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Application that supports penetration tests of web applications
Holovová, Simona ; Švikruha, Patrik (referee) ; Martinásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
This master´s thesis is about the security of web applications and penetration testing. The main goal is to gain knowledge about testing methodologies OWASP Testing Guide and ASVS and to implement this knowledge into a web application to assist during manual penetration testing. The theoretical part of the thesis describes both methodologies and web technologies used during the development of the application. The practical part of the thesis is about the design of the application based on the specification, its implementation, and security hardening.
System Design for Event Realization
Kučera, Michal ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis describes issues of organizing events in the organization of scouts. The thesis is devided into three main parts, the first part is the theoretical background of processed issues. The second part analyzes the current state and procedure of organizing events, the third part consists of solution to the issue and suggested solution. All thesis is generaly summarised in the last part.
Web Search Engine of Pets Registration
Zaklová, Kristýna ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this work was to design and create a web-based search engine that allows users to search for records of registered pets in real-time. The solution performs queries to all the available domestic registries in one easy step instead of manually searching them individually. Due to the high number of such services, people may not be aware of their existence. In such a case, they may not be able to find the owner of the animal. The presented solution provides an information system based on the Symfony framework. The system creates and sends HTTP requests to all the registries. The functionality and usability of the system were tested by automated tests and selected users who provided feedback. The main benefit of the system is its user-friendly user interface, which can be used by veterinary clinics, shelters, police, and other parties working with animals and looking up their registrations.
Flow measurement in microfluidic systems with recording and sharing of measured values
Duša, Martin ; Harabiš, Vratislav (referee) ; Čmiel, Vratislav (advisor)
This paper is focused on flow measurement, microfluidic systems and realization system, which is able to flow measure and share with the possibility of their visualization via web interface. The first part of the work is devoted to the theoretical research, which briefly deals with the theory of flow and other concepts that belong to the flow There are also mentioned principles of flowmeter and their advantages or applications. The second part is devoted to microfluidic system. This section describes the elements that make up the microfluidic system, their capabilities and applications. The last part is devoted to the realization of the measuring system. The implementation includes a design of the measuring system, where the selection of microcotroler and sensor is given. The software solution includes used platforms and examples of algorithmization. At the end, the physical implementation of the whole system and calibration is described.
Rozpoznávání podobností zdrojových kódů v systému Anton
Všianský, Richard
The bachelor thesis deals with the implementation of an extension to the system Anton, which can recognize similarities across source codes in PHP. The basis for the extension is the algorithm Greedy String Tiling. The solution shows the results of comparison both numerically and graphically. The solution was tested on illustrative data as well as actual data from teaching.
Komplexní webové administrační rozhraní pro firmu IdeaTech
Vodák, Jan
Vodák, J. Complex web administration system for IdeaTech company. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The thesis deals with the design and implementation of a complex web administration system for IDEATECH company, focusing on the universality of solution and the possibility of its repeated uses across various company projects. The design and subsequent implementation are based on the company's written requirements.
Návrh a realizace obchodního a administračního portálu pro konkrétní společnost
Vařacha, František
Diploma thesis is devote to creation commercial and administration internet portal for selling and managing products. By creating means specify user's requirement from concrete company, created application architecture and implement all of this. Developed portal is a SPA Web application type based on JavaScript library named React and PHP Symfony framework.
Implementace notace BPMN a Petriho sítí pro podporu metodiky lean manufacturing
Srna, Antonín
Diploma thesis addresses the optimisation of the business process in a medium-large automotive company (approx. 500 employees). Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Petri nets were used for optimisation of the process. With this combination, the process was optimised according to Lean manufacturing methodology. In the theoretical part, the definition of the process itself, the process management, and the definition of the processes in the manufacturing company are discussed. The terms that define the methodology of the process modelling and Lean manufacturing are defined as well. The methodological part of the thesis deals with the particular tools of the process modelling (BMPN, BPEL etc.) and the analysis of used technologies within the thesis. The methodology was applied in the practical part of the thesis. After creating the BPMN diagram of the process and simulating the Petri nets to locate the blockings, the proposals of the process opti-misation were created. The following application provides the functionality of ad-ministration and view of the imported processes, the material and personal as-signment, and the calculation of the cost functions for Lean manufacturing. The application provides a decision support to this methodology.
Webová aplikace pro správu sportovního oddílu
Plíšková, Tereza
Plíšková, Web application for sport clubs administration. Brno, 2017. The bachelor thesis deals with the design and subsequent implementation and deployment of web applications for the management of the volleyball club, that makes internal management process easier. In the design phase is create Usecase diagram for a purpose unification and visualization requirements and on the basis of these requirements is built ERD diagram, which is used as a support for a real database. The bachelor thesis also deals with web design of web presentation. For this purpose are made wireframes for desktop version and also for a mobile version. The chapter Results summarizes the implementation process and testing of the application.
Rezervačný systém pre hotel
Mareková, Deana
This Bachelor thesis deals with the implementation of a reservation system for the Hotel Dolina. Designing a web application consists of specifying functional and non-functional system requirements. According to the entity relationship diagram, use case diagram and its description, the web application was implemented. For the development of this system, the Nette framework was chosen because it uses the MVC architecture that is the most commonly used for the web applications.

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