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Endoparazitózy ovcí na konvenčních farmách a biofarmách
Vomáčková, Karolína
The aim of this thesis is to assess the difference in prevalence of endoparasites in sheep bred on conventional farms and on organic farms. The theoretic part consists of a literary research on the basis of both domestic and foreign literature dealing with the problem of endoparasitic nematodes, tapeworms and coccidia in sheep. According to this research it is possible to identify seven perilous species of coccidia, fourteen species of intestinal nematodes, two species of lung nematodes, two species of tapeworms and two species of trematodes in the Czech Republic. The practical observations were carried out using nondestructive coprological techniques throughout the year 2016. Four species of coccidia (Eimeria bakuensis, Eimeria ovinoidalis, Eimeria parva, Eimeria crandalis), seven species of intestinal nematodes (Haemonchus concortus, Trychostrongylus spp.axei, Nematodirus spp., Cooperia curticei, Bunostomum trigonocephalum, Chaberia ovina, Oesophagostomum venulosum), one species of lung nematodes (Protostrongylus rufescens) and one species of tapeworms (Moniezia expansa) have been identified during the analysis. The prevalence of parasites and intensity of infection differed according to the type of farming, type of sheep care (incl. deworming) and also time of year. In total the organic farming has been assessed the healthier farming type. The practical outcome therefore is a recommendation for conventional farms to pay more attention to the sheep care with respect to the life cycles of the parasites.
Zhodnocení vlivu stanovištních podmínek na obsah organických živin v pastevních porostech
Chovanová, Ivana
The thesis is focused on the issue of the nutritional value of pasture growth with an emphasis on the content of energy and organic nutrients that grows in the Mohelenská Serpentine Steppe National Nature Reserve. It deals with factors that influece the nutritional value of pasture growth, especially in relation to the habitat conditions, botanical composition and optimal phase of their use. Increased space is devoted to how nutrition factors, with emphasis on the content of energy and organic nutrients in growth can influence the behaviour of sheep in the pasture. In Mohelenská Serpentine Steppe National Nature Reserve an ethological observation of the herd of sheep was carried out. Plant samples had been taken from the pasture areas to determine the yield and their nutritional value. The height of the growth was measured also. Results were precessed into etograms, tables, charts and maps.
Analýza etologického pozorování vybrané skupiny ovcí
Heincová, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis contains basic knowledge of the history of ethology, focusing on the distribution of ethology, behavioral research methods, basics of behavioral reseach methology and especially the basics of sheep ethology, their life on the pasture. The aim of this study was to observe natural behavior of sheep. Observations of five sheep conducted in the intervals 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Then the values were averaged and inserted into graphs. We investigated these behaviors: food income, the rest, the movement, drinking, rumination in lying down, rumanition in standing up, sexual behavior. It was found that most sheep took food in the morning, from 7 to 10 a.m. then between noon and 5 p.m. except 3 p.m. where either they were ruminated or rested.
Aspekty formování komoditní vertikály ovce
Goliášová, Renata
The diploma thesis is focused on identification of factors influencing commodity vertical of sheep. This vertical is compared with similar commodity of goat. The thesis classifies the development of this commodity on the market in Czech republic and compares it with the development in the market of EU member states. The study evaluates the development of sheep quantity status. The supply and demand side of the market as well as the proportional changes related to the foreign trade of the Czech Republic with this commodity are also examined. On the basis of the data determined by the market analysis, this commodity is evaluated. On the basis of the results obtained, it can be stated that the sheep commodity is only a marginal commodity in the Czech Republic and within the EU belongs the Czech Republic among the states with the smallest sheep population.
