 2018 festival and how these are perceived by the target audience. The thesis provides theoretical base of marketing and art marketing, describes specific issues related to marketing communication of music festivals and surveys current trends, from the viewpoints of professionals behind more than ten Czech and Slovak festivals (Rock for People, Pohoda Festival, Mighty Sounds, etc.). The main focus has been placed on Žižkovská Noc festival. The thesis specifies its origins, development, mission and particularly its marketing communication which is the subject of original research. Based on the theory of marketing and art marketing, this bachelor's thesis surveyed the communication tools used by music festivals. Apart from that, the thesis provided a detailed description of Žižkovská Noc, including research into ways the festival communication was perceived by the target audience before the 2018 season. Thus, the goals that had been set at the beginning were achieved. The results of the survey research confirmed the hypotheses. It has been shown that, within the target group, the awareness of Žižkovská Noc brand is high, despite its fragmented communication. The findings also show that the festival's...
Marketing activities in selected secondary schools as a tool for successful student recruitment
This bachelor thesis deals with marketing activities that secondary schools realize in order to be successful in recruitment of pupils into the first years of studies. The work outlines that current competition among schools together with low birth rate seem to want schools to look for different ways of promotion which far exceed basic activities of Open Doors days, recruitment activities in the ninth year at elementary schools or presentation of schools at school fairs. These traditional elements of pupil recruitment could be at present too little to rely on. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse and evaluate marketing activities of selected secondary schools, especially in relation to their future applicants. The theoretical part of the thesis contains an introduction to marketing issues and defines basic concepts of school promotion and strategy. It further illuminates individual marketing activities that are effective for school to practise and one part is also devoted to the field of pupil recruitment. The main and crucial part of the thesis is a research that analyses the individual marketing activities used by selected schools in order to address prospective applicants for study. The quantitative research uses a questionnaire survey technique. Results of the quantitative research data (from 97 respondents from secondary schools in the South Bohemian Region and three neighbouring regions) are leading up to the analysis, on the basis of which recommendations for improving the marketing behaviour of secondary schools are proposed.
Persuation of commercial articles in lifestyle magazines ELLE and Instyle
Spilková, Tereza ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on language of persuasive elements in advertising texts In two Czech lifestyle magazines - Elle and InStyle. The thesis focuses on the psychology of advertising, the media and the language that advertisement uses to address and persuade readers. Lifestyle magazines have a specific way and language of communication. Subject will be texts labeled as "promotion". The range of sample will be 6 issues of the Elle magazine and 2 issues of the Instyle magazine. The first chapter is dedicated to the theory of media, mass media and their influence on society. The second chapter is dedicated to lifestyle magazines and their history. In the third chapter the author deals with the theory of persuasion and language. And the fourth will focus on advertising and its ability to influence opinions and attitudes. The second part of the bachelor thesis describes the method of content analysis and description of the monitored data set. The thesis analysis individual advertising messages and examines the linguistic persuasive elements contained in them. At the end, the author will try to show what elements of persuasion appear most frequently in the advertising texts, what products they focus on and whether the texts and their language corresponds to the specialized literature about the...
Prague Rallysprint's marketing communication
Šenkýřová, Michaela ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Pecinová, Markéta (referee)
Title: Prague Rallysprint's marketing communication Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is description and survey of the recent marketing communication of the Prague Rallysprint, and evaluation present marketing communication on the basis of finding data; alternatively create some suggestions for its improvement. Methods: In this thesis, following qualitative methods are used: structured interview, descriptive case study, analysis of documents and monitoring. Interviews show the original promotional strategy and promotional instruments. Descriptive case study was used to gain more information about promotional strategy. Document analysis helped to study internal documents like reports, marketing guides and promotional materials. Monitoring was used to visual exploration of promotional materials, so that they can be improved. This method was also focused on sponsors and their position. In this thesis is used questionnaire as quantitative method. The goal group are fans from motor sports. Results: The results of this thesis are the evaluation of original marketing communication and creation of suggestion for its improvement. In a new project come to expand of printed advert, internet communication via live stream, PR activities work back with press conferences and at sponsoring go steps for...
Digital communication of Czech Olympic Committee during Olympic Games
Kříž, Tomáš ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Following thesis is focused on analysing digital communications of Czech Olympic Committee - a national committee aiming to develop and disseminate the Olympic ideals and to represent and ensure the participation of the Czech Republic at the Olympics. It is also one of the most important subject in the Czech sport. The main task of the thesis is to analyse all digital communications of Czech Olympic committee during the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 through social networks, break down all the available data to create a comprehensive summary and based on it create more effective recommendations for digital communication during the Olympic Games in PyeongChang 201. The theoretical part introduces the reader with general information about marketing and Public Relations. Section further maps the development of communication, its forms and familiarizes readers with the most used social networks of today. The practical part describes in general communication of Czech Olympic Committee during the Olympic Games in Rio, its forms and its main objectives. The digital channels provide accurate data, which will be used as base upon the preparation of a summary analysis. On the basis of these data will be drawn tips and recommendations for digital communication during winter Olympic games in PyeongChang. keywords:...
The Problems of PR Agencies
Prytoliuk, Anna ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Zlatić, Marija (referee)
Public relations is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and strengthen mutual the understanding between an organization and its clients. Today, public relations is a full-value institute which is fundamental from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The aim of the current thesis is to investigate the existing issues and problems in the activities of PR agencies. Also, to outline the main problems which may exist in the practice of PR agencies and to investigate those problems in the practical activities of selected Eastern European and Czech companies, to draw conclusions on how the problems in the practice of Eastern European and Czech companies compare and differ and to provide recommendations for the analyzed companies to minimize the negative effects of those problems. Both parts of the topic were analyzed: theoretical part from literature gave the base for the practical interview with managers of selected companies, which provided a complex picture of the topic.
The Usage of Project Management and PR during the Respiratory Forum 2016 Conference Organization
Vojnová, Lenka ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Strnadová, Lucie (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is to comprehensively describe the usage of project management and Public Relations (PR) methods during the medical conference Respiratory Forum 2016 organization. This thesis provides information about theoretical background of particular methodologies and their application during the organisation of this conference. Theoretical part of the thesis consists of analysis of the methodologies. Practical part involves application of these theoretical concepts. Using synthesis in conclusion part of my thesis I summarize final effects of this application. The aim of this thesis is to analyze project management and PR methods and processes and evaluate their application during the organisation of this event. The main asset of this thesis rests in evaluation of the synergistic effect of PR and project management methods during the organisation of the Respiratory Forum 2016 conferece.

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