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The effect of direct predation by fish on cercarial populations of selected trematode species (Digenea)
The predation effects of four fish species on the consumption of free-living cercariae of three trematode species (Plagiorchis elegans, Echinoparyphium aconiatum and Trichobilharzia szidati) were experimentally investigated with regard to specific life-history traits of both predator and parasite. The study provides evidence of a considerable consumption of trematode cercariae by fish and confirms that cercariae play an important ecological role in the energy flow in aquatic food webs.
Simulation of heat transfer in the program COMSOL Multiphysics
This bachelor thesis deals with the study of heat conduction in solids and the creation of a model in the commercial program COMSOL Multiphysics. The work is divided into five thematic units. The first part deals briefly with the meaning and characteristics of both the program and the heat transfer module. Heat, as one form of energy, accompanies all the physical processes we can encounter and is an integral part of our lives. In this connection, the basic physical mechanisms of heat transfer, such as conduction, flow and radiation, are presented in the second part. Attention is also paid to physical variables, theories and concepts whose knowledge is necessary to investigate heat transfer mechanisms. The third part of the thesis is devoted to the experiment, consisting in the observation of temperatures of heated materials by a thermal camera. In the fourth part of the thesis are first described in general the steps accompanying the production of the model and subsequently production of a particular model in the program itself. The last part of the thesis is devoted to comparing experimental results with data from the model.
Free living amoebae as causative agents of human infections.
Markovičová, Ivana ; Nohýnková, Eva (advisor) ; Doležal, Pavel (referee)
Free living amoebae as causative agents of human infections are world wide occuring organisms with the ability of dual lifestyle both in nature, which is their original habitat, so within host tissue. The aim of this theses is to summarize the basic available knowledge of the pathogenic species Naegleria fowleri and Balamuthia mandrillaris and of the pathogenic genus Acanthamoeba which invade CNS and are causative agents of rare but serious human infections, often leading to death of a patient. The exception of their deathly consequences is an Acanthamoeba keratitis infection in which non curing cases lead to a significant visual impairment and even to visual loss. In each of the chapters, the work is tend to summarize transmision ability, mechanisms of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of these three free living amoebae in order to describe their ability to cause infection.
Characterization of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunits (eIF3) in A. thaliana male gametophyte
Linhart, Filip ; Hafidh, Said (advisor) ; Retzer, Katarzyna (referee)
From RNA-to-protein, translation initiation and protein synthesis is mediated by trans-acting factors that recognize mRNA features common to almost all eukaryotes. Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 complex (eIF3) is a highly conserved protein complex that recognizes 5'-CAP elements of the mRNA to initiate translation. eIF3 consists of nine subunits, three of them having two isoforms: eIF3A, eIF2B1, eIF3B2, eIF3C1, eIF3C2, eIF3D, eIF3E, eIF3F, eIF3G1, eIF3G2, eIF3H and eIF3K. This work deals with functional characterization, expression and subcellular localization of eIF3B1, eIF3B2 and eIF3E in Arabidopsis thaliana male gametophyte and interaction of eIF3E with the Constitutive photomorphogenesis 9 (COP9) complex as a regulatory complex of eIF3E post-translational control. Here we show that depletion of eif3b1 or eif3b2 is not gametophytic lethal and that the two protein might function redundantly, whereas, knockout of eIF3E causes male gametophyte lethality. Interestingly, eif3b1 show post-fertilization defects during embryogenesis, suggesting that its redundancy with eIF3B2 is restricted to the gametophyte. Gene expression studies revealed high expression of eIF3 subunits in actively dividing zones of leaf primordia, root meristem and root elongation zones as well as in the vegetative...
Bacteria associated to red poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
Molva, Vít ; Hubert, Jan (advisor) ; Smrž, Jaroslav (referee)
The poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) (Acari: Mesostigmata) is a hematophagous ectoparasite of poultry, cage birds, mammals and humans. Infection of poultry by poultry red mites (PRM) induce the decrease of egg production, weight gain and fitness. The massive infestation of the PRM can cause the death of the bird. The PRM is danger for human due to his ability of transport bacteria and virus of one host to the other. This review summarize the association of putative pathogenic and symbiotic bacteria with the PRM. There are studies, when PRM is considered as a vector of pathogenic bacteria. The transmission of Salmonella spp. has been observed frequently using PCR and/or cultivation. Listeria monocytogenes has been associated with the PRM only in one study, in which is not clear if the PRM really transport this bacteria or they just appear in the same time and the same place. The transport of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae was in one work approved, but the demonstration of transport wasn't successful in other experiment. The role of the PRM in transport Bartonella quintana (causative agent of trench fever) is also not clear. The PRM and B. quintana appeared in the same time in the bird nest near the attic and there were attacked a family with high socioeconomic status by trench fever. However is...