Vliv chovatelského prostředí na výskyt endoparazitů ovcí na Tišnovsku
Vomáčková, Karolína
The aim of this thesis was to survey the problem of endoparasitic nematode, cestode, trematode and coccidia infections in sheep and their connection with the farming conditions and zoo-hygienic care. We have found out that 7 species of coccidia, 14 species of gastrointestinal nematodes, three species of lung nematodes, two species of cestodes and four species of trematodes can be found in local conditions. Further we discussed possible ways of suppressing the infections in the breeding environment. The practical coprological examination took place in autumn 2018. We've examined fecal samples from 10 different sheep farms in the Tišnov region, 100 samples in total. We've discovered four species of coccidia (Eimeria bakuensis, E. crandalis, E. parva, E. ovinoidalis), eight species of gastrointestinal nematodes (Bunostomum trigonocephalum, Cooperia curticei, Haemonchus contortus, Chabertia ovina, Nematodirus spp., Oesophagostomum venulosum, Trichuris ovis, Trichostrongylus spp.), two species of lung nematodes (Muellerius ca¬pillaris, Protostrongylus rufescens) and one cestode species (Moniezia expansa). Prevalence and intensity of the infection varied greatly among the farms. We concluded that administering feed supplements during lambing had the most noticeable positive effect on the infection course.
Zhodnocení využití tradičních a netradičních plemen psů při pasení ovcí
Byrtusová, Lenka
In the bachelor thesis I focused on the evaluation of the use of traditional versus non-traditional dogs during herding. I concentrated on two typical breeds of herding dogs and describred their history and exterior. I aslo chose a few atypical breeds, that which were originally bred for herd work, but nowadays we do not meet them very much in trials and competitions. I conducted an evaluation of the competitions where all abovementioned breeds took place and found that these events are mostly attended by dogs grazing in contact style and dogs grazing in the traditional style are less represented.
Vliv ročního období na vybrané životní projevy ovcí
Divišová, Markéta
Bachelor thesis on the topic “Effect of season regarding the selected vital signs of the sheep” is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part covers a literature review related to the methods, division of ethology and its history, vital signs of the sheep, zootechnical precautions and economy of sheep breeding. The practical part is dedicated to the experiment focused on the sheep vital signs observation. The tested group covered five sheep breed Suffolk; each sheep had the two lambs. The observation took place on the selected farm in Zábřeh on Moravia. The monitored vital signs included food intake, water consumption, chewing, having rest, movement; maternal, sexual, comfort and social behavior. The observation took place during the three consecutive days in every single season throughout the year. The observed vital signs of the sheep were evaluated in the form of an etogram. From the results of the observation is obvious that the sheep pay the most attention to the food intake, the other important activity during the day was the chewing and water consumption. Assuming all the findings leads to a conclusion that these vital signs are the most important for the life of the sheep.
Péče o mláďata hospodářských zvířat v ekologickém chovu
Hledíková, Jana
This bachelor thesis deals with breeding of the young farm animals in organic farming. At first, the legislation related to the ecological system of farming is mentioned. Furthermore, objectives and rules of organic production follow. The principles of organic animal husbandry are described in more detail. The next part is devoted to specific types of farm animals, namely cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. The important aspects of rearing of the youngs, specifically housing, nutrition of females and youngs and weaning, are described in these livestock. Afterwards the comparison of organic and conventional farming system is made.
Zhodnotenie pripúšťania a inseminácie u synchronizovaných oviec
Cedzová, Katarína
The aim of bachelor´s thesis “exaluation of breeding and insemination of synchronized sheep“ is to describe options of reproduction of sheep used in our country, to familiarize with anatomy of sheep reproductive organs, and to describe individual methods of breeding and insemination. We focused on natural and artificial methods of reproduction and preparation of an individual and flock of sheep for reproduction. We followed the process of natural methods of reproduction with the help of ethological observation of two little flocks of sheep of Zwartbles breed at a small family farm in Mohelno.
Růst a jatečná hodnota jehňat při aplikaci různých způsobů chovu
Šnajdárková, Monika
This bachelor thesis summarizes basic findings about the influence of different factors on growth and carcass traits of lambs, especially at the field of feeding, breed, sex, litter size and another effects. Further it focuses on presentation of the newest scientific findings about breeding of sheep for meat production. In the second part of this work the detailed methodology is submitted for detection of influence of active movement of sheep with usage of a sheepdog on quality of lamb meat. The aim of this document is to set the methodology, which can help to find the influence on sheep meat production in case that breeder needs to relocate animals to distant pastures with help of a sheepdog.

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