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Supporting Programs for Substitute Families with Romany Children
Pokorná, Pavla ; Hajská, Markéta (advisor) ; Kubaník, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the substituting of family care for children with Roma roots in the Czech Republic. The main focus is the specific support programs for families who adopted Roma children. This thesis maps out existing support programs for the substitute families with Roma children. Three programs have been selected and described in detail, based on interviews with the ones who implement these programs. The description focuses mainly on the following aspects: The way in which Roma culture is explained to the substitute families, sources of information provided by the overseers of programs to the substitute families, and proportion of Roma and non-Roma workers involved in the preparation and implementation of these programs. The perspective of the support programs are supplemented by the reflection of these activities by the participants of the programs. This thesis also includes information on the outlying framework of the given subjects, i.e. the system of substitute child care in the Czech Republic. This thesis also points out the over-represented number of Roma children in group facilities compared to the majority of the population and, at the same time, applicants of substitute family care are unwilling to accept Roma children. This description is enriched with information...
Parenthood of Two Women
Ulrichová, Eva ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Kozubík, Jan (referee)
This paper focuses on parenthood and raising children by same-sex couples in the view of non- heterosexual women in the Czech Republic, and especially their reproductive options, opinions and references. This research aims to find out what makes non-heterosexual women to decide whether or not to raise a child, what kind of reproductive techniques they prefer and how to raise a child within relationship. This research also aims to find out the division of roles in the female same-sex family, especially what aspects led to the division roles in the household. Thesis uses qualitative research, concretely based on in-depth semi-structural interviews with seven non-heterosexual women. Using a thematic analysis, I identified five key themes: origin, surroundings, preferences of reproducing options, homoparental families and fostering preferences. This research points to crucial impact of a family, job and money towards a decision to raise a child. Next important point is desire of motherhood. Women identified job and financial situation as a main aspect of the division roles in household. Non-heterosexual women generally preferred the sperm donation out of clinic insemination as the most suitable reproductive technique, in case of complication women approach IVF with fake father. Raising children in homoparental...
Adoption according to New Civil Code
The theme of the bachelor thesis is an institute of an adoption under the new Civil Code, Act No. 89/2012 Coll., which brought big changes to the entire private law with the effect from January 1st 2014. The theoretical part tries to bring a comprehensive view of the adoption, as one of the foster care forms and describes the most fundamental changes that have occurred with the effect of the new Civil Code. Firstly, it explains the basic concepts of the Family Law, such as family, kinship and foster care that are necessary for the overall orientation in the issue. Over the following seven subchapters the thesis deals, at first with the adoption as one of the main alternative family care forms; with the adoptive parents and the adopted child; with the consent of the adoption and the associated conditions; with the care before the adoption, which has undergone a substantial change compared to the previous regulation; also consequences of an adoption; the eventual annulment of an adoption, and the last subchapter discusses the adoption of an adult, which appears with the new Civil Code as a completely new institution. The theoretical part is processed by the analysis method of the issue with a partial comparison with the legislation effective till December 31st 2013. In the empirical part of the bachelor thesis is applied the qualitative research method using the structured interview techniques. The aim of this part of the thesis was to ascertain the views of the workers of the Department of Social Child Protection, Foster Care Department in Ceske Budejovice about the new legislation in practice, evaluation of its contribution, or conversely the negatives. The final section incorporates the research results with the answer to the research question, clearly presented acquired data as well as the idea of further research topic is attached.
The path of acceptation a child to the foster care
The theme of the Bachelor thesis is the family surrogate care, specifically the section that precedes fosterage - the whole process of mediation. The theoretical part is created as a guide for prospective adopters and foster parents, so for those, who will make the most important decisions in their life and take the "foreign" child as their child. The first part is focused to foster care in general, the second part for the children indicated in foster care, and the third part on the process of mediation. To this part continues exploratory study, which includes semi structured interviews with current applicants and families that already have a process of mediation finished. The aim of the study is to compare the views of both groups of respondents, and find answers to research questions. Among other things, what changes in the process, would be welcomed.
Analysis of the Czech and Spanish legal terminology in Family Law of Mexico
Bachelor thesis deals with Czech and Mexican legal terminology of the family law. The aim of my thesis is to analyze legislation of adoption and other forms of child care in the Czech Republic and Mexico, to create a comparison of legal adjustments of both countries, with highlighting the fundamental similarities and differences between them. This thesis is divided into practical and theoretical part. Theoretical part has two key chapters, including several sub-chapters. Practical part is composed of three sub-chapters, dealing with aspects of legal language in theory. Last, fourth, chapter is dedicated to analysis of legal language in practice. In the first chapter of the theoretical part I describe family law in general, its sources, principles and historical development in both compared countries. The second chapter is dedicated to the specific area of family law- adoption and other forms of child care. The practical part deals with the characteristics of legal language, the translation of legal terms from the source to the target language and contains analysis of legal terminology of Mexican family law. The thesis includes also bilingual glossary and summary in Spanish.
Legal issues of Surrogacy
Antošová, Barbora ; Holčapek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
This master thesis deals with the issue of legislation of surrogacy. Development in the area of reproductive medicine as the first "test tube baby" in 1978 and following medical progress has inevitably brought development expansion of this institute. This institute, although that it brings with itself many ethical, social and legal questions, is not legally regulated in the Czech Republic (except one provision, Art. 804 of the Civil Code). Therefore, this master thesis tries to provide a proposal of legislation which might be adopted in the Czech Republic, using primarily analytical and comparative methods. After the surrogacy is explained and forms and models of it are described, the international framework is clarified. Although many states realize actuality of this topic, there has not been any international legislation adopted that would regulate e.g. surrogate tourism, until this day. However, there is a certain guideline, namely the interest of a child, as the European Court of Human Rights judged. State's legislations range on the scale from criminalization (France) to legalization of its commercial form (Ukraine). After evaluation of legislation of some states whose regulations show real functioning of models of surrogacy, it is clear that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern...
Adoption in a Wiewpoint of the Czech Legal System and the International Treaties (Critical Comparative Study)
Hrubešová, Nikola ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
The presented master thesis deals with the issue of adoption of a child, both from the viewpoint of international treaties, as well as the Czech law. The attention is paid to the comparison between the relevant provisions in the Civil Code and the rules contained in the international treaties. Also the way in which the Czech republic reflected the requirements imposed by international treaties is evaluated. The thesis contains an introduction; it is further divided into six chapters and ended with conclusion. First chapter is dedicated to the concept of adoption and the perception under the effective legislation. This chapter also enumerates the particular international treaties, which deal with the adoption and lay down the fundamental requirements for national regulations of the State parties. The second chapter defines the types of adoption including the brief characteristics and description of the main dissimilarities. Due to a certain controversy, the matter of revocation (annulment) of adoption and irrevocable adoption is discussed in more detail. The third chapter introduces the general conditions for the realization of adoption. These are, in particular, the conditions to be met by the adopter or adopters, but some of them are to be met by the adoptee itself or can be based on the specific...

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