Solving AX-equations
Butora, Jan ; Tůma, Jiří (advisor) ; Joščák, Daniel (referee)
Title: Solving AX-equations Author: Jan Butora Department: Department of algebra Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jiří Tůma, DrSc., Department of algebra Abstract: In this work, we present concept of AX-equations and focus on two such equations. Using similiar techniques, we build a theory for both equations, which allows us to express number of their solutions based only on their parameters. Using this theory, we demonstrate on an example that differential steps, used in differential cryptanalysis of modular addition, are not independent. Moreover, based on this theory we introduce and implement fast algorithms for searching solutions. Keywords: differential cryptanalysis, AX-equations, modular addition, carry, sol- vability condition
Transfer of transalpine landscape motifs in graphic art into selected works of Italian engravers of the early 16th century
Veselá, Markéta ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Konečný, Lubomír (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to illustrate the phenomenon of the transfer of the transalpine landscape motifs in graphic art into the works of Italian engravers at the beginning of the six- teenth century, and by using detailed analysis of these prints lead to a decision as to why these transfers occur so frequently, mainly in the years 1500-1520. Because only brief mentions of these transfers are found in the available literature on this topic, and then often only as a statement, I decided to tackle this phenomenon in the context of landscape specifications. In the introductory chapter there will be a concise overview of the cultural situation of the humanistic society, including its assumptions and a brief evolution of depiction of landscape art. Additionally there will be a chapter about the terminology used, which in addition to clarifying the terminology also helps to further the description of the proce- ss itself. The main part will of course be a chapter dedicated into selected items. There will also be descriptions of the graphic works of selected Italian engravers, especially in the comparison of transferred landscape motifs from works by Albrecht Dürer and Lucas van Leyden. Analy- sis of the individual prints will focus on elements transmitted in the background of the works. Iconography...
Hosts and transmission of the crayfish plague pathogen Aphanomyces astaci
Svoboda, Jiří
The crayfish plague pathogen, the oomycete Aphanomyces astaci, has been decimating populations of European crayfish species for more than 150 years, and is therefore considered one of the 100 worst world's invasive species. A. astaci is highly specialised for a parasitic life, but it can be isolated from moribund crayfish and grown on synthetic media, as it is the case also for several other oomycetes (chapter 7). The life of A. astaci includes three basic forms: mycelium in host's tissues, and the infective units occurring in water, zoospores and cysts. All North American crayfish species tested so far have shown some resistance to A. astaci, i.e., they could carry the infection for long, serving as vectors of the pathogen. Massive sporulation from infected North American crayfish starts when the host is moulting, stressed, or dying (chapter 4). However, I could show in my experiments that some sporulation occurs even from apparently healthy and non-moulting American crayfish hosting A. astaci, so infected North American crayfish must be considered a permanent source of the infection (chapter 4). Five genotype groups of A. astaci have already been distinguished. Strains from a particular genotype group probably share the same original host crayfish species of North American origin. Nevertheless, they can...
The origins of sports radio broadcasting in the territory of Czechoslovakia (1923-1948)
Michna, Tomáš ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
This thesis describes the development of the sports broadcasting in Czechoslovakia in the form of the practical research and historical analysis. The examined period starts in 1923 as the beginning of the existence of Radiojournal - the first radio station in Czechoslovakia and is defined by the year 1948. The thesis is systematically divided into five periods in which I describe the first signs of the interest in the sport in a regular radio broadcasting, first major sports events broadcasted by Radiojournal, organizational, personnel and technical background, marginal sports. Selected sport events with greater or minor importance are also described, as they were gradually transmitted by Radiojournal or Czechoslovak Radio in different periods. The thesis also mentions the occupation of the Czechoslovak Republic during the World War II, when has the interest in the sports radio broadcasting decreased but not vanished completely. There are outlined the activities of Josef Laufer during this period too. Laufer was Czechoslovak icon of the sports radio broadcasting. There is described the personnel expansion and the development of the independent sports redaction in the postwar period. This thesis is based on the practical research in the archive of the Czech Radio, the most beneficial information was provided...
Development of war image transmission
Medková, Magdaléna ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
This thesis attempts to answer how the technological development has influenced the speed of photo transmission and in this context to describe the shift from original model of communication (one - to - many) to the model of new media (many-to-many), which combines interpersonal (one to one) and mass communication. (Crosbie, 2006).

